The Supreme Court decided to try Furgal in the Moscow region

The ex-governor asked to consider his case with a jury in Khabarovsk, whose residents “know him and the circumstances of the case best of all.” But the Supreme Court doubted the objectivity of the process there and moved it to Lyubertsy

Sergei Furgal

The Supreme Court sent the criminal case of the former governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Sergei Furgal and other defendants accused of organizing the murders of entrepreneurs in the Moscow region for consideration on the merits. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

“ Send the criminal case by jurisdiction to the Lyubertsy City Court of the Moscow Region '', & mdash; the court ruled.

Furgal, as the judge pointed out, asked to consider his case with a jury in Khabarovsk, whose residents “ know him and the circumstances of the case best of all. '' However, the court concluded that the consideration of the case with the participation of a jury in the Khabarovsk Territory may lead to a bias in the process.

When determining the place of the hearing, the court took into account the fact that the accused are being held in Moscow pre-trial detention centers, their defenders live in the capital, and witnesses will arrive at the trial from different parts of the country, and Lyubertsy near Moscow is a convenient place for organizing the trial.

In addition, the judge extended the arrest of the accused and their property for a period of six months. The court took into account the gravity of the charges brought and concluded that only their detention would be able to secure the interests of justice.

The ex-governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Sergei Furgal, was detained and taken to Moscow on July 9 last year. He is accused of organizing the murders of Far Eastern businessmen in the 2000s, when he was still doing business. Then entrepreneurs Yevgeny Zorya, Oleg Bulatov, Alexander Adamov and Roman Sandalov were killed. On July 20, 2020, President Vladimir Putin removed him from office with the wording “ due to loss of confidence '' and appointed Acting Governor of LDPR member Mikhail Degtyarev.

After Furgal was detained, unauthorized protests took place in the cities of the Far East: activists demanded a public and open trial of the former head of the region, and also criticized the actions of the federal authorities. The rallies lasted more than six months.

In February, Furgalu was charged with the final version: of organizing the murders of entrepreneurs Yevgeny Zori and Oleg Bulatov, as well as the attempted murder of Alexander Smolsky. According to the UK, the main motive for the crimes was “ promoting the commercial interests of Furgal and his accomplices. ''

The ex-governor has repeatedly denied guilt, he considers his persecution politically motivated. In addition, Furgal complained about threats and pressure from the investigation. Later, Furgal became a defendant in another case under an article on organizing a criminal community.

The Investigative Committee reported that testimony against Furgal was given by four accused who had been detained earlier. In addition to Furgal's former business partner Nikolai Mistryukov, his former assistant in the State Duma Andrei Karepov, an entrepreneur and general director of Alteza, is also involved in the ex-governor's case. Andrey Paley and security inspector at Mendeleevo Airport in Yuzhno-Kurilsk Marat Kadyrov.

According to investigators, Furgal and Mistryukov created an organized group in 2004 to commit murders of competitors. It included Karepov and Mikhail Timofeev, who had authority in the criminal circles of the Khabarovsk Territory, who, in turn, attracted Marat Kadyrov and Andrey Paley to participate in the crimes for money. In July 2004, according to the investigation, Kadyrov, while in the village of Progress, Amur Region, threw two grenades at a businessman who was receiving scrap metal. Tom managed to survive. Later, according to the investigation, due to a long commercial dispute over the ownership of several real estate objects, Furgal and Mistryukov ordered the murder of another businessman through the mediation of Karepov and Timofeev. In October of the same year in Khabarovsk, Paley shot a businessman. In order to cover up this crime, Paley shot in January 2005 in Khabarovsk a man who was part of Furgal's entourage and who was aware of his involvement in the murder of an entrepreneur. The case against Mistryukov in connection with the conclusion of a pre-trial cooperation agreement with him was allocated to a separate proceeding. Timofeev disappeared from the investigation and was put on the wanted list, the investigation of the case against him and other persons continues.

