Channel One will restart the Pole Miracles show

The legendary TV game “ Field of Miracles '' will be restarted next year, the press service of Channel One said.

It is clarified that the broadcaster did not renew the contract with the producer of the project, the VID TV company. The conclusion of a new agreement turned out to be impractical due to the changed conditions.

In exchange, Channel One agreed to acquire from the American company CBS the official rights to the TV show Wheel Of Fortune. It was its format that originally formed the basis for Fields of Miracles.

From January 2022, the show Our Field of Miracles will begin airing on Fridays. Leonid Yakubovich will remain the host.

“ A new stage begins, into which we enter with great experience, love for our work and respect for the viewer '', & ndash; commented the People's Artist of Russia.



Frost and slush. Troops in the Arctic will receive a unique all-terrain vehicle-armored personnel carrier

Combined arms formations of the Russian Armed Forces, which are based in the Arctic, will receive a DT-BTR tracked carrier. Thanks to its special design, this technique shows excellent cross-country ability, especially in wetlands and in the arctic zone. It is positioned as a technique for transporting personnel of a motorized rifle squad and its fire support in the harsh natural and climatic conditions of the Arctic, Siberia and the Far East. & nbsp; understood the features of this all-terrain vehicle.

Arctic & mdash; territory of strategic importance for Russia. But to work in the Far North, special equipment is needed. Moreover, both civil and military. A unique two-link lightly armored vehicle, which will soon receive the Arctic troops of the Russian Federation, is designed to transport servicemen and provide them with powerful fire support. The development belongs to Uralvagonzavod.

& nbsp; The DT-BTR combat vehicle is designed to transport personnel of a motorized rifle squad and its fire support in the harsh climatic conditions of the Arctic, Siberia and the Far East. It was first shown on Channel One, and now Krasnaya Zvezda reminded about the transfer of the car to the Arctic.

& nbsp; The word “ two-link '' in the name denotes two elements articulated with each other. The first element & mdash; where the power plant is located, the control compartment. The second element & mdash; the place where the main troop compartment or various weapons systems are located. The first link will have a crew of three: a driver-mechanic, a gunner-operator and a commander. The second link will accommodate 9 paratroopers.

& nbsp; According to the developers, this technique shows excellent passability, especially in wetlands and in the arctic zone.

& nbsp; In the summer, the car underwent various tests at the 38th Research Institute of Armored Weapons and Equipment of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation near Moscow. Were shown footage of her undermining and checking how she can protect the crew when the enemy uses napalm. During the tests, portions of napalm were decomposed on the tank, which were set on fire and successfully burned, while the military man and the correspondent stood on the tank and carefully watched this action, surrounded by flames. As a result, the armored personnel carrier (and the testers too) passed the tests successfully.

The combat vehicle can carry a motorized rifle squad of nine people, the landing force is located in the second link, three more crew members are in the first.

Combat weight – 25,000 kg. Engine power – 500 HP The maximum speed reaches 60 km/h on land and 6 km/h on water. It is possible to force water barriers by swimming. The all-terrain vehicle can overcome ditches up to 2.7 m wide and a vertical wall one meter high. The vehicle can take an ascent or descent with a steepness of up to 35 degrees, a slope of at least 20 degrees.

& nbsp; The armored personnel carrier can be operated at temperatures up to minus 50 degrees Celsius.

& nbsp; As part of weapons & ndash; 30-mm cannon, 7.62-mm machine gun and anti-tank complex “ Cornet ''. The most advanced scopes allow you to effectively fire at any time of the day and in all weather conditions. In addition, there is a variant of the module with the 12.7-mm Utes machine gun. The roof of the second link of the vehicle is equipped with an active protection complex, which increases its survivability in the conditions of modern combat operations.

& nbsp; Adoption of the “ Arctic tank '' will significantly increase the capabilities of subdivisions operating in the Arctic, experts say.

& nbsp; In addition, Russian specialists have developed a REM-GT recovery vehicle based on the DT-30PM all-terrain vehicle. It is intended for & nbsp; maintenance of military equipment.

& nbsp; Wheeled all-terrain vehicles of the Lyubertsy enterprise “ Trekol '' are most widely used as civilian vehicles. These are kind of overgrown jeeps on low-pressure tires. They are capable of operating at temperatures ranging from minus 45 to plus 45 degrees, while providing maximum passenger comfort. Moreover, they have excellent cross-country ability. “ Trekol '' really will go everywhere: it will pass on ice, in deep snow, in a swamp and even on water, because, among other things, it is an amphibian.

& nbsp; Another option for civilians is the product of the KamAZ enterprise, which is called & mdash; “ Arctic ''. These are powerful cargo all-terrain vehicles operating at temperatures up to minus 60 degrees. In the Arctic a living module is provided in which the crew can spend at least three days. There are beds, a shower, a toilet, a sink, and a kind of kitchen where you can warm up food. The residential module is equipped with a heater and air conditioner. Satellite communication can be used to communicate with the outside world.



What are the most popular vehicles developed on the basis of the Tiger armored car?

Special armored vehicles 'Tiger' became the basis of the car park of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard of other law enforcement agencies, and & nbsp; are also supplied for & nbsp; export. For & nbsp; 15 & nbsp; years was collected in & nbsp; a total of about three thousand “ Tigers ''. There are more than 20 & nbsp; modifications of this car, including & nbsp; with combat modules and & nbsp; anti-tank systems. Since according to the & nbsp; Chinese calendar, the next will be the year of the tiger, AIF. ru & nbsp; recalls the most beloved by security officials options for this armored car. & nbsp;

Which of & nbsp; is the Tiger armored car?

