What the camp of migrants looks like on the border of Belarus and Poland. Video

Refugees who are trying to get to Poland from the territory of Belarus have set up a tent camp. Several groups of migrants managed to break through to Poland last night. How the camp looks like – in the RBC video

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Zakharova called Poland’s statements about the causes of the crisis on the border a lie

The Russian Foreign Ministry reminded that in recent years migrants have repeatedly broken through to the European Union through Turkey, Greece and Italy

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova believes that the statements of the Polish authorities about Russia's fault in the emerging migration crisis,” ; all borders are crossed. ”

“ It’s amazing, of course, what we hear from Warsaw. This, frankly speaking, in my opinion, goes beyond all possible frames of both decency and common sense. I'm talking about the accusations against our country, and about the assessment of the situation in general, '', & mdash; she said on the air of the program Soloviev Live.

In particular, Zakharova recalled the words of Polish President Andrzej Duda, who called what was happening on the border a hybrid attack of the Belarusian special services against his country, as well as the Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland, Marcin Pshidach, who announced the use of people by the “ authoritarian regime to destabilize the European Union. ''

“ Well, it's impossible like this, just tell a lie and lie on a blue eye. They really lie to themselves '', & mdash; said Zakharova. She recalled that the current migration crisis is not the first for a long time: in previous years, refugees have repeatedly broken through to the EU through Turkey, Greece, Italy.

The day before, the Polish leaders made a series of statements, blaming Minsk for the incident. For example, President Duda accused the Belarusian authorities of deliberately directing migrant flows to those sections of the border in the Grodno region where there are no border crossings.

In turn, the head of the Polish government, Mateusz Morawiecki, during his speech in the parliament said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is behind Lukashenka's actions. “ Moscow intends to restore the Russian Empire, and Poland must resist such a scenario, '' & mdash; he said.

Over the past two days, hundreds of migrants have been trying to cross the Belarusian-Polish border. Over the past day, despite the active opposition of the Polish military, several groups managed to break through the barriers. Some of them managed to be detained, others are already looking for in Poland.

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Former mayor of Simeiz detained by FSB for espionage in favor of Ukraine

The FSB report did not disclose the name and position of the person arrested for espionage. Yuri Lomenko was a member of the Party of Regions in Ukraine, and after the annexation of Crimea to Russia he was a member of the United Russia faction

Yuriy Lomenko

City Council of the second convocation Yuriy Lomenko, reports Kryminform.

According to the agency, on November 8, 2021, at an extraordinary meeting of the City Council, Lomenko's deputy powers were terminated at his own request from October 25, 2021.

“ It was established that a resident of Yalta in the period from 2017 to 2018 on assignment Ukrainian special services carried out the collection, storage, transfer of information constituting a state secret of the Russian Federation, including about employees of the FSB of Russia '', & mdash; reported earlier by the FSB Public Relations Center.

Lomenko was also previously the mayor of the resort village of Simeiz. RBC sent a request to the administration of Simeiz, to the Yalta City Council, as well as to the press service of the Yalta City Court.

Lomenko became the mayor of Simeiz in 2013 during the Ukrainian government. He was nominated by the Party of Regions after his predecessor, Kirill Kostenko, who also came to power from the regionals, was shot in his own car in February 2013. According to, in the 1990s Kostenko was a member of an organized criminal group (OCG), and in 2011 he was detained on suspicion of receiving a bribe of 400 thousand hryvnia from heads of private enterprises for receiving land plots. However, a few weeks later Kostenko was released.

In May 2017, Lomenko established and headed the Crimean regional public organization of national-cultural autonomy “ Ukrainians of Crimea '', Kryminform specified. The organization was registered in Simeiz at the address of the local food market. Lomenko himself was liquidated in October 2021.

Lomenko entered the Yalta City Council as a single-mandate, was a member of the United Russia faction. According to the information in the database of United Russia deputies, at the time of his election he was the director of the external relations department of Family Rest LLC, in 2014 he graduated from the magistracy of the National Academy of Public Administration.

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Europeans on the Web have offered Poland to shoot migrants at the border

“What's the point of carrying a machine gun with you if you can't use it?”

Several groups of migrants crossed the border between Poland and Belarus on the night of November 10. The rest of the refugees live in tents near Polish checkpoints and hope that they will be allowed to transit through Poland to wealthy EU countries, mainly Germany. However & nbsp; Europeans themselves, judging by the responses on the Web, are not welcome guests. Many treat migrants & nbsp; as criminals encroaching on Polish sovereignty.

Photo: AP

Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga said on Twitter: “ The migrant attack on the Polish border reminded us of a similar situation in 2015, when Hungary faced the same problem. Although other EU countries have condemned us for building a special fence, it has proven to be a very effective means of preventing illegal border crossings in Hungary. Brussels (in the capital of Belgium is the headquarters of the European Union. & Ndash; “ MK '') must understand that to protect Poland from migrants, all European countries must act! ''.