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The European Parliament stripped the immunity of the ex-mayor of Riga Nil Ushakov

Since 2019, Ushakov has been accused in Latvia of possessing a prohibited device for secretly recording sound and video. The politician calls the accusations absurd

Nil Ushakov

The European Parliament voted to strip the immunity of the ex-mayor of Riga, a member of the European Parliament from Latvia and the Consent party Nila Ushakova, LETA agency reports. In Latvia, Ushakov is accused of possessing a prohibited video surveillance device.

Ushakov himself supported the removal of his parliamentary immunity, explaining that the investigation would help prove his innocence. “ The investigation has been ongoing since June 2019, the lifting of immunity will help complete the process, and I will be able to prove that these comical accusations are not true, '' & mdash; he said.

Ushakov will retain the powers of the MEP.

Ushakov has served as mayor of Riga since 2009. He was known for supporting the Russian language and criticizing the initiatives of the Latvian authorities against Russia. In 2019, he was removed from office by order of the Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development Juris Pute. The decision was explained by financial violations committed by the mayor's office. According to Puce, some of the City Hall's documents were signed in violation of the necessary procedures. Ushakov challenged the decision to resign in court.

In January 2019, during a search in his office, the security forces found a device that allowed recording audio and video, & mdash; in this regard, they began to accuse him of using prohibited equipment. The politician himself called the accusations absurd. He explained that we are talking about a homemade paper album with a built-in camera and voice recorder. The album was on a shelf, not connected to the internet, and there was no memory card in it. “ This is a device for a 'high-security operation' was also equipped with an external power cord like a laptop. The specs of the device looked much more modest than any baby monitor that you can buy at your local electronics store for & raquo; 50 & raquo;, & mdash; Ushakov noted.

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The lawyer said that Saakashvili ended the hunger strike

Former President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili, who was detained by the Georgian authorities after returning to the country, announced the end of the hunger strike. This was announced by his lawyer, reports the Rustavi 2 TV channel.

According to him, the former head of state took into account the appeals of the European Court of Human Rights and eventually decided to end the hunger strike.

On the morning of November 11, Georgian Justice Minister Rati Bregadze said that the ECHR refused to transfer Saakashvili from a prison hospital to a private clinic and demanded that he end his hunger strike.

The material is being supplemented

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The European Union responded to Lukashenka’s threats to cut off gas

Photo: Website of the President of Belarus

European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Paolo Gentiloni assessed the threats of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on gas supplies. In his opinion, Europe does not need to be afraid of this.

“Do not be afraid of Lukashenka's threats,” he said at a press conference.

According to the European Commissioner, “the strategic autonomy of the European Union in the area of ​​energy supply “. This issue will be taken into account in the formation of the EU's overall defense strategy “Strategic Compass” (the launch of this program is expected in March 2022).

At the same time, in the short term, the community needs to “make the best use of the existing relations with North Africa, Norway, Russia, “the European Commissioner believes.

Earlier, Lukashenko hinted at the possibility of cutting off gas supplies via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline and the transit of goods through the republic. This can happen if the European Union starts a complete blockade of the republic's borders. Interestingly, after the speech of the President of Belarus, the price of gas in Europe increased by about 2 percent.



Volodin harshly scolded Siluanov at a meeting of the State Duma

Photo: Alexander Astafiev

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin chastised Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at a State Duma meeting dedicated to curbing metal prices. An emotional dialogue was captured on video.

Volodin asked the head of the Ministry of Finance and Chairman of the Committee on Budget and Taxes Andrei Makarov how the adoption of the law on excise taxes on types of steel would contribute to stabilization. He suggested that the adoption of the norm could lead to further enrichment for some manufacturers.

“Others will pay even more for metal. Enterprises that work on raw materials will benefit from the fact that those who work by melting metal will leave the market, ”the chairman of the State Duma emphasized.

Volodin demanded to explain how the industry would be protected. In addition, he asked whether people would suffer as a result.

“The President set a task. Reducing metal prices – are we reaching? No. Taxes that are introduced – do they solve the problem? No. What if there will be a rise in prices? ” – asked the speaker.

Makarov expressed confidence that the new law does not carry risks for the rise in metal prices. He noted that the problems voiced by Volodin must be addressed in a comprehensive manner.