& laquo; Tiger & raquo; & nbsp; & mdash; multipurpose off-road vehicle, armored car, army off-road vehicle. It is & nbsp; designed to transport people (up to & nbsp; 10 & nbsp; people) and & nbsp; various goods on & nbsp; roads and & nbsp; off-road. Independent torsion bar suspension of all wheels and & nbsp; powerful engine provide the car with exceptional cross-country ability on & nbsp; off-road and & nbsp; speed up to & nbsp; 140 & nbsp; km/h on & nbsp; highway & nbsp; & mdash; almost the maximum speed of the Zhiguli. “ Tiger '', like a large cat, knows how to swim & nbsp; & mdash; it is & nbsp; able to force water barriers up to & nbsp; 1.2 & nbsp; m.

The car is equipped with a power steering, which makes it easier to control. In the & nbsp; side walls of the Tiger there are loopholes, in the & nbsp; roof & nbsp; & mdash; two hatches, in the & nbsp; salon, in addition to accommodating the crew, there are places for installing a radio station and & nbsp; blocker of radio-controlled explosive devices.

On & nbsp; & laquo; Tiger & raquo; additionally can be installed: air conditioning, audio system, power windows, additional heater, anti-lock braking system. However, all variants of “ Tiger '' made so that more “ special stages '' could be installed on & nbsp ;.

The Raid version features a modified front end with modern LED headlights. Shooters firing from the roof received collapsible armor protection. A lattice rack is also installed for the transport of special property. There were special search lights and & nbsp; infrared searchlights. Improves visibility and & nbsp; system of circular video review with & nbsp; saving information on the hard disk.

B & nbsp; what is the difference between the Tiger-M?

B & nbsp; the design of the Tiger-M car; many improvements have been made aimed at & nbsp; increasing their & nbsp; operational properties, reliability, ergonomics, bulletproof and & nbsp; mine protection.

The body armor of multipurpose and & nbsp; special purpose vehicles protects the crew, main components and & nbsp; units during circular fire from an AKM submachine gun bullet & nbsp; PS caliber 7.62 & nbsp; mm and & nbsp; from & nbsp; AK-74 submachine gun bullet & nbsp; PS caliber 5.4 mm , which corresponds, approximately, to level 1 & nbsp; ballistic protection according to & nbsp; STANAG 4569.

In & nbsp; as standard equipment, a centralized tire inflation system is installed on the car, which allows the driver to change the tire pressure on the & nbsp; course in & nbsp; depending on & nbsp; road conditions, an electric winch with & nbsp; traction force of 4000 kg and a ventilation installation & nbsp;

Large internal reserved volume of the Tiger-M car in & nbsp; combined with & nbsp; high carrying capacity, security and & nbsp; maneuverability allow you to use this machine in & nbsp; as a base for mounting the widest range of weapon systems, reconnaissance, communications, electronic warfare and & nbsp; other equipment.

Special design solutions ensure the protection of personnel (with & nbsp; maintaining high survivability and & nbsp; mobility) when detonating 0.6 & nbsp; kg of explosive under the wheel and/or under the bottom of the armored vehicle.

'Tiger' for special forces

Special purpose vehicle 'Tigr-M SPN' developed on the & nbsp; basis of Tiger-M in the & nbsp; interests of the special forces of power structures.

The first thing I would like & nbsp; to note & nbsp; & mdash; in the & nbsp; headquarters configuration in the & nbsp; car there is an air conditioner & nbsp; & mdash; security officials need comfortable conditions.

“ Tiger-M SPN '' used in reconnaissance, escorting and & nbsp; convoy protection, patrolling, fire support of units in the course of combined arms combat, during special and & nbsp; anti-terrorist operations. Externally, the armored car is not & nbsp; different from & nbsp; other cars of the family & nbsp; & mdash; apparently, so that no one & nbsp; would guess about & nbsp; belonging to special forces.

The main improvements were made inside the armored car, where the outboard weapons, ammunition for & nbsp; it, special equipment and & nbsp; communication facilities are located.

The use by the crew of the standard armament of motorized rifle units allows it to be used both from the & nbsp; vehicle and & nbsp; autonomously. For firing from the & nbsp; armored car, a rotary platform with & nbsp; mounts for installing weapons and & nbsp; a double-leaf hatch is mounted on the roof of the hull. The single-volume three-door welded armored body of the vehicle provides ballistic protection of the occupants of the & nbsp; third class.

What are the features of the Tiger “ SBM ''?

Special armored vehicle (SBM) “ Tiger '' is intended for the transportation of personnel, escorting and & nbsp; convoy protection, patrolling, fire support of units (by airborne troops from the & nbsp; machine) when performing search and rescue and & nbsp; special operations.

SBM 'Tiger' combines the qualities of an all-terrain vehicle and a high-speed maneuverable vehicle. It has an independent torsion bar suspension, which allows it to reach the highest possible speeds when driving over rough terrain, while maintaining a high level of comfort for the crew and the transported troops. It is allowed to operate the machine on & nbsp; all types of roads and & nbsp; terrain with & nbsp; a trailer with a gross weight of up to & nbsp; 2500 & nbsp; kg.

The machine can be additionally installed on & nbsp; a device for shooting non-lethal special equipment; video monitoring tools; communications and & nbsp; navigation; a device for blocking radio-controlled explosive devices and & nbsp; other equipment providing the performance of special tasks.