Briton Robert Phil Martinez proposes to act even tougher: “ Are you idiots? Just shoot them, what are you waiting for? International law allows the state to defend its borders with weapons. These are not migrants, but ordinary foreign invaders who want to live at someone else's expense! ''.

Many EU citizens hold the same point of view. User Joseph Feegle wrote: “ This congestion of migrants at the border became a problem only because you were foolish enough to let them stay there. I think it will be much more difficult to cross the border if you are being shot at with a rifle. ”

User Ray Showsmith also called for the use of weapons against unarmed people:“ I cannot understand the logic of the Polish military. What is the point of carrying a machine gun with you if you cannot use it? This is & nbsp; actually & nbsp; your job! & Raquo ;.

German user with the nickname “ mh293 '' left his opinion in the comments: “ I cannot and do not wish to sympathize with these people (migrants. & laquo; MK ''). They & ndash; arrogant invaders who are trying to illegally cross the border of a European state. This is their own choice, no one invited them here. You need to fight criminals so that they will forever remember that it is not worth getting in here. Anyone who threatens the national security of our countries deserves no mercy. ''

A British citizen with the nickname 'Rubitho' tried to explain the inhuman attitude of European citizens towards refugees: “ This is a very sad and terrible situation for both migrants and the countries of the European Union. Just on the BBC & nbsp; these disadvantaged people said they had nothing to eat. But we cannot feed them and build houses for refugees out of pity! They themselves need to satisfy their own needs, and not shift the responsibility onto our shoulders. ''



Another plane with migrants departed for Minsk from Damascus

The plane will deliver 150 refugees from the Middle East

Another group of refugees from the Middle East is heading for Belarus to try to infiltrate the territory of the European Union. A passenger plane from Syria is expected to land in Minsk in the next few hours. Earlier, MK learned that a group of migrants from Iraq, which is now in a refugee camp on the border with Poland, was delivered by the sides of the Syrian airlines. The arrival of a new group of refugees can seriously complicate the already tense situation at the border.

Photo: AP

The board of the Syrian airline Cham Wings (callsign SAW431), which took off from Damascus at 05:00 local time, is preparing to land in Minsk. According to the FligthRadar airspace monitoring service, the Airbus-320-211 is flying to Belarus, skirting the Turkish airspace: through Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia. The board is making a non-scheduled flight, which was not previously announced.

Migrants who want to get to Europe arrive in Belarus by Syrian airlines. On the night of November 7-8, a large group of Iraqi natives arriving in Syria flew out of Damascus. Photos of a long line of refugees awaiting departure to Minsk were posted on social networks. Subsequently, it was these migrants who ended up on the border with Poland, where clashes with Polish border guards continued.

On the border with Belarus, a boy addressed the Polish border guards: video

Watch a video on the topic

According to media reports, most of the migrants are natives of several Kurdish cities located on the border of Iraq and Syria. Ethnic Kurds are seeking to leave the region, fearing a possible Turkish military operation. Despite the fact that the authorities of the Kurdish Autonomy offer refugees assistance in returning home, most migrants prefer to wait for permission to enter from the European Union.

According to technical data, the Airbus-320-211 can accommodate about 150 passengers. The arrival of another group of migrants may complicate the already extremely tense situation in the area of ​​the Polish-Belarusian border. According to media reports, in an impromptu refugee camp, the Kurds face violence from border guards from both countries, and also suffer from the cold and lack of food and medicine.

They poke holes in the military: a video of migrants appeared on the Belarusian-Polish border

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Zakharova blamed Tikhanovskaya and Guaido for the migration crisis

The Foreign Ministry said that politicians set an example for refugees

The leader of the Belarusian opposition Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and the self-proclaimed President of Venezuela Juan Guaido are partially to blame for the migration crisis that broke out on the Belarusian-Polish border. This was announced by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on the air of the Soloviev Live YouTube show.

Photo: /maria.zakharova.167.

The diplomat noted that Tikhanovskaya and Guaido set an example for the refugees, as they told the & nbsp; European Union that sheltered them about the dangers in their countries.

“ They stated literally similar things: that they could no longer be on the territory of their country that they consider themselves to be temporarily displaced people or refugees in exile. That they are looking for protection, patronage, help '', & mdash; & nbsp; said Zakharova, stressing that the EU authorities believed these political emigrants.

Earlier, the Foreign Ministry spokesman commented on the accusations of a number of European countries that the migration Moscow is supposedly to blame in Europe. She stated that this testifies to an attempt by European politicians to find the culprit and evade responsibility.

Now, according to various sources, there are several thousand migrants at the Belarusian-Polish border. They are trying to break through the established fences, according to some reports, two large groups of illegal immigrants managed to penetrate into Poland.