Anton Siluanov, in turn, explained that the purpose of the bill is to withdraw excess profits from manufacturers and transfer funds to the budget. They will be directed to social needs.

“That is, our social programs, which we envisage in the three-year budget, they will be financed, including through this additional income,” said the head of the Ministry of Finance.



The expert assessed the feasibility of Lukashenka’s threat to cut off the gas pipe

Director of the National Energy Security Fund Konstantin Simonov expressed the point of view that President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who had previously hinted at the possibility of cutting off gas supplies through the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline, cannot realize this threat.

According to Simonov, to whom the Komsomolskaya Pravda radio refers, the main gas pipelines are the property of Gazprom and do not belong to Belarus. >

Earlier, another expert, economist Aleksey Korenev, compared Lukashenka's promise with the statements of the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un, who regularly threatens the United States to hit them with nuclear missiles.



Saakashvili decided to end hunger strike

Photo: Social networks

The lawyer of the ex-president of the country, Mikhail Saakashvili, who was arrested in Georgia, said that the politician is ending his hunger strike. The decision was made following the appeals of the ECHR.



Lukashenka threatened to cut off gas supplies to “headless” Europeans

Minsk is ready to take extreme measures in case of the blockade of the republic

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has threatened retaliatory measures if the European Union starts a complete blockade of the republic’s borders. In particular, he announced a possible shutdown of gas supplies via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline.

Photo: by/ru.

The corresponding threat was voiced during a meeting of the President of Belarus with members of the government.

“We are heating Europe, they are still threatening us that they will close the border. And if we turn off natural gas there? Therefore, I would recommend that the Polish leadership, Lithuanians and other headless people think before speaking, “he said.

In addition, Lukashenko added that if new sanctions are introduced, Minsk will block the transit of goods through the republic.

Also, the Belarusian president said today that he had asked his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to connect the Russian Defense Ministry to watch on the borders of the union state.

This includes, among other things, the use of Russian strategic bombers in patrolling.

“Yes, these are bombers that are capable of carrying nuclear weapons. But we have no other choice. We need to see what they are doing outside, “Lukashenko said.

Earlier it was repeatedly reported that the European Union may impose tough sanctions against Belarus due to the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border, where several thousand immigrants from the Middle East trying to get to Europe. At the same time, the possibility of closing the borders with the republic is considered as one of the measures.

They are poking holes in the military: a video of migrants appeared on the Belarusian-Polish border

Watch the video on the topic



It became clear on which military facilities of Ukraine NATO was “registered”

The armies of the USA, Canada, Great Britain are mastering the theater of military operations

NATO continues to develop the territory of Ukraine militarily. The Russian Foreign Ministry counted at least ten objects in the “Square” where NATO members are present. The electronic edition “Army Standard” wrote about where the objects are located and what they do.

Photo: AP

So far, the Ukrainian constitution prohibits the deployment of foreign military bases on its territory. But Kiev has learned to bypass this ban. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine annually approves the president's decision on the admission of units of the armed forces of other states to the territory of the country to participate in multinational exercises.

Considering that the duration of such exercises is 365 days a year and that there are several dozen such exercises, foreign military personnel do not leave the territory of Ukraine all year round. Only on formal grounds, foreign military formations do not fit the definition of a “military base”, but in fact they are.

The publication suggested the existence of secret bilateral agreements between Ukraine with Great Britain, Canada and the United States on the presence of foreign military units in Ukraine in excess of annual quotas for participation in multinational exercises.

According to the newspaper, “all of Ukraine has been turned into one large military training ground.” Approximately 25 international exercises and drills are held each year, involving about 6,000 NATO soldiers, including 3,500 Americans.

This number does not yet include numerous military delegations, missions and instructors. who regularly attend military universities: National Defense University (Kiev), the Academy of the Ground Forces named after Hetman Petr Sagaidachny (Lviv), the interspecific Military Academy (Odessa).

Foreign troops are “smeared” across Ukraine, like butter on a sandwich, the newspaper writes. For example, in April 2021, the Canadian television channel CBC News reported that there were about 200 Canadian military personnel in Ukraine who were assigned to a “training mission.” “They are scattered in various places in Central and Western Ukraine, with the bulk of the contingent being in Yavorov, near the Polish border.”

