Rihanna Attends Unveiling Of Her Street In Barbados (Welcome To Rihanna Drive)

Dreams that were born and realized right here. You will forever be a part of who I am, and for that, I am honored to have this place named after me.”
Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Fenty, has been having a busy fall with numerous magazine photoshoots including shoots for the cover of Dazed, Vogue Paris, and Vogue Arabia, which she has gotten a bit of a backlash for. Congrats @Rihanna! The Government of Barbados has officially changed the name of Westbury New Road to #RihannaDrive in her honor ?? I was just a little island girl riding bikes, running around barefoot, and flying kits in the cemetery, but I had BIG dreams. The cosmetics line has been a huge hit since its debut in September. She has also been doing some recording and is featured on N.E.R.D comeback single “Lemon.”
Rihanna is also expanding her empire by launching a new Fenty Beauty makeup line that features 40 different shades. Thank you to my family, my country, and the people of Westbury New Road. “Welcome to Rihanna Drive,” she said in her note.. Rihanna was in Barbados on Thursday for the unveiling of her street Rihanna Drive. pic.twitter.com/f9qPiWmbKY
— Roc Nation (@RocNation) November 30, 2017 “My home. The street was formerly named Westbury New Road but citizens campaigned for the government to change it to Rihanna Drive in honor of the most famous star ever from the island. The Bajan government has been planning to rename the street after the famous pop star for months now and its finally happen. My whole life was shaped on this very road. The 29-year-old pop star was honored with placard with a heartfelt message from the hometown queen.

В Якутии не нашли отклонений от экологической нормы в местах падения «Союза-2.1б»

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Beenie Man – Twingy Twanga [New Music]

Beenie Man graces the Belly Bounce Riddim with a new dance anthem “Twingy Twanga.”
A fast spitting Beenie ride the beat produced by Cornelius Records. “Fight against Ding Dong I would never never / Fight against Shelly Belly I would never never / Me hate John Hype I would never never / If a me alone Bogle woulda live forever / World dancehall swing it weh and chakka chakka / A my dance them you a hear me bredda,” Beenie rhymes. Listen Beenie Man new song “Twingy Twanga” below. The dancehall legend has come under criticism recently for allegedly fighting against dancers in dancehall and this song is a bit of a response to those claims. Beenie Man has been a staple in dancehall for over three decades and continues to be relevant by putting out new music every year.

Ed Sheeran & Beyonce Collaborate On “Perfect Duet” [Listen]

The single “Perfect Duet” is featured on Ed Sheeran’s project ÷, a song that he says is better than the biggest single of his career, “Thinking Out Loud.” “Perfect Duet” is currently available on Spotify, take a listen below. The R&B diva and Ed Sheeran are no strangers to combining their vocals. The two previously sing together for a 2015 Stevie Wonder tribute and that same year the performed a “Drunk In Love” duet at the Global Citizen Festival. JAY-Z announced this week that he and Beyonce are working on a joint album together and hearing this song just make you want that project now more than ever. “Well, I found a man stronger than anyone I know / He shares my dreams / I hope that someday we’ll share our home / I found a love to carry more than just my secrets / To carry love, to carry children of our own,” she sings. Beyonce graced us with another collaboration this time with Ed Sheeran. Queen Bey recently collaborated with J Balvin on “Mi Gente” and with Eminem on “Walk On Water.” Now teams up with Ed Sheeran on the new single “Perfect Duet.” Beyonce shows off her iconic vocals over an acoustic beat.

Beenie Man Responds To His Daughter Desha Ravers Criticism

“The person weh everybody know out a road a nuh the person weh me know.”
Beenie Man released a new single “Twingy Twanga” where he gave his daughter, who is a member of Ravers Clavers dance group, a big shout-out. Beenie Man responded to some recent criticisms from his daughter Desha Ravers in a new song. “Mi just think him need fi step up him thing,” the dancer said. Last month, Desha Ravers, whose real name is Deshagaye Davis, publicly called out Beenie Man for being a bad father. “Me stop from dance I would never never / Me stop love Deshagay I would never never / Cause all of my kids them born in dancehall,” Beenie deejay over the Belly Bounce Riddim, produced by Cornelius Records. “Him a mek whole heap a luu moves suh him just need fi start be a man, a father and everything inna one now,” she said without going into specific details about her contention with the deejay.