Armor of the SBM “ Tiger '' hull; holds a hit of 7.62 & nbsp; mm bullets with & nbsp; TUS (heat-strengthened core) fired from an & nbsp; AKM machine gun with & nbsp; a distance of 10 & nbsp; meters.



“Hit! Hit her! ” Who was shot in the case of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya and why?

Plot World history with Andrey Sidorchik

On November 29, 1941, a girl was executed in the village of Petrishchevo near Moscow. Neither the Germans nor the locals knew her real name. Calling herself Tanya, she steadfastly withstood all the torments and until the last minute told the locals: “ We will win anyway. ''

“ They hung her up, but she kept threatening them … ''

These dying words of hers were heard. Two months later, a local resident, one of those whom the Germans drove to watch the execution, will tell the front-line correspondent Pyotr Lidov : “ She was hanged, and she was speaking. She was hanged, and she kept threatening them … & raquo; & nbsp;

The journalist, shocked by this story no less than an elderly peasant, will begin his investigation, which will reveal the name of the heroine to the whole country: Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya .

Nothing ended on that terrible November day. The fight against those who would like to execute Zoya again continues to this day. How many insults she was subjected to, what myths they did not invent about her …

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the death of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Russian historian Boris Sokolov In an interview with the Znak portal, he said: “ Two residents of the village of Petrishchevo were shot not because they betrayed Zoya, but because they beat her and scolded her for the fire that had started, because of which their houses were damaged. I think that the execution was an excessively harsh punishment for them, even by the standards of that time. Maybe they could have been exiled. But to shoot & mdash; this is overkill. ''

Who exactly and for what was shot in the case of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya?

The end of the 332nd regiment

Soviet intelligence found that units of the 332nd infantry regiment of the 197th infantry division were stationed in the village of Petrishchevo. The regiment was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ludwig Rüderer … According to one of the versions, Rüderer personally participated in the interrogations of Zoe and gave orders for torture. This information, however, is not confirmed. But it has been reliably established that Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya was tortured and hanged by soldiers and officers of the 332nd Infantry Regiment.

In the fall of 1943, in the battles near Smolensk, the 197th Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht was defeated.

Military correspondent of the newspaper “ Forward to the enemy! '' Major Valleys wrote on October 3, 1943 about the fate of the 332nd regiment: “ In the battles near the village of Verdino, the German regiment of our Zoya's executioners was finally defeated. Hundreds of Hitler's corpses were left in torn up bunkers and trenches. When the captured non-commissioned officer of the regiment was asked what he knew about the execution of the young partisan, he, trembling with fear, babbled:

& mdash; It was not me who did it, it was Rüderer, Rüderer …

Another soldier captured the other day during interrogation stated that in the 332nd regiment from those who were near Moscow, participated in the execution of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, only several people … & raquo;

In the same place, near Smolensk, previously unknown evidence of the massacre of Zoya was found. In the area of ​​the village of Potapovo, when examining the corpse of a killed German officer, five photographs were found. They depicted the execution of the girl in all details.

The division defeated near Smolensk was reorganized by the Nazis, but did not last long. The 197th Division and its 332nd Infantry Regiment were finally defeated in the summer of 1944 during Operation Bagration.

Traitor in the squad

In addition to the Germans, four of our compatriots are directly related to the case of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya: Vasily Klubkov , Semyon Sviridov , Agrafena Smirnova and Fedosya Solina .

Vasily Klubkov was part of the group of the Red Army soldier Provorov, which operated in the German rear at the same time as the group of the Red Army soldier Krainov, which included Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. In the course of the task, the groups united, and ultimately three fighters appeared in the area of ​​the village of Petrishchevo: Krainov, Kosmodemyanskaya and Klubkov.

Kosmodemyanskaya and Klubkov were captured by the Germans, but the young man, unlike Zoya, began to testify, and then completely agreed to cooperate with the Nazis. Historians argue about whether Klubkov gave evidence to the fascists about Zoya or not, which he later personally confessed to. The fact of his consent to cooperate with the Germans is indisputable. After undergoing accelerated training, Klubkov was thrown into Soviet territory, where he soon showed up at the headquarters of his detachment, saying that he had managed to escape after being detained by the Germans.

Klubkov was caught on contradictions in his testimony, and at the end of February 1942 he was arrested. During the interrogation, the 18-year-old boy confessed honestly: he agreed to cooperate with the Germans, because he was afraid of being shot. On April 3, 1942, the military tribunal of the Western Front sentenced Vasily Klubkov to death. Thirteen days later, the sentence was carried out.

“ I didn’t receive any other remuneration from the Germans besides the wine treats ”

Semyon Sviridov, before the war, a lumberjack at the Vereysky forestry enterprise, became the elder under the Germans. By the way, not everyone who was appointed as headmen was in reality traitors. Sometimes the peasants in this position managed to help the partisans, risking their own lives. But Sviridov was a classic headman who collaborated with the Nazis, as they say, not out of fear, but out of conscience.

In the testimony given in May 1942, Semyon Sviridov said: “ The German translator called me to the headquarters of the German command, which was located in my house, tied a white bandage on my left arm and told me to be on duty at night near my house and watch the partisans leaving the forest and heading towards the village, while warning me: “ As soon as you notice the partisans, immediately report to the headquarters of the German command ''. Having received this instruction, I set out to carry it out. I was on duty only in the vicinity of my house, in the garden between the trees. I stood for about two hours, I noticed one partisan coming from the forest from Tarusa (swamp) towards the village. I waited a little, when he came closer to the shed in which the German soldiers were housed, and immediately reported this to the headquarters of the German command to the translator, the latter sent a detachment of soldiers who surrounded the shed and detained the partisan Tanya (Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya) there, brought her to the house of Sedova Maria Ivanovna & raquo ;.