Foreign servicemen regularly visit the Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lvov and Chernivtsi regions. The American, British and Canadian military work in the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security (Lviv region), in the 235th interspecific training center for military units and subunits “Shiroky Lan” (the village of Mikhailovka, Mykolaiv region), as well as at 233rd, 241- m and 242th combined-arms training grounds in Rivne, Kherson and Chernigov regions.

The 235th Center was built according to NATO standards. In March 2021, the 57th separate motorized infantry brigade of the ground forces of Ukraine began training here for the first time under the supervision of NATO instructors. Barracks-hostels and other facilities for comfortable accommodation of personnel have been built at the test site.

The expenses for the material and technical support of their troops in Ukraine are fully covered by the United States and Great Britain. The main item of their expenses is the purchase of fuel and lubricants. Agreements are being concluded for the arrangement of infrastructure and logistics facilities – barracks, warehouses, storage areas for equipment and weapons.

In the future, they can become strongholds for the deployment of military units and formations of foreign armies.

Foreign military contingent and civilian personnel serving it can come and stay in Ukraine with their households.

Under the guise of exercises, US military transport and military aircraft are developing military and civilian airfields in Ukraine. C-130 “Hercules” regularly deliver military supplies to Kiev, Lvov, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine.

US and NATO tactical aviation is developing airfields in Odessa (“Shkolny”), Kherson (“Chernobaevka”), Nikolaev “Kulbakino”).

American and British aircraft use the Ozernoye military airfield 11 kilometers from Zhitomir. Nearby there is a large storage base for military equipment, an arsenal of air defense weapons, and other military facilities.

Combat ships and supply vessels of the USA, Great Britain and other NATO countries regularly call at the ports of the cities of Odessa and Yuzhny (in the Ajalyk estuary). A naval base is being built in Ochakovo, 150 kilometers from the Russian Crimea.

On its territory, the 1st Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 1 – NMCB 1 of the US Navy (Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 1 – NMCB 1) carried out work on strengthening and modernization of the mooring front with American money from 2017 to 2019, construction of a shipyard with a floating dock and checkpoints with perimeter fencing. In addition, the US Naval Operations Center has been built and operates here.

Such centers are designed to provide naval capabilities in the entire range of military operations. It was such a center that the Americans were going to build earlier in Sevastopol. The Crimean Spring disrupted these plans.



Russia assessed the threat of Lukashenka to cut off gas to Europe: will not dare

The President of Belarus was compared to the North Korean leader

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko today threatened to cut off gas supplies to Europe via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline if the European Union introduces new sanctions against Minsk. Economist Aleksey Korenev said in an interview with that Lukashenka would not dare to take such a step. In this he is similar to the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un, who regularly threatens the United States to hit them with nuclear missiles.


The source recalled that Lukashenko has repeatedly made loud and scandalous statements, and then stepped back.

Cutting off gas in the midst of the energy crisis in the European Union, according to Korenev, will definitely be perceived by European leaders as blackmail.

“If Lukashenka nevertheless takes such a step, he will fall under such sanctions that he never dreamed of,” the expert warned.

He noted that although the main trading partner of Belarus is Russia, the republic nevertheless, it does not exist in a vacuum, so Europe has the ability to firmly put pressure on Minsk.

At the same time, in his style, according to the economist, Lukashenko resembles the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un, who regularly threatens the United States with a nuclear strike, although all they understand very well that this will be suicide for Pyongyang.

Lukashenka threatened to cut off supplies to the “headless” Europeans, in his words, if a complete blockade of the republic’s western borders is imposed.

Earlier it was repeatedly reported that the European Union may impose tough sanctions against Belarus due to the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border, where several thousand immigrants from the Middle East have accumulated, trying to get to Europe. At the same time, the possibility of closing the borders with the republic is considered as one of the measures.