Due to the current situation, the authorities of Poland and Lithuania have introduced a state of emergency in areas bordering Belarus.

The EU has repeatedly stated that it may impose new tough sanctions against Minsk.



Video of beating of migrants on the Belarusian-Polish border has appeared

In the footage, two unknown persons are beating people

Warsaw and Minsk continued to accuse each other of cruel treatment of migrants who had accumulated on the Belarusian-Polish border hoping to get to Europe. A video appeared in which two unknown persons beat illegal immigrants. The shots are provided by the Telegram channel Shot.

Photo: AP form, apparently, they beat people who have gathered at the fence. At the same time, the sound of a shot is heard, as well as loud male and female screams.

The video was filmed from afar, while it is impossible to make out identification marks on the clothes of the attackers. It is also unclear from which side of the border the events are taking place, but you can clearly hear how the authors of the video are discussing the situation. At the same time, they speak Polish.

Earlier, the Belarusian authorities accused Polish border guards of cruel treatment of illegal migrants. The Belarusian Border Committee has published relevant photos and videos.

Now, according to various sources, there are several thousand migrants at the Belarusian-Polish border. They are trying to break through the established fences, according to some reports, two large groups of illegal immigrants managed to penetrate into Poland.

Due to the current situation, the authorities of Poland and Lithuania have introduced a state of emergency in areas bordering Belarus. At the same time, Warsaw threatened to completely close the border with the neighboring republic.

Migrants brought to Belarus storm the border with Poland: frames of chaos

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The statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation was called a warning to Kiev and NATO

“Military pressure on Russia in the Black Sea is useless”

Major General Igor Konashenkov, an official representative of the Russian military department, made two statements during the day about the exercises being held in the Black Sea US Navy and NATO with their partners. Such military-diplomatic activity has not been observed for a long time, and this clearly indicates that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation attaches the most serious importance to maneuvers near the Russian borders.

Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Defense

It can be said that the Russian military has already twice warned the US Navy and NATO that they are being closely watched and kept at gunpoint by spy planes that are dangerously approaching Russian borders, and US Navy warships, which for the first time created a strike force in the Black Sea during led by the command ship.

The Ministry of Defense views the US Navy maneuvers as a study of the Black Sea theater of military operations and the military development of the territory of Ukraine, and does not exclude that in this way the United States is demonstrating its readiness to support Kiev if it decides on a military action in Donbass.

An American E-8C ground reconnaissance and strike control aircraft was spotted in the region. The spy was watched by the radars of the Russian air defense systems. US Navy ships are involved in the exercises: the Porter guided missile destroyer, the John Lenthall tanker, & nbsp; command ship Mount Whitney US Navy. The conclusion of the Russian General Staff: the United States is creating a multinational grouping of armed forces in the immediate vicinity of the Russian border.

Military expert Captain 1st Rank Vladimir Gundarov agrees with these conclusions.

“ This is a warning to Kiev and NATO. Indeed, at the suggestion of the United States, Kiev is preparing for the forceful return of certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions under its control, in a situation similar to that which was a year ago in Nagorno-Karabakh, & mdash; & nbsp; Gundarov told MK. & mdash; & nbsp; Fundamentally, the issue of forceful return in Kiev has been resolved, which is confirmed by all Ukrainian laws and documents adopted on their basis. '' , which is now exerting military pressure on Russia. ''

Gundarov did not rule out that the recent visit of the CIA director to Moscow was associated with this pressure. Such was the case only in 2000, after the sinking of the Kursk nuclear submarine.

“ Now in Washington and Kiev they are calculating options for how Russia will react, & mdash; & nbsp; said the expert. & mdash; & nbsp; And Moscow has no other way but to support Russian citizens living in the DPR and LPR. Therefore, the unprecedented military pressure on our Armed Forces in the Black Sea region will have only one consequence & mdash; & nbsp; will end in nothing. ' .

“Although the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan freed up additional military forces, they cannot be used on the European continent without grave consequences for the European countries themselves,” & mdash; & nbsp; said Gundarov. & nbsp;

One of the arguments that can stop Kiev from carrying out its military plans in Donbass, Gundarov believes, is that Kiev is in a difficult situation. “ Under the conditions of the energy blockade, he now needs to negotiate with Russia, and not dream of a small victorious war in the southeast, '' & mdash; & nbsp; concluded Gundarov.



Lithuania announced its readiness to open fire on “green men”

Thousands of migrants gathered at the western borders of Belarus

Deputy Foreign Minister of Lithuania Mantam Adomenas said that the border guards of the republic are ready to open fire on the so-called “green men” on the borders with Belarus … He made the corresponding statement on the air of the radio station “Echo Moskvy”.


The diplomat noted that at present hundreds of illegal immigrants from the Middle East have accumulated at the border. According to Adomenas, border guards use weapons only in the event of attacks and a real threat to the life of servicemen.