Is Kodak Black Engaged To Girlfriend Cuban Doll ?

Just a few days ago the “Tunnel Vision” rapper hinted on Instagram that he is ready to settle down. Kodak tossed a large stack of cash on the ground and took off one of his expensive rings and gave to her. He also has some pending legal hurdles that he has to clear before he is able to live a normal life. @kodakblack and @cubanndoll are getting married #kodakblack #cubandoll #kodakblackcubandoll #cubandollkodakblack
A post shared by BrandNewHipHop | New IG (@brandnewhiphop_) on Nov 29, 2017 at 3:41pm PST Kodak Black is dropping some hints that he is engaged to girlfriend Cuban Doll. The Pompano Beach rapper posted a video of himself and his Cuban Doll goofing around about being engaged except in the end she said that she is married to the money. In October, he was indicted for first degree criminal sexual conduct and faces up to 30 years in prison if he is convicted. Kodak Black has been trying to stay out of trouble over the last few months after getting some jail time earlier this year for probation violation. “I want to wife someone up this is my goal right now,” he said. Watch the video below and stay tune for Kodak Black’s wedding plans.

I-Octane – New Face [New Music]

I-Octane has been one of the most consistent dancehall artists in the genre over the last decade. The “Mamma” singjay debut a handful of new singles since the start of the fall to add to his growing catalog of hits. He has consistently delivered hits to his fans and has been consistently tour the world promoting the music and culture. Listen to I-Octane new song “New Face.” I-Octane link up with Emudio Records for his latest single “New Face.”
The single features the dancehall singjay showing off his lyrical prowess over an infectious beat. “Wa in a mi pocket new face cool face / Fresher than a colgate toothpaste / Style a buss the place like cold case / Them no like we but ask them a who care / Cash in a the pocket dog new face new face,” I-Octane spits.

Ninjaman Thinks He Was Given An Unfair Trial Like Vybz Kartel

“They convicted him base on his image as a bad man and as a hardcore dancehall artist who deejays gun lyrics,” Ballentine said. The dancehall legend was convicted for murder On November 20th in the Home Circuit court after prosecution introduced seven witnesses who testified against the deejay. “They used him because he is a powerful figure in the society just like how they used Vybz Kartel to send a message and send him to prison for life. According to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Paula Llewellyn, the artists murder case stemmed from a fight over kitchen space at a house on Marl Road, Kingston 13, in March 2009. The whole trial was bias against him from the start and they have this case over him head for eight years and now they want to send him to prison for the rest of his life.”
Related: Ninja Man Reacts To Murder Conviction Dancehall Icon To Appeal
Some close friends of the “Kingston Town” deejay are making the same arguments with one of his close friends, who requested anonymity, telling us that they made an example out of him. “Right now the government used Ninja as an example because crime and corruption is out of control and they want to use him to send a message,” he said. But the artist is arguing that the justice system failed him because he did not commit the murder. Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, is currently serving a life sentence for a murder conviction. Ninjaman, real name Desmond Ballentine, his son Janiel, and Dennis Clayton were convicted for the killing of Ricardo Johnson, known in the community as Ricky Trooper. “That doesn’t mean that you’re a murderer or a killer, not because you do music about badness means that you’re guilty of a crime. Ninjaman feels he was given a unfair trial in Jamaica’s High Court just like Vybz Kartel‘s infamous 2014 trial. Police never found Williams body. Ninjaman’s brother, Gonzellio Ballentine, believes his brother was convicted base on a perception that he is a murderer. Kartel, his protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, and his friends Andre St John and Kahira Jones, were convicted for the killing of Clive “Lizard” Williams. This is not fair to these artists because that is like ending their lives.”

Ninjaman is facing a life sentence for the murder conviction.