Poles were advised to draw conclusions after Tu-160 flights over Belarus

“Let's check not only our air defense, but also someone else's”

On November 11, the Russian Aerospace Forces continued to fly bombers over Belarus. A pair of Tu-160s flew towards the Polish-Belarusian border. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation explained why two Russian Tu-22M3s appeared in the skies of Belarus on November 10. According to the military, they took part in checking the Unified Regional Air Defense System of the Union State. This explanation did not suit the Poles. They linked the flights of bombers with an exacerbation on the Belarusian-Polish border. Minsk responded by saying that such flights will become regular.

Photo: Lorianna1978/

MK asked military experts what real combat missions were carried out by our bombers in the skies of Belarus?

– The subtext is known – & nbsp; this is the new Military Doctrine of the Union State in action. That is, we will now cover the Belarusians not only with our “ nuclear umbrella '', but also with this kind of aviation. Previously, the issues of protecting our two countries concerned only air defense issues and a few more points. Now they will cover in full all types and branches of troops, including Long-Range Aviation. Therefore, the Tu-22M3 and Tu-160, flying over the Belarusian territory and actually mastering the new airspace, checked our and Belarusian air defense. And along with the air defense of the western neighbors.

Do not forget that Tu-22M3 aircraft are also capable of carrying on board the Dagger hypersonic aviation missile systems, which can, among other things, work against ground targets. These planes are also excellent at placing bombs on them – & nbsp; conventional and corrected. During the military operation in Syria, Tu-22s regularly flew and dropped such “ greetings '' on the head of all sorts of “ barmaley ''. We trained. And if the Poles are now concentrating their troops at the borders of Belarus, then it is not superfluous to show them: if anything, then these troops will not even be happy.

I'm not talking about the Tu-160, whose X-101 missiles are capable cover any target in Europe.

– Tu-22M3 serve for our and Belarusian air defense as control targets that are subject to detection. The data is transferred to the control system from the Moskovsky Air Defense District to the calculations of the Belarusian air defense operating in its area of ​​responsibility. Of course, when these planes fly, we always check our duty forces. & Nbsp;

Well, and another rather significant issue that needs to be worked out is how our aviation – & nbsp; bomber, tactical – & nbsp; any, will return because of the “ front line '' after completing combat missions. If we assume such a critical moment: our aircraft go into the depths of the enemy's territory during the conduct of hostilities. A situation arises that requires working off. That is, here, at home, we know all the routes, who flies where, we pass everyone across the border … How will they fly back? Whom to shoot down, whom to skip? Who's yours, who's a stranger? This also requires appropriate practice and preparation.

Commander of the Long-Range Aviation of Russia (1997 & mdash; 2003) Lieutenant General Mikhail Oparin gave a short commentary on MK even though at that moment he was in the hospital with severe lung damage due to covid. Mikhail Mikhailovich conveyed his greetings and wished health to all “ long-range '', and also reminded:

– Long-range aviation of Russia conducts such flights to check air defense constantly. We have always been, are and will be the biggest “ enemies '' for “ pevoshnik ''. The main control training targets for air defense have always been Long-Range Aviation aircraft. In my youth, I regularly flew to check our air defense system. We even have the following words in the anthem of the Long-Range Aviation: “ and in the air defense again the excitement – the 'long-range' has broken through. an unprecedented route. '' So, I don't see anything surprising in the fact that we are now helping to strengthen the unified air defense system of the Union State of Russia and Belarus. And those who do not like it, I think, will survive. And let them draw the right conclusions.



General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine urged Ukrainians to prepare for a “people’s” war with Russia

Romanenko urged to rely on Azerbaijan's success in Karabakh

Ukrainian Lieutenant General, former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) »The war with Russia. Earlier, he also promised to arrange a “bloodbath” for the Russian Federation.

Photo: Still from video

This time Romanenko said on the air of the Internet channel “Iceland” that Ukraine should take advantage of Azerbaijan's success during last year's conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

According to the general, the opposing sides had equal forces, but Baku had modern weapons , which were purchased in advance in Turkey and Israel. This, in his opinion, ensured the victory of Azerbaijan in the conflict.

At the same time, the general admitted that the combat potential of Russia against the background of Ukraine is much stronger, but Romanenko suggests relying on modern weapons.

< p> Note that this is not the first time that Romanenko makes a belligerent statement regarding the prospects for a war between Russia and Ukraine.