About the remuneration Sviridov said the following: “ I did not receive any other remuneration from the Germans besides the wine treats. ''

“Come on, I'll show you who burned you.”

There are two left: Agrafena Smirnova and Fedosya Solina. What is their role in this story?

Residents of the village of Petrishchevo talked about this moment very reluctantly. Rather, at first they generally passed over this topic in silence. But then they still let it slip: over the “ partisan Tanya '' not only the Germans mocked.

Everyone who was present at the execution of Zoya became witnesses of the act of Agrafena Smirnova. When the Germans brought the mutilated girl to the scaffold and she began to talk about the need to fight the Nazis, Smirnova hit her in the legs with a stick, shouting: “ Who have you hurt? She burned down my house, but did nothing to the Germans … & raquo; & nbsp;

Agrafena Smirnova was the mistress of one of the houses that were set on fire by a partisan in the village of Petrishchevo. From the first day of the occupation of the village, German officers were located in Smirnova's house.

In her testimony at the investigation on May 12, 1942, the woman described her actions as follows: “The day after the fire I was at my burnt house, citizen Solina came up to me and said:“ Come on, I'll show you who burned you. ” After these words she said, we went together to the house of Petrushina. Entering the house, we saw the partisan Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, guarded by German soldiers, and Solina and I began to scold her, except for swearing at Kosmodemyanskaya, I swung my mitten twice, and Solina hit her with her hand. Further, Petrushina did not allow us to mock the partisan, who kicked us out of her house. ''

'Smirnova took the cast iron with slops on the floor and threw it at Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya'

59-year-old worker of the collective farm “ March 8 '' Fedosya Solina herself was not a fire victim. Two other owners of houses burned down in Petrishchev & mdash; Solntsev and Karelova, & mdash; they did not take part in bullying the girl. The Germans brought Ivan Solntsev to Zoya and said: “ Hit her! '' The elderly man did not raise his hand against the partisan, although the reaction of the Nazis to their unwillingness to participate in the execution was unpredictable. On the other hand, Smirnova and Solina broke away in full.

From the testimony of the witness Praskovya Petrushina (Kulik) : “ At about 10 pm German soldiers brought a beaten Russian young girl to my house, as it later turned out, it was Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. She spent the night in my house, guarded by German soldiers. The next morning, Smirnova Agrafena and Solina Fedosya came to my house, and as soon as they entered, they began to scold and insult in every possible way the exhausted Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya lying near the stove, approaching her to hit her. I did not let them near Zoya and began to drive them out of the house. Smirnova A. before leaving the house took the cast iron with slops on the floor and threw it into Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. After a while, even more people came to my house, with whom Solina and Smirnova came a second time. Solina F.V. and Smirnova A. made their way through the crowd of people to Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, and then A. Smirnova began to beat her, insulting her with all sorts of bad words. Solina F.V., being with Smirnova, waved her arms and shouted angrily: & bdquo; Beat! Hit her! '' While insulting with all sorts of bad words the partisan Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya lying near the stove. ''

Not everyone saw the disgusting scene in the house, unlike the mockery at the scaffold.

“ If only we knew, citizen judge ''

Journalist Pavel Nilin , who was present at the trial of Agrafena Smirnova, wrote in the essay “ Meanness '': “ She stands before the tribunal, blinks from the sun, moves her lips, exposing yellow, eaten, time-worn fangs, and, confused, gives testimony.

& mdash; I did not beat her, citizen judge. They are making a slap on me. I didn't hit her. I just hit her with my mittened hand. And the cast iron was small with slops. This, just to say, the iron was average. I stood near the bench where she was lying, and I cried over her tearfully. I was very sorry.

& mdash; Whom did you feel sorry for? & mdash; the judge asks.

& mdash; Well, what about whom? I felt sorry for my house. It burned down, but what about … ''

And then, according to Nilin, the defendant said the following: “ If only we knew, citizen judge. We are ignorant, inexperienced, illiterate. ''

Solina and Smirnova in November 1941 were sure that the end of Soviet power had come, and decided to commit their little revenge. Who exactly did they take revenge on in the person of Zoya: the regime, Stalin , their own dissolute life? & Nbsp;


When at the turn of the 1980s & mdash; In the 1990s, the debunking of Soviet heroes began, they clung to the story with Solina and Smirnova with both hands. It was even claimed that the inhabitants of the village of Petrishchevo were going to lynch the partisan arsonist themselves. But these statements had nothing to do with reality.

The peasants perfectly understood what kind of houses and why Soviet partisans were setting fire to. So the discussion about the admissibility and effectiveness of such measures began not in 1941, but decades later, and among those who very vaguely imagined the true realities of the time when the enemy stood at the walls of Moscow.

The cost of human meanness is peacetime and wartime are different. Agrafena Smirnova was sentenced to death on June 17, 1942, Fedosya Solina & mdash; September 4, 1942.

They had a choice, and they decided their own destiny & mdash; then, in November 1941.

By the way, the name of Fedosya Solina can be found in the data bank of the Memorial organization recognized by the foreign agent; among the “ victims of political terror in the USSR. ''

As you can see, like is reaching for like even after 80 years.



Putin called the timing of the appearance in service of a new hypersonic missile

The new sea-launched missiles will enter service in early 2022. According to Putin, Russia began to create such weapons in response to threats from NATO


The sea-based Zircon hypersonic missile will put into service in Russia early next year, President Vladimir Putin said at the VTB Capital forum “ Russia is calling! ''.