At the same time, when asked whether the security forces are ready to open fire to kill, the interlocutor of Echo replied: “If they will people with weapons, some “little green men” – yes, of course, break through. ”

The Deputy Minister noted that the migrants themselves are not aggressive, many of them realized that they would not be able to get into the European Union. However, according to him, when trying to turn around, they face the aggression of the Belarusian border guards and special services.

Currently, several thousand migrants from the Middle East have gathered at the Belarusian-Polish border and are trying to penetrate the European Union.

Illegals set up campgrounds along the fences and periodically storm the border. Poland urgently transferred thousands of troops to the border.

Also, the authorities of Poland and Lithuania introduced a state of emergency on the borders with Belarus.

On the border with Belarus, a boy turned to the Polish border guards: video

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Expert predicted new sanctions for Belarus due to the crisis with migrants

Restrictions may push Lukashenka to further deepen the process of integration with the Russian Federation

The outbreak of the migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border continues to grow. And while helicopters and drones are hovering over illegal immigrants trying to break into the territory of the European Union, everything is also restless in the diplomatic fields. The EU is talking not only about new sanctions against President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, but also about the possibility of punishing his allies. As the expert admitted in a conversation with us, the current activation of the West in the eastern direction is associated not only with a formal occasion at the border, but also with the intensified integration processes between Minsk and Moscow.


As the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov said on November 10, Vladimir Putin had discussed with his Belarusian counterpart the problem of migrants on the border with Poland a day earlier. However, the representative of the Kremlin did not voice specific details of the conversation, limiting himself to the traditional phrase about “exchange of views.”

Nevertheless, the very fact of the conversation that took place is indicative, especially against the background of the tightening of rhetoric from the West. According to Dmitry Danilov, head of the European Security Department at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, both processes are interconnected, and Europeans and Americans are worried not only by Lukashenko's policy within his republic, but also by the intensified rapprochement between Russia and Belarus, which recently signed the long-suffering road maps within the prisoner 22 years ago. Treaty on the Union State. At the same time, according to the analyst, the threats of Western politicians have a basis: they still have something to complicate the life of the Belarusian president and his entourage, from relatives to political associates.

– Sanctions can be very different, – recalled Dmitry Danilov in a conversation with MK. – Probably, first of all, they will concern financial and economic restrictions, accounts and other property assets; possibly some kind of property abroad, affiliated with the leadership of Belarus. We can talk about expanding the circle of people who will be prohibited from visiting the territory of the European Union.

– From the point of view of a certain positive agenda, the European Union has no such options for Lukashenka. And the steps taken by the West themselves indicate that our foreign colleagues have abandoned their illusions about cooperation with Belarus, for example, within the framework of the Eastern Partnership program.

– Now it is almost unrealistic. Evidently, Europe has made a deliberate choice, seeing progress in Russian-Belarusian integration. And they won't give Minsk a new chance there – you won't enter the same river twice. Moreover, the more than two dozen road maps that were recently signed between our countries imply close cooperation in the military sphere and in the field of high technologies. And this worries the EU.

– Our country is already under serious restrictions, this is not directly connected with Belarus, but as the integration processes develop, Moscow, following Minsk, may find itself limited in its rights to purchase some materials etc. The sanctions issue itself was initially politicized and ideologized. Indeed, even at the NATO level, back in the summer of 2014, in a communiqué, the member states of the North Atlantic Alliance called Russian-Belarusian military integration one of the growing threats to themselves. For the Western community, this is also a question of their common values, which, as the US and the EU believe, Moscow and Minsk do not share. As for the Union State, now Lukashenka has no choice. But this process should have been activated earlier, then it would have cost Belarus less losses than now.



Lukashenka’s secret instructions about migrants in Belarus revealed

“Refugees are returning from the camp with colds, with frostbite and bedsores”

The migration crisis near the borders of Belarus and Poland is in full swing. Thousands of refugees from the Middle East are trying to break into the EU. Meanwhile, the Belarusian side and the European Union are exchanging mutual accusations. Human rights activist Alena Chekhovich told us about the real situation with migrants in Belarus and about the instructions of the local authorities on their account.

Photo: president

Belarusian human rights organization “ Human Constanta '' for a long time she was engaged in the rights of refugees in the republic. After the protests in Belarus, almost all human rights activities in the republic were suspended. 'Human Constanta' liquidated, and the company has little to help migrants. But & nbsp; nevertheless & nbsp; representatives of the organization are in control of the situation.

Alena Chekhovich, a lawyer at the public reception office for foreigners and stateless people, spoke about what is happening in the country.

& mdash; Every day there are more and more migrants in Belarus. If at the beginning of the situation we tracked the number of visitors according to the reports of the border services of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus, now it is enough to walk along the streets of Minsk and see everything with our own eyes. Every day there is a large crowd of people in the city center with things waiting for transport to reach the border.