He recently announced that the conflict between the two countries would begin in the near future, while the general called on the Ukrainian authorities to declare martial law and the beginning of mobilization.

He also added that Ukraine is able to repel the Russian invasion on its own, having arranged a “bloodbath” for the enemy.



The head of the Ministry of Health of Moldova was threatened with a vote of no confidence due to the record death rate

“She needs a boot under her ass back to Romania”

Moldova came out on top among the post-Soviet countries in terms of mortality from the consequences of coronavirus. Over the past day, the country has broken its absolute record for the number of deaths from COVID-19 – 60 deaths in 24 hours. These data were disseminated by the Ministry of Health, but later recovered: they say, only 51 people died yesterday, 9 more were included in the summary from the previous days. But this does not fundamentally change the situation. In early November, the number of coronavirus deaths per day in Moldova was kept at an average level of 35-40 people. In the Moldovan parliament on this occasion, a vote of no confidence was put forward in relation to the policy of the country's Ministry of Health.

Photo: Parlamentul Republicii Moldova.

During the meeting, deputies from the Bloc of Socialists and Communists announced dismal statistics: “Prices for medicines have increased by 20-30%, almost 50 people die from COVID-19, more than 8 thousand people are being treated at home. There is a shortage of medicines in hospitals … “According to the deputy from BCS Vladimir Odnostalko,” there was a defective management in the healthcare sector. Decisions were made that provoked dramatic consequences for the health of citizens. The Minister of Health is not up to the job. ”

The head of the Ministry of Health Alla Nemerenko, meanwhile, on the eve once again stated that the citizens themselves are to blame for the new outbreak of the epidemic in the country: they do not observe safety measures, do not wear masks, do not want to be vaccinated. There are many fair remarks in her words, but the ways to solve the problem, which periodically sound from the mouth of the head of the Ministry of Health of Moldova, cause people to be dismayed. It was Nemerenko who came up with the idea not to treat unvaccinated citizens in hospitals. According to her, “Treatment of patients in intensive care units, depending on the hospital they are in, ultimately costs from 20 thousand lei, sometimes up to 150 thousand lei per patient. We are wasting this money because someone doesn’t want to get vaccinated. ” This statement caused a wave of indignation. “How can she not be ashamed?” She needs to be kicked in the ass and back to Romania “,” Still, sometimes it is better to remain silent, there is a chance to create a certain impression, “people wrote on social networks. However, the minister made a new extraordinary proposal: comparing vaccination with chipping, she said: “If there is this chip to control people, why not give these chips to children so that they all stay alive.” And again, the citizens did not appreciate her impulse. Also, with its filing, it was decided not to pay compensation for infection with covid in the workplace or death from coronavirus acquired in the workplace to non-vaccinated doctors.

Two weeks ago, ex-president of the country Igor Dodon also called for the dismissal of the head of the Ministry of Health. “If something needs to be changed, I urge the president to change, even if they are girlfriends there, they walk in the mountains in Romania … We need to change, dismiss the minister and appoint another, take the situation under personal control. For this there is the Security Council, because this is not a joke, and there is no need to sit back and arrange photo sessions. We must deal with these issues. This is very important, it concerns all citizens of the Republic of Moldova, ”he called in a TV interview.

However, the country's authorities are limited to extending the state of emergency in the country. The next extension will continue until November 30. At this time, it is allowed to attend public events only if you provide a certificate of vaccination, a negative test for coronavirus, an antibody test, or a certificate that a person has had Covid-19 in the last six months. In addition, from November 8, private public events (weddings, christenings, commemorations, celebrations) are prohibited. But it is obvious that prohibitive measures alone are not enough.



Recognition of Abkhazia by Belarus turned out to be a fake invented by the honorary consul

But theoretically the moment is favorable for this

The author of one of the shortest-lived sensations was the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Abkhazia in Rostov-on-Don, Adik Arshba. He said that a draft statement on the recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia has been submitted to the Belarusian parliament. The message appeared on Mr. Arshba's Telegram channel on November 10 at 23:00. And the next morning, denials from Minsk followed.