“We can do it now. We have successfully tested, and from the beginning of the year, we will be in service with a sea-based hypersonic missile [with a developed speed] of Mach nine '', & mdash; said Putin.

According to him, Russia was forced to start developing hypersonic weapons in response to the actions of NATO, the infrastructure of which “ fit '' to the Russian borders. Putin noted that elements of an anti-missile defense system, in particular Mk-4 launchers, were deployed in Poland and Romania. “ They can be delivered and '' Tomahawks '' & mdash; shock systems. This poses threats to us', & mdash; said Putin.

“ In response, we were forced to start developing new hypersonic weapons. This is our answer & raquo;, & mdash; the president added.

He noted that Russia could create the same threats in response. “We can do it now. & lt; … & gt ;. Flight time before those who give orders [to NATO], & mdash; five minutes '', & mdash; said Putin.

That “ Zircon '' will enter service soon, Putin announced at the end of June. The Ministry of Defense reported on several successful missile launches from the side of the Northern Fleet frigate Admiral Gorshkov. In early October, Zircon first launched from a submarine.

The Pentagon declared the Russian missile test a threat, and the Zircon itself was declared a threat. They called it a “ destabilizing factor '' because this weapon system, according to the US military, can carry a nuclear charge.

The Zircon hypersonic anti-ship cruise missile. is being developed by NPO Mashinostroyenia. Its exact technical characteristics have not been disclosed, but it is known that it is capable of speeds up to Mach 8 (more than 9.5 thousand km/h). “ Zircon '' it is planned to equip both surface ships and submarines. The missile can hit sea and ground targets at a maximum range of 500 km.

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The ex-head of Russian Helicopters heads the MC-21 manufacturer

Together with the position of Deputy General Director of UAC, Andrei Boginsky took the position of General Director of Irkut Corporation. Following him, “Russian Helicopters” will leave several key deputies, RBC learned


Putin said his right to run for re-election stabilizes the situation

The head of state said that he has the right to be elected for a new term, but his re-election “is not a goal for Russia”


Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet decided whether he will be re-elected for new presidential term. He made such a statement during the VTB Capital forum “ Russia is calling! '' broadcasted by RBK.

The head of state stressed that he has the right to be elected for a new term.

“ In accordance with the Constitution, I have the right to be elected for a new term. Whether I will do it or not, I have not yet decided for myself. But the very existence of this right already stabilizes the internal political situation, '', & mdash; Putin said, noting at the same time that he did not consider the “ goal of Russia '' his re-election.

Putin compared this to the situation in the United States, when the incumbent President Joe Biden announced his intention to be elected for a second term. According to Putin, the American leader’s decision “also stabilizes the situation.” in the USA.

The US presidential elections will be held in 2024, at that time Biden will be 81 years old.

In the summer of 2020, Russia adopted amendments to the Constitution, in particular, zeroing the number of presidential terms for all former presidents. Amendments to the Basic Law were proposed in March 2020 by the first woman cosmonaut, a deputy from United Russia. Valentina Tereshkova.

Putin supported the initiative on condition that the citizens of the country vote for the amendment package. According to the CEC, 77.9% of those who voted were in favor of the amendments, and & mdash; 21.2% with a turnout of 67.97%.

At the end of December 2020, Putin announced that he had not made a decision on re-election, but reminded that he “ formally has this permission from the people. ''

The next presidential elections in Russia will be held in 2024. Putin has been the head of state since 2000, in 2008 – 2012 Dmitry Medvedev was the president of the country, after which Putin again took part in the presidential elections.

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Lukashenko allowed the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus

The President of Belarus said that he could ask Putin to place nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory if the United States places them in Eastern Europe. In 1993 Minsk became a party to the Nonproliferation Treaty

Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus will offer Russia to place nuclear weapons on its territory if such systems are deployed in Poland, said Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

In an interview with RIA Novosti Lukashenko suggested that if Germany refuses to deploy American nuclear weapons, weapons will be transported to Poland.

“ They will be transported to Poland. Yes. Then I will propose to Putin to return nuclear weapons to Belarus. & lt; & hellip; & gt; We will agree on which one. The nuclear weapons that will be most effective in such a contact, '' & mdash; said Lukashenko.

He added that there are opportunities for the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons on the territory of his country. “ We are ready for this on the territory of Belarus. I, as a zealous owner, did not destroy anything. All the sheds are in place & raquo;, & mdash; added the Belarusian president.

RBC sent a request to the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

On November 19, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that American nuclear weapons deployed in Europe could end up in Eastern European countries if Germany refuses to deploy them. The secretary general stressed that he expects to continue partnership with Germany within the framework of the agreement on the joint use of nuclear weapons. According to this document, signed in 1991, Germany will abandon the production and use of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in exchange for deploying a nuclear arsenal of NATO countries in the west of the country.

Belarus abandoned the deployment of nuclear weapons after the collapse of the USSR and joined the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) in 1993 as a non-nuclear state. Fully nuclear weapons were withdrawn from the territory of Belarus by November 1996, a total of 584 intermediate and shorter-range missiles were removed from the country and destroyed at test sites in the states of the former USSR.

The website of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry says that the republic is “ ready '' develop and strengthen the mechanisms of the NPT, increase its effectiveness and contribute to the achievement of consensus results of the tenth Review Conference, which is scheduled to be held in New York in January & mdash; February 2022.