& mdash; This information is closed. And & nbsp; until the Belarusian services publish official data, we will not even know the approximate number of visitors. How many people arrive every day, we can track only by the number of flights. We know that now there is no direct flight from Baghdad to Belarus. All fly with a transfer in Damascus, Istanbul or Dubai. A certain category of citizens travels through Russia. These are doubly difficult to track down. We do not have international points on the land border, therefore, many people may simply not be documented.

& mdash; Yes, they mostly get on tour vouchers, get tourist visas. At the initial stage, there was an active propaganda of these supposedly travels. There was an advertisement from the Belarusian authorities about this method of crossing borders and entering the European Union.

Advertising is no longer required. Information spreads by itself, including through internal immigrant channels. By the way, there were cases when migrants were even issued study visas. In fact, people did not apply to universities or other educational institutions in Belarus. This is a fiction.

“For a respite, they return to Minsk, then back to the forest”

& mdash; At the moment, people mainly go to Poland. They are also trying to get to Lithuania, but to a lesser extent.

& mdash; They don't sit there all the time. They will sit, sit, and then return back to the major cities of Belarus to have a little rest. Then they try to cross the border again. This is how they move back and forth. True, we do have information that Belarusian border guards do not allow some migrants to return to the city for a respite. They are detained, placed in makeshift camps in the forest, kept in the cold, practically on the street, so that people & nbsp; do not return to the city and do not stay there for a long time, but again tried to cross the border.

& mdash; There is a room for Belarusian border guards. Sometimes refugee children are taken there for the night so that they do not spend the night on the street. But these are isolated cases. In general & nbsp; impromptu camps for migrants & ndash; this is conventionally a lawn in a forest or a clearing, where people settle down with their sleeping bags and make fires. They are guarded by Belarusian border guards. Nobody provides them with food, water. In recent days, they only began to bring. But it seems that all this is done for the picture in the media. Human rights defenders have no access to these people.

& mdash; Many human rights organizations were liquidated in Belarus this year. Accordingly, human rights defenders cannot carry out their activities on behalf of unregistered organizations, otherwise they face administrative fines or even worse.

& mdash; Now migrants are divided into several groups. Those who still have money to rent rooms in cheap hotels, hostels, hostels, rent apartments. Those who have no money spend the night on the street. They sleep behind shopping centers, in underground passages. Often these are families with many women and young children. And alas, in Belarus now there are no mechanisms to help these people.

& mdash; It is difficult to talk about the attitude of Belarusians to the current situation, we do not conduct public opinion polls. I don't feel much tension at the moment. There are no conflicts between newcomers and Belarusians. But it is clear that Belarusians are not used to a large crowd of people on the street, who, moreover, are outwardly different from them. It is possible that if this situation persists for a long time, the tension will increase.

& mdash; We have not heard that a catastrophic situation has arisen in the border settlements. All migrants are kept at the border, which is located far from the villages. Their movements are controlled by border guards. They only go to big cities for a break.

“Not quite healthy people arrive”

& mdash; We collect information, requests about migrants, transfer them to organizations that can act in the legal field. It's about the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders. We receive a huge number of requests, including for the provision of legal advice. On a personal basis, we provided humanitarian aid, we help with medicines.

& mdash; Mostly with Kurds, citizens of Iraq. I remember well the story of a 25-year-old guy who served in the Iraqi police. He said that terrorists often attacked their site. He admitted that he feared for his life, so he left the country. And there are many such cases. By the way, not quite healthy people arrived in Belarus. Many were already traumatized and wounded after armed clashes at home.

& mdash; According to some media reports, migrants were really dying in the forests. I don’t want to be pessimistic, but we probably do not know about all the deaths that have occurred. The situation is difficult. After all, people return after an unsuccessful attempt to cross the border to Minsk not only to rest and recover, but also to get medical treatment. Everyone comes with a terrible cold, coughs, and some have problems with their legs. The fact is that if they are detained by Belarusian border guards, they have to squat in one place in a cold room for a long time. The legs swell a lot, bedsores and frostbite form. We Engage the Médecins Sans Frontières Mission to the situation so that they can at least superficially examine people and give advice on treatment.

& mdash; They are afraid. Many have expired visas. They are afraid that they might be sent back to their homeland.

& mdash; We know from personal sources that the police officers who patrol the city every day have been instructed not to touch migrants. That is, do not check the documents of anyone, do not speak with them and & nbsp; the more & nbsp; do not delay. Recently, the police came to one of the Minsk hostels to check the documents of the residents. Many have expired their Belarusian visa. This check had no consequences.

“No one wants to stay in the republic”

& mdash; While I do not observe such a desire. Mostly people still want to apply for asylum in the European Union. Although some, after unsuccessful attempts to cross the border, apply for political asylum in Belarus.