Photo: Still from video

& nbsp; The Secretariat of the lower house of the Belarusian parliament said that the draft law on the recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia had not been submitted to the legislative body. “ We do not have such a document. This issue is generally not subject to legislative regulation '', & ndash; noted in the Secretariat. Drafts of such documents are usually prepared by the International Affairs Commission of the House of Representatives. The deputy chairman of this commission, Oleg Gaidukevich, also denied the preparation of such a law. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

& nbsp; Earlier, Belarus actually recognized Crimea as Russian. Foreign Minister of this country Vladimir Makei said that although “ the position of Belarus on Crimea remains the same as it was, '' & nbsp; “ We understand in reality that Crimea is now Russian territory. Let's start with that. ''

& nbsp; & ndash; Honorary Consul, and even in Rostov & ndash; this, of course, is not a very high level. & ndash; So commented on “ MK '' this news is the deputy director of the Institute of CIS countries, political scientist Vladimir Zharikhin. & ndash; Although diplomats usually don't talk in vain. If Mr. Arshba were a full-time employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then he should have been dismissed for such a leak. The honorary consul cannot be fired, he is not a career worker. He is an irresponsible person. Honorary consuls often become entrepreneurs, “ respected '' people who, simply with the consent of their state, perform some representative functions in the host country. Maybe he drank some wine and wanted everyone to know that there is an honorary consul of Abkhazia in Rostov. It's not worth commenting on such a half-fake.

& nbsp; & ndash; Previously, Belarus did not do this because it was afraid of sanctions. But they have already received sanctions for something else. Now, especially after this whole story with refugees, the Belarusian leadership has realized that relations with the West have been irretrievably ruined, and nowhere worse. Therefore, Minsk may well agree to this. Lukashenko already indirectly, with a twist, as is his custom, the Crimea seems to have already recognized. Why not recognize Abkhazia? This is a lesser fault before the West.

& nbsp; & ndash; Georgia is of negligible importance for Belarus. In any case Georgians will have to buy potash fertilizers. & Nbsp; & nbsp;



It became clear how Russia will respond to the appearance of American missiles in Europe

The Russian Federation has hypersonic weapons with a range of 5 thousand kilometers

The British tabloid The Sun was noted for another scandalous publication. The publication wrote about the possible deployment of American missiles in Germany, capable of reaching Moscow in 21 minutes. Experts commented on this hypothetical scenario.

Photo: Still from video

The publication tells about US plans to deploy Dark Eagle hypersonic missiles in Germany. They even indicate the military unit where they want to put the missiles – the 56th artillery command. The speed of the rockets is 4,000 miles per hour. It will take 21 minutes and 30 seconds from Germany to Moscow, the newspaper calculated.

Whether these plans of the United States will be implemented is a big question. First, Dark Eagle's trials are pending. And secondly, it is not a fact that Germany will be happy to host American launchers in order to immediately become a target for Russian missiles.

President Putin has warned more than once: as long as the American medium-range missiles will not appear in Europe, Russia will not deploy such missiles. On the other hand, he promised a retaliatory strike not only at the bases of these missiles, but also at the decision-making centers for their launch.

About what American missiles are meant, wrote in his Telegram channel “Maduro is not a fool” military expert, editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Alexei Leonkov.

According to him, the Dark Eagle is a medium-range missile, which is created on the basis of the AHW (Advanced Hypersonic Weapon) hypersonic project. AHW showed a maximum range of 3700 km at a speed of Mach 8 (Mach 1 is the speed of sound at a certain altitude).

The Dark Eagle is designed for a speed of Mach 6 and a range of about 3000 km. It is a two-stage ballistic missile. The first stage is the upper stage, the second is the hypersonic gliding unit.

“When the Dark Eagle appears in Europe, Russia will respond symmetrically by deploying its hypersonic missiles with higher speed indicators, with a flight range of up to 5000 km.” written by Leonkov.

For reference: from Moscow to the western tip of Europe – less than 4 thousand km in a straight line. So, the European NATO members have something to think about: do they need such happiness in the form of American missiles? It seems that Berlin and other European capitals will answer this question not at a loss.