In 2010, Lukashenko said that he considered a mistake withdrawal of nuclear weapons.

“ Withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Belarus on the terms that were carried out by our nationalists was a cruel mistake. & lt; & hellip; & gt; I had to sign this agreement, because there was nowhere to go: both Russia and the Americans pressed on me & mdash; withdraw, because you promised. It was impossible, this is the greatest property, this is an expensive commodity, which in the end we had to decently sell '', & mdash; the president is quoted by the Belarusian state agency BelTA.

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Putin named the basis of Russian politics

The policy of the Russian state is built “around a person” – at least the authorities “are trying to do this,” the president said. This assumes work in the fields of health care and ecology


The human being is at the center of Russian politics, which involves addressing issues in areas such as health and environmental protection, including achieving carbon neutrality targets, President Vladimir Putin said at the VTB Capital forum. “ Russia is calling! '' The broadcast was hosted by RBC.

“ We are aware of how the world is developing, where it is heading and what are the basic criteria for investment flows today. This ESG indicator & mdash; it is such a complex indicator of how the state envisions its development in the near, medium and more distant future. And, of course, the focus of such development should be and is the person. The Russian Federation is aware of this & mdash; and not only because he wants to be in trend, but because & lt; … & gt; our whole policy is built around a person. Anyway, we are trying to do it '', & mdash; the president emphasized.

At the same time, he admitted that “ sometimes not everything works out, '' but in Russia as a whole they are tuned in to just such a job. “What does that mean? This means that the level of health care must be raised, it means that the environment must be taken care of. If we are talking about the carbon neutrality of our economy by 2060, then this means that we will consistently, step by step, achieve this '', & mdash; the president explained.

Speaking at the forum, Putin also identified the demographic problem as one of the main priorities of Russian politics. He noted that this issue has acquired a “ systemic economic character '', including due to the lack of workers in the labor market. “ In this regard, and for humanitarian reasons, and in terms of strengthening our statehood, and for economic reasons, the solution of the demographic problem '' one of the main & raquo;, & mdash; Putin said.

Prior to that, in October, the president emphasized that in the complex of measures to solve the demographic problem, it is necessary to pay attention to such issues as health care, education, support for families with children.

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Lukashenko decided to go with Putin to Crimea and recognize the Russian peninsula

A visit to Crimea will mean the recognition of the Russian peninsula, the President of Belarus said. According to Lukashenko, he has repeatedly discussed this issue with Vladimir Putin

Alexander Lukashenko

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced that he intends to visit Crimea, this would mean the recognition of the peninsula as part of Russia.

< p>& laquo; Crimea & mdash; de facto & lt; … & gt; this is the Russian Crimea. & lt; … & gt; My visit to Crimea, to which I have every right, under whose protectorate, leadership … this is my Crimea. & lt; … & gt; The president [Putin] suggested to me, he said: “ Come on. '' & lt; … & gt; I say: “ Well, show me the Crimea. '' & Mdash; No questions asked. & lt; … & gt; If the president has already arrived there with the president of Russia & mdash; listen, what other confessions can there be? It's not a secret for me or for Putin, '' & mdash; he said in an interview with RIA Novosti.


Lukashenko added that he had already discussed this issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “ We talked about this three times [with Vladimir Putin]. And he had to decide for himself when the time would be more convenient, [when] it was warmer there, even the ideal [time] was. I told him & mdash; when you invite us, then we will fly '', & mdash; clarified the President of Belarus.

In June 2021, Lukashenko said that Moscow and Minsk will work out the issue of opening flights to Crimea. This happened after Ukraine closed its airspace to Belarusian aircraft after the incident with the landing of Ryanair flight with opposition leader Roman Protasevich on board on 23 May.

“ Ukraine has closed the sky for us. We have our own sanatorium in Crimea, in Miskhor, where people have always traveled and flew. In order not to aggravate relations, we through Ukraine & mdash; some by train, some by car, some by plane. Now the sky has been closed. I told Putin: “ Think about how we can get to Crimea. We will not fly through Poland either: they are not allowed there either, '', & mdash; said then the President of Belarus.

Kiev responded to these statements with the threat of sanctions. “ We will act instantly against any attempts to legitimize the occupation of Crimea by Russia, against any attempts to impose contacts with the so-called LPR or DPR. And if at least one plane of the Belarusian airline ends up on the territory of the occupied Crimea, sanctions will be inevitable with all the ensuing consequences, '', & mdash; said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova.

On National Unity Day, November 4, Lukashenko publicly complained that Putin had not taken him with him to Crimea, and asked the Russian president to travel to St. Petersburg together. “ Vladimir Vladimirovich promised me everything that he would take me with him to the Crimea and show me new items, what was new there '' … & gt ;. But today one left and did not invite me with him & lt; … & gt ;. Well, if not to Crimea, then maybe we'll go to St. Petersburg, '', & mdash; Lukashenka said then.

The Kremlin replied to this that Lukashenka had an invitation to visit Crimea. “ The President of Belarus has a valid invitation to visit Crimea, the oldest one, '' & mdash; said the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov.

Ukraine considers the peninsula to be its occupied territory. Visiting him, bypassing the Ukrainian border guards, is considered a crime. Many Russian artists and other Russian citizens fell under Kiev's sanctions for unauthorized visits to Crimea.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that the issue of Crimea's ownership after its entry into the Russian Federation is not discussed.