& mdash; The problem is that Belarus has never been famous for providing effective protection to people from third world countries. We have had few positive decisions on these issues over the years.

& mdash; Formally, they can open visas there, in fact they cannot. And this is no longer a question for migrants, but for European countries that refuse to issue tourist, work and other types of visas to people from certain countries.

& mdash; I have met very few families who ask to help them get back. These are mainly citizens from African countries, where the problem of armed conflicts is not so acute. Those who come from the zone of constant armed tension do not try to get back home. They hope to the last to get asylum in Europe.

& mdash; It is not within our competence to determine the status of a person. People came for protection. And what is happening now at the border, & mdash; catastrophe. People are actually used as cannon fodder in the political game between Belarus and the European Union.

I hope that Poland will not use excessive violence and military force against defenseless people who do not participate in any way in this confrontation between the politicians of Poland and Belarus. I would like to believe that prudence will remain at least on the part of the European Union. Because no smart approach can be expected from Belarus. If Belarus does something towards transit refugees, it will only be in order to look beautiful in the media.

& mdash; We are in touch with human rights defenders in Poland, but the main hitch is & mdash; access to people who are still on the territory of Belarus. There is no one to work with those who are sitting in the border zone. We hope that the Belarusian Red Cross will not stop providing humanitarian aid. There is reason to believe that the delivery of food over the past two days & ndash; this is a temporary help. Journalists will disperse & mdash; & nbsp; and help will end.

Migrants brought to Belarus storm the border with Poland: frames of chaos

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The expert predicted a military conflict on the border of Poland and Belarus

According to Andrei Starikov, this is exactly what Warsaw is trying to achieve

The situation on the Belarusian-Polish border is getting worse. Migrants who settled in the no-man's land near the Polish cordon run out of water and food. On Wednesday night, two large groups of refugees were able to break into Poland from the territory of Belarus. Some of them came back badly crippled. The parties accuse each other of using physical violence. According to experts, sooner or later there may be a blaze if the first killed appear …

Photo: AP

& nbsp; & nbsp; Thousands of migrants are trapped in the neutral zone of the Polish-Belarusian border. At night, the air temperature in the area of ​​the “ Kuznitsa '' checkpoint drops to 1 degree, and by the beginning of next week, a cold snap is expected to minus 6. Migrants are cutting trees and making fires right in the forest in order to somehow warm up. The problem remains with the lack of water and food. Nevertheless & nbsp; people are not going to leave the occupied position. “ We will die, but we will not go anywhere '', & mdash; & nbsp; say migrants to journalists of Grodno & nbsp; Media. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, they have nowhere to go. Poland does not intend to let illegal immigrants into its territory, having sent 15 thousand soldiers to defend the border. On the other hand, the Belarusian security forces have built a protective cordon and are operating in the “ not a step back '' regime. How can people get out of this trap & ndash; not clear at all. & nbsp;

& nbsp; & nbsp; Both Belarus and Poland mutually accuse each other of using violence against migrants. The State Border Committee of Belarus reported that four Kurdish migrants with numerous injuries were returned to the spontaneous camp from the Polish side. In the published photographs, one man has deep cuts on his arm and wrist. The second & ndash; the head is broken. According to the Belarusian security officials, these people were able to break into the territory of Poland, but from there they were forced out through the barbed wire back to Belarus. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; This information is confirmed by the Polish military. They said that a large group of migrants at night & nbsp; really & nbsp; was able to enter their territory. Now they are all detained, and some people were returned back. Prior to this, the Poles published a video in which the Belarusian military is carrying a man somewhere on a stretcher. Who is this and what happened to him & ndash; unknown. Shots into the air are heard from the Belarusian side, probably with the aim of intimidating people. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The situation causes horror among the population of the adjacent Grodno region. “ It is not clear how this story will be resolved if Poland does not accept them. And soon winter will come, and this whole crowd will rush to our houses or dachas. To be honest, it's very scary. There are no fewer flights from these countries, which means that everything will only get worse. The presence of migrants in cities has already become noticeable, '' & mdash; & nbsp; shared concerns with MK. local resident. & nbsp;

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Due to the cold weather, some migrants have already made & nbsp; attempts to return from the forest back to the city, but they are being held by the Belarusian military, according to Telegram channels. The border guards allegedly demand that they continue to move towards Poland. A video appeared on the Web: a minibus stopped by the road in the forest, hundreds of people crowded around it, a crush begins. A man in a red jacket throws groceries into the crowd & ndash; a few cakes of bread and, presumably, a bottle of water. There is clearly not enough provisions for everyone. One woman in the crowd becomes ill and faints. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; & nbsp; Horrific videos do not stop other people seeking asylum in the EU. Migrants record a video from Minsk, where they say that they also intend to go to the border. The footage shows a man asking the Polish authorities to let them in, there are small children next to him.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; About how this situation will develop and ways out of it, “ MK '' spoke with Baltic states specialist, editor-in-chief of Baltnews Andrey Starikov .

& nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; Actually, there is no working way out. Because the exit is in the same plane & ndash; in the dialogue of the Polish authorities with the Belarusian side. The Belarusians do not mind, but the Poles rule out this option. Today Merkel contacted Putin on the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border. Therefore, there may be some kind of mediation and raising the problem to a different level. There are parties to the conflict & mdash; & nbsp; Poland and Belarus. But Poland excludes a dialogue with Minsk. In this case, the problem, since it is already acquiring a pan-European character, can be raised from the Polish level to the EU level. The solution is only in a joint dialogue either Warsaw & mdash; & nbsp; Minsk, or Moscow & mdash; & nbsp; Brussels, or Moscow & mdash; & nbsp; Berlin. Everything here is locked in Poland. Are they ready to listen? The problem is, they are not ready. Already now Poles are behaving too brutally: they spray gas, beat refugees, do not allow them to sleep, turning on the searchlights.

& nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; The situation itself is not a big problem for Poland. Because 10 thousand people & ndash; these are not big numbers at all. For five years, Europe has absorbed about 10 million refugees, so plus or minus 10 thousand & ndash; it is not essential. Moreover, & nbsp; that the refugees themselves, who are on the border strip, say that they are not going to stay in Poland, they want a transit corridor to Germany. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; But the Poles, despite a certain hysteria and emotionality of their behavior, are the beneficiaries of this situation, because the refugee crisis removes the serious conflict between Brussels and Warsaw from the agenda. Let me remind you that Poland is being fined 1 million euros a day for Brussels' rejection of the lack of the rule of law in Poland. Warsaw is in a deep value conflict with Brussels both in terms of abortion, and in terms of freedom of the media, the appointment of members of the public media council and, of course, the Polish legal reform.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The refugee situation removes these contradictions, and again the winning cards are on the Polish side, because Poland had no working arguments in this conflict before. Now, taking advantage of this situation, Warsaw has the right to ask Brussels for both money and military assistance, and ask for political support. That is, Poland will not position itself as a troublemaker and a Trojan horse. USA, which brings discord to the home of the European Union, but as a defender of the eastern borders of the EU. Therefore, the Poles skillfully use this situation and assess it not as a flow of refugees, but as a hybrid war, appointing the aggressors in the person of Minsk and Moscow.

& nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; If the situation does not defuse, and this, apparently, is possible only with the mediation of Germany and Moscow, then the Belarusian side will be accused of sabotage. There will be some Belarusian security officials who disguised themselves as migrants. I mean the 'allegedly Belarusian security forces' who 'allegedly changed their clothes' & mdash; & nbsp; Poles will find them. As a result, this will lead to a clash between the forces of Poland and Belarus in the border zone. It will be a military conflict, albeit a local, point and one-off moment. The situation is only getting worse, but the Poles are ready for it.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; And the main beneficiary & ndash; ruling party in Poland “ Law and Justice ''. They are the beneficiaries of & nbsp; as in the external dimension: relations with Brussels, the role of the EU defender, the role of the victim of the hybrid war. So in the internal & mdash; & nbsp; in Poland there is traditionally anti-immigrant sentiment, which is now warmed up. For the Polish electorate, they act as defenders from everything alien, and at the same time they beat political opponents – & ndash; Liberal Party Civic Platform. Therefore, the Poles are interested in escalating the conflict, and without an outside hand that will pull them down, the situation can take tragic forms.

& nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; Of course they can. This is help with money and manpower, troops. They can appeal to Clause 5 of the NATO Charter that aggression is being waged against Poland & nbsp; as a NATO member and against the entire military bloc of the alliance. Poland will use the situation to attract political and resource attention to itself. They want the problem to worsen.

& nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; They will not be afraid of any NATO forces. An important element & ndash; Belarus has nothing to do with it. Migrants travel spontaneously. Their names are people who do business on migrants, fellow tribesmen, more successful and successful people who managed to penetrate the EU. It has its own communication environment. Will NATO appear there or will a fence be built & ndash; refugees will not stop arriving. The solution to the problem lies in the political plane and dialogue, but Warsaw is not ready for it. We should expect mediation from Germany or Moscow & nbsp; or the situation will worsen and escalate. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; They do not arrive at the initiative of Minsk. Belarus simply does not bother them, plus it provides infrastructure. There are flights, because the EU is banning Belarusian airlines and do not want to fly to Minsk airport. Belavia there was nothing left but to take alternative routes to stay on the market. & nbsp;

& nbsp; & nbsp; The influx of refugees itself is spontaneous. Those who have entered the EU or are in the border zone are calling their fellow tribesmen from the countries of origin to follow their example. There are chat rooms and groups of refugees where people are actively working, let's call them “ migration businessmen '', who provide transportation services. In fact, these are crooks, but people are interested in their services. These are not tourists, travelers, people are fleeing the war and trying to save their lives. European humanism obliges to accept and protect them, but this humanism has gone somewhere. It was, of course, difficult to expect him from the Poles, but the large EU countries do not condemn the inadequate use of force by the Poles and Lithuanians.



