Medvedev praised Scholz’s article with the words “Europe is shrinking”

German Chancellor Scholz wrote in an article that “Vladimir Putin's actions are directed against everything that constitutes democracy.” Medvedev considered his material “mediocre” and added that such an approach would not help him go down in history

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev called “mediocre” article by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz for Welt.

“The article is mediocre, the slogans are the same: we have democracy, and Putin and the Russians are to blame for everything <…> I wrote so that the SPD [Social Democratic Party of Germany] would not be suspected of sympathizing with Russia. And the rating itself is falling and inflation is prohibitive. Therefore, the Russians are to blame, of course,»— he wrote in Telegram.

According to Medvedev, such an approach will not help Scholz go down in history and become better than the “beloved by the Germans” former German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“The caliber of Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt or Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle is a thing of the past. Europe is shrinking»,— concluded the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia.

Earlier, Scholz published an article in the newspaper Welt, in which he stated that “Vladimir Putin's actions are directed against everything that constitutes democracy.”

In his opinion, the Russian side “opposes freedom, equality before the law, self-determination, human dignity”, while the democratic countries of the world, according to Scholz, are now united.

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At the end of March, Medvedev stated that relations between Russia and Western countries are currently worse than during the Cold War period, since at that time the Western countries “did not try with such a degree of fury to bring the situation in the Soviet Union to the boiling point».

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Lavrov announced the contribution of the special operation to the liberation of the world from the “oppression” of the West

Lavrov: special operation in Ukraine contributes to the liberation of the world from the “oppression” of the West Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov announced the “persistent desire” of the United States and allies, “imagining themselves to be” the arbiters of the fate of mankind”, to impose on other countries the American-centric model of the world order

Russian military operation in Ukraine contributes to the process of freeing the world from “neo-colonial influence”; West. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with Xinhua.

According to him, the influence of the West on the world “is implicated in racism and an exclusiveness complex.” He noted that those states that pursue an independent course in domestic and foreign policy, Western countries are trying to “suppress by the most brutal methods.”

“It has come to the point that the Western minority is trying to replace the world war, a monocentric architecture and international law in its own “rule-based order”. Washington and its allies write these rules themselves and then impose them on the international community,— said the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

As examples, Lavrov cited the US attempt to promote an Indo-Pacific strategy with an anti-Chinese orientation, an attempt to dictate how to live in Latin America, and an attempt to put pressure on Belarus. The Russian Foreign Minister also recalled the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, the attack on Iraq, Libya, and the attempt to destroy Syria.

doomed because today the world has several decision-making centers— thus, the countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America are developing dynamically.

“The sooner the West comes to terms with the new geopolitical realities, the better it will be for itself and for the entire international community,” — he concluded.

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“As for whether the United States brings peace or war, security or chaos, I believe that the world knows the answer to these questions, — he concluded.

On February 24, Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that her goals are the demilitarization and denazification of the country.

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Bloomberg reported on the US plan to simplify entry for specialists from Russia

The United States plans to disrupt the plan for the development of high technologies in Russia, and at the same time improve its economy and security, writes Bloomberg. Therefore, the White House is considering easing the visa regime for a number of Russians

The administration of US President Joe Biden may lift some visa restrictions for Russians with a master's or doctoral degree in technology, engineering, or mathematics who have studied in the US or abroad. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the discussion.

According to them, the White House sent a request to Congress to remove the rule that Russian specialists must work in the United States in order to obtain a work visa. The US wants to attract Russians with expertise in semiconductors, space technology, cybersecurity, advanced computing and manufacturing, nuclear engineering, artificial intelligence and rocket propulsion technology, and other science-intensive areas.

Thus, Washington is trying to at least weaken high-tech resources of Russian President Vladimir Putin and how to undermine the country's innovation base as much as possible, said a spokesman for the US National Security Council. In addition, facilitating the move for specialists from Russia will help strengthen the American economy and security, he calculated.

If the provision on easing the visa regime is adopted, it will be valid for four years. At the same time, legislators will not make changes to the law on immigration and citizenship.

At the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, Russian IT specialists from large companies published an open letter calling for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. At the same time, representatives of the profession began to make plans for emigration from Russia, some IT companies even took their employees abroad, Kommersant wrote. with reference to sources.