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WP learned about the discussion of the meeting between Putin and Biden during the visit of the head of the CIA

William Burns in early November in Moscow discussed the possibility of face-to-face talks between Biden and Putin in early 2022, the newspaper writes. In the meantime, according to her, Biden is preparing to call Putin in December

William Burns

CIA Director William Burns during his visit to Moscow discussed the possibility of a personal meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in the first half of 2022, according to The Washington Post (WP), citing sources.

According to the newspaper, Washington suggested a possible meeting of the presidents early next year. Burns discussed this information in Moscow in early November. Biden is also preparing to call Putin next month, the newspaper claims.

According to the newspaper, the White House is considering various options to contain a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, including an increase in military aid to Kiev and sanctions pressure on Moscow. The face-to-face meeting between Biden and Putin would allow the United States to buy time to rally allies or resume the processes to resolve the military conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Amid growing US concerns over the movement of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Monday went to Latvia, where a summit of foreign ministers of the countries will be held & mdash; members of NATO. There, the United States will seek to strengthen its position among the allies, writes WP.

“ We will discuss our assessment of what is happening on the Russian-Ukrainian border. We'll start with the set of options available and what NATO, as an alliance, would like to do together, '', & mdash; said the head of the European direction of the State Department, Karen Donfried.

In early November, Kommersant; wrote that a personal meeting between Putin and Biden could take place early next year, and by the end of this year, the presidents could negotiate online. Their first and so far their last meeting since Biden's victory in the presidential election took place on June 16 in Geneva.

On Monday, November 29, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the date of the meeting between Putin and Biden has not yet been determined, but admitted that it could take place before the end of this year in a virtual format. The Russian Foreign Ministry asserted that “ thoroughly '' are preparing a meeting.

Washington, in turn, said a week ago that it could not yet announce any planned meeting or contacts between the presidents of the United States and Russia.

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Omicron and the “red lines”. What did Putin talk about at the Russia Calling Forum?

The authorities must decide in a week how to deal with the omicron strain, whether there are plans for another presidential term and when hypersonic weapons will enter service. Putin's main statements at the Russia Calling! Forum – in the video of RBK


NATO Secretary General warned of sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

The foreign ministers of NATO member states discussed in Riga political and economic actions against Russia because of the “military threat to Ukraine,” the alliance secretary general said. Moscow denies accusations

On the first day of the meeting of the NATO foreign ministers, the buildup of Russian military power on the border with Ukraine, the situation in Belarus, NATO's work on arms control were discussed, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at a press conference.

< p>The secretary general said that the foreign ministers also discussed possible economic sanctions and political measures against Russia in the event of an 'aggression in Ukraine'. The ministers made it clear that there should be no doubt that aggressive actions will not go unnoticed, he said. “ We discussed the situation on the eastern borders of Ukraine, Russia's intentions are unpredictable. We call on Russia to show transparency and stop escalation '', & mdash; Stoltenberg said.

Answering the question about what economic actions are possible, Stoltenberg recalled that NATO & mdash; it is a platform for consultation, the alliance itself does not have the ability to impose sanctions, but it is important in that it gives all members the opportunity to coordinate policies, discuss and determine actions that can then be taken by countries at the individual level. The alliance represents 50% of global GDP, he recalled: “Therefore, it is important that we are discussing economic sanctions against Russia.” The meeting participants also welcomed Ukraine's restrained reaction to Russian actions.

Latvia has not convinced the US to expand its military presence in the country

Russia became the central topic of the meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Riga even before its official start. On the morning of November 30, Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks told Reuters about the need for a permanent US military presence in the country to contain Russia. “ We need more international assistance. We would like to have a permanent (military) US presence in our country. And naval and air defense mainly boils down to systems such as Patriot & raquo;, & mdash; he said. The day before, Pabriks had accompanied NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during his visit to the Canadian-led multinational combat group of the alliance in the Latvian camp of Adazi. Following this visit, Stoltenberg said the group's forces were helping to “ contain aggression and keep the peace. '' NATO Secretary General expressed similar words of support following a meeting with Latvian President Egils Levits. The alliance secretary general did not publicly comment on the possibility of expanding its presence through NATO.

At the same time, in the afternoon of November 30, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics, after negotiations with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, rejected his colleague's appeal to Washington, saying that the country does not need additional security guarantees. “The United States has made a very strong commitment to our security, and frankly, we don’t need new commitments because what we have is already very strong,” & mdash; he said at a joint press conference with Blinken. Rinkevics recalled that US troops are already present in Latvia on a rotational basis, and a US-led NATO battalion is operating in Poland. Blinkenzhe announced the “ iron '' Washington's commitment to the security of the Baltic states.

“ Russian aggression '' & mdash; main cause for concern

Nevertheless, during the first day of the ministerial meeting, Latvia's fears faded into the background, giving way to concerns of the members of the alliance about Russia's increasing military presence on the border with Ukraine. The first to speak on the problem was the acting A. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, whom German journalists caught before the meeting. The diplomat expressed 'grave concern' military actions of Russia on the border with Ukraine and added that Moscow “ will have to pay a high price for any form of aggression. '' Rinkevichs agreed with his German counterpart in his fears, noting that NATO and the EU “ must give Russia a clear signal that if Ukraine is threatened, there will be a response. '' Blinkenzhe promised to continue consultations with his colleagues in the alliance, after which he will be able to talk in more detail about the movements of the Russian contingent near the Ukrainian borders. The US Secretary of State added that Moscow “ often combines this kind of action with efforts to internally destabilize the country. '' “ This is part of their tactic, and we are monitoring it very closely, '' & mdash; said Blinken. He also warned of “ serious consequences for Russia '' if it decides to commit aggression against Ukraine.