Aerospace Forces bombers patrolled in the skies over Belarus

Two long-range Tu-22m3 bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces performed patrols in the airspace of Belarus, the Russian Defense Ministry reports.

On November 10, two Tu-22m3 bombers patrolled in the airspace of Belarus. The aircraft worked out the issues of interaction with ground control points of the Armed Forces of the allied states.

Previously, two Tu-160s flew over the water area of ​​the Barents and Norwegian Seas. At some stages of the route, Russian aircraft were accompanied by F-16 fighters of the Norwegian Air Force.

Prior to that, strategic missile carriers Tu-95MS conducted a planned flight over the neutral waters of the Chukchi, Bering and Okhotsk seas. & Nbsp; & nbsp;



The court refused to consider the claim to recover a billion dollars from Metallica

The Arbitration Court of the Oryol Region refused to consider the claim of the Russian Ivan Khokhlov against the American rock band Metallica. The application will be returned to the plaintiff.

Previously, Khokhlov identified himself as the author of all the lyrics and music of the group, its logo and album covers. He demanded $ 1 billion and the appointment of life support from the proceeds of sales of music and Metallica merchandise.

The court in its decision indicated that no documents were attached to the claim, including the payment of the state fee and notification of the defendant. and also did not set out the circumstances on which the claims and evidence were based.

In addition, information about the location of the defendant in the Oryol region was not provided. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, a claim is filed in an arbitration court at the address or place of residence of the defendant.

The arbitration concluded that an unidentified person filed a claim against an unidentified person without specifying the factual circumstances of the case, references to the rules of law and evidence, without specifying and justifying the stated requirements and reasons for applying, according to RIA Novosti.



A quick blow. US Navy stealth destroyers will be equipped with hypersonic weapons

A plan to equip the latest US Navy Zumwalt stealth destroyers with hypersonic weapons has appeared in the Western press. The Pentagon is placing high stakes on it, because if the project for re-equipping the destroyers succeeds, then this will be a worthy response to China and Russia, which are actively developing new systems of modern weapons. figured out what these plans are and how far they are from implementation.

All US Navy destroyers are planned to be equipped with hypersonic missiles by 2025, this will require the creation of new launchers for ships and software , according to the American portal 19fortyfive. & nbsp;

The Zumwalt stealth destroyers are the most technologically advanced warships in the world. Their design is made with the use of composite materials that provide high indicators of radar stealth. At the moment, ships of this class are equipped with 20 Mk-57 universal launchers with a total capacity of 80 missiles, including SM-2 Block IIIA antimissiles and Tomahawk cruise missiles. The main task of these destroyers is to support naval groupings and ground forces by attacking coastal targets.

However, at the moment, the Pentagon cannot determine the combat missions that the Zumwalt-class ships must perform. It was assumed that they would provide support for the amphibious assault on landings, but the idea did not come to fruition. Perhaps due to the fact that each shot of the main weapon of the Advanced Gun System with a caliber of 155 mm, which fires a projectile at 83 nautical miles, was worth almost a million dollars. It was also regularly reported that this weapon was constantly misfiring.

Therefore, the United States decided to try to retrain ships for other (possibly more important) purposes and for this to equip them with missiles. The first guided missile destroyer USS Zumwalt was handed over to the US Navy in early 2020. According to the new plan, ships now have & nbsp; it is planned to deploy about 12 hypersonic missiles. At the same time, for the installation of container launchers in the front of the hull of the ships, the 155-mm artillery systems they have will be dismantled. & Nbsp;

It is planned that two more ships of this class currently available & mdash; USS Zumwalt and USS Michael Monsoor & mdash; will be equipped with hypersonic weapons as early as 2024. The third ship of this class & mdash; USS Lyndon B. Johnson & mdash; is currently at the final stage of construction.

But, as noted by American journalists, technical difficulties can become a serious obstacle to rearmament. In particular, hypersonic missiles would not match existing vertical launchers. The Navy will need a completely new system with the necessary software and other innovative technologies.

But analysts agree that it will be worth the time and money spent. Indeed, hypersonic missiles on a stealth ship & mdash; that sounds intriguing, doesn't it? The very name of the concept attracts attention.

As the foreign media subtly hint, a ship with a hypersonic weapon could hold several cities, for example, Chinese at the same time, at gunpoint. After all, the money for the destroyers has already been spent. Therefore, it is logical to spend a little more in order to somehow justify the already irreplaceable spending of the military budget. & Nbsp;