Stoltenberg, however, recalled that NATO provides a military presence only to protect the members of the alliance, and urged, when discussing the situation around Ukraine, to distinguish between the concepts of assistance to a member of the alliance and its partner. “ We need to understand the difference between NATO allies, such as Latvia, the other Baltic states, Romania, and close and valuable partners, such as Ukraine. We provide support to Ukraine, help with preparation, capacity building, equipment. For NATO members, we have security guarantees & mdash; fifth article & raquo;, & mdash; he said. The fifth article of the Washington Treaty states that an attack on any member of the alliance will be regarded as an attack on NATO. It was applied once & mdash; after the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001.

Moscow denies the charges

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta denied Western accusations, stating that such rhetoric was unfounded, and Russia “ has never shown hostility towards any state, let alone Ukraine. '' “ There are no unreasonable movements of Russian troops and unscheduled exercises near the border with Ukraine, '' & mdash; he added. Patrushev recalled that Ukrainian officials, including NSDC Secretary Aleksey Danilov, denied information about Russia's pulling up its armed forces to the border. Patrushev explained the change in Kiev's position by “ receiving appropriate instructions. '' It is also beneficial for the United States to whip up such an information background to build up its military grouping and strengthen its intelligence activities, he said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, for his part, announced the pulling together of US and NATO forces and assets to the Russian borders, noting that the West is provoking Ukraine into anti-Russian actions. “ In Ukraine itself, on the line of contact in Donbass, more and more forces and resources are accumulating with the support of an increasing number of Western instructors. Heavy weapons, including drones, which are directly prohibited by the Minsk agreements, are being used against Donetsk and Lugansk. And we simply have no right to exclude the possibility that the Kiev regime will break into a military adventure '', & mdash; he said on Tuesday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking at the VTB Capital investment forum “ Russia is calling! '' stated that the expansion of NATO's military infrastructure into Ukraine would become a red line for Russia, and added that then Moscow would be forced to respond to this.

New strategy against Russia and China

One of the main tasks of the summit, which will end on December 1, is to discuss a new strategic concept for the alliance. On Tuesday, Stoltenberg spoke about the main provisions of the document being prepared. The heads of NATO countries will have to accept him in the summer of 2022 at the summit in Madrid. The previous strategy was adopted in 2010, Stoltenberg recalled. Then, in particular, it was stated that “ peace reigns in the Euro-Atlantic region. '' But the situation has changed, the Secretary General stated: “Today we live in an era of systemic competition. Russia and China are undermining a rules-based international order. The balance of power is changing. Democracy and freedom are under intense pressure. ''

Five elements are critical: protecting the values ​​of the alliance, strengthening its military power, strengthening societies within the alliance, a vision of a global perspective, and developing NATO as an institutional link connecting Europe and North America. The values ​​that need to be protected include democracy, freedom and the rule of law. They are threatened not only from outside, but also from within countries, in support of this thesis, Stoltenberg cited the events of January 6 this year, when a crowd of Donald Trump supporters stormed the American Capitol in order, according to the Secretary General, to “ prevent the peaceful transfer of power. ''

< p> “ The Russian regime is aggressive abroad and despotic at home. Its military build-up on the borders of Ukraine raises concern, '', & mdash; he repeated. The Chinese Communist Party is using its economic and military power to force other countries and control its own people, he described the threats from Beijing. China is also dangerous because it is expanding its global presence from Africa to the Arctic, in space and cyberspace. NATO can counter these threats by strengthening and modernizing its defense capabilities. More specific proposals will be considered by the foreign ministers, and then by the heads of countries.

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“Remember Stalingrad”: the British spoke about a possible war with Russia

Photo: Still from video

Readers of the British The Telegraph commented on an article about the possibility of war in Ukraine. The publication pointed to the words of Alexander Lukashenko that his Belarus will stand together with Russia if a war breaks out in Ukraine. The publication also recalls the earlier exercises of Russia and Belarus near the border with Poland and accuses Lukashenko of creating a migration crisis at the borders.

However, the point of view of most commentators did not coincide with the opinion of the editorial board. They noted that British citizens are not interested in Ukraine. “To everyone here who wants to start a war with Russia: get ready to sacrifice your sons. Great Britain has a professional army, but extremely weak, and for a conventional war, if it does not immediately turn into a nuclear one, they will take everyone, “the reader warned.

Some even called the NATO armed forces” slag “, which” will not hold out “against Russia for five minutes. Many even advise to release everything on the brakes, because the conflict can quickly turn into a nuclear one.

Some of the British remembered that the Russians fought well in the cold and reminded them of the battle for Stalingrad. Others stressed that talking about the “Russian threat” is more beneficial to Kiev. “The Ukrainian duck“ Russians are coming ”is just an excuse to violate the Minsk agreements,” said one commentator.



Kiev court allowed the arrest of the head of Crimea Sergei Aksenov

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The Kiev Court of Appeal issued a statement on the decision to grant permission to detain the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergei Aksenov. In the statement, he is called “the self-proclaimed chairman of the annexed Crimea.” In addition, the court opened a case against Sergei Aksenov under six articles, in particular for “committing acts aimed at violently changing or overthrowing the constitutional order, or seizing state power” and “encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

Earlier, the office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine had already asked the court to give permission to arrest Aksenov. However, the Shevchenkovsky District Court of Kiev on October 4 refused this petition, after which the prosecutor filed an appeal.

Aksyonov himself has already commented on this decision in his Telegram channel: “Let them try. I will wait.”