On March 22, the head of the Russian Association for Electronic Communications, Sergey Plugotarenko, announced that 50-70 thousand IT employees had already left Russia. He warned that in the “second wave” emigration in April may leave 70-100 thousand people. A HeadHunter survey showed that the number of IT people who want to leave Russia is growing. The share of resumes of those who were ready to move grew from 36.5% at the end of February to 40% by the end of March. Respondents considered the USA, Germany, Georgia, Cyprus and Canada to be the best countries for moving.

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As an anti-crisis measure, the Russian government has granted a deferment from the army to information technology specialists who have higher education in one of 75 specialties and have been working in an IT company for at least 11 months prior to the date of conscription. The list of specialties included mathematics, statistics, physics, applied informatics, cartography and geoinformatics, cryptography, mechanical engineering, applied mechanics, aircraft engineering, innovation and others.

The Ministry of Digital Development also prepared a decree on preferential mortgages at a rate of 5% for IT -specialists with a salary of more than 100 thousand rubles.

On April 28, the government submitted to the State Duma a bill on simplified obtaining a residence permit for foreign IT specialists and their relatives. The document also abolishes the requirement of a work permit or a patent for employment in Russian companies.




Lavrov called on the US and NATO to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine

NATO publicly expresses support for Kyiv, but in fact it does everything to prevent the completion of the operation by reaching political agreements, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said

The US and NATO should change their minds and stop supplying weapons to Ukraine and ammunition if they are interested in resolving the crisis. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with Xinhua.

According to Lavrov, the world is now witnessing the “hypocrisy of the Western establishment.” Thus, NATO, publicly expressing support for Ukraine, is doing everything to prevent the completion of the operation by reaching political agreements between Moscow and Kyiv.

“Various weapons are coming to Ukraine through Poland and other NATO countries in an endless stream. All this is done under the pretext of “fighting the invasion”, but, in fact, the United States and the European Union intend to fight Russia “to the last Ukrainian”, and they are absolutely indifferent to the fate of Ukraine as an independent subject of international relations, & mdash; he stressed.

The Russian Foreign Minister added that the Ukrainian people now need a solution to humanitarian issues, and not Stingers; and Javelins.

Earlier, Sergei Koshelev, Deputy Director of the North America Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that the Russian military may consider shipments of US and NATO weapons on the territory of Ukraine as their legitimate military targets.

“We warned about what consequences the thoughtless transfer to Ukraine of such types of weapons as man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems, anti-tank missile systems can have, — said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

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In response, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan indicated that Washington, despite the “Russian threats”, will continue to provide military assistance to Ukraine, as it is necessary for defense.

The United States, the EU and other countries began supplying weapons to Ukraine even before the start of the Russian military operation. On April 21, Washington promised a new military aid package to Kyiv that would include 72 howitzers and 72 towing vehicles, 144,000 artillery shells, and 121 tactical drones. Prior to that, US President Joe Biden announced that Ukraine would receive $800 million in security assistance.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that Western weapons cannot “stop the offensive.” and will not prevent Russia from achieving the goals of the special operation.

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Falcon 9 rocket launches with new batch of Starlink satellites

The SpaceX press service announced that the Falcon 9 launch vehicle launched in Florida with a new batch of Starlink satellites, RIA Novosti reports.

It is reported that the rocket was launched from the cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral at 00.27 Moscow time on Saturday. It launches 53 satellites into orbit.

Recall that since May 2019, SpaceX has launched 2,335 mini-satellites into orbit. A total of 11,000 satellites are planned to be launched. The total cost of the project is estimated at $10 billion. According to the company, such a constellation of satellites will provide broadband Internet access at a speed of 1 gigabit per second.



Rogozin announced the successful test of the Angara rocket

General Director of the State Corporation “Roscosmos” Dmitry Rogozin said that the Angara-1.2 light launch vehicle has successfully passed the test, reports TASS.

“The graceful, light” Angara ” did not let us down and successfully passed the test. Congratulations to everyone involved in the successful launch, », — he noted.

The Angara-1.2 light class launch vehicle; with a spacecraft in the interests of the Russian Ministry of Defense launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome on Friday.

Earlier, “Angaru-A5” with upper stage “Perseus” and a payload mockup launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome.

The first launch of a manned spacecraft using this rocket is planned to be held in 2025. 



A partial solar eclipse will occur on April 30

The Moscow Planetarium has announced that a partial solar eclipse will occur on April 30, when the Moon will partially cover the Sun, while being between the Sun and the Earth, reports RIA Novosti.

It is reported that that the eclipse will begin at 21.47 Moscow time off the Antarctic coast of the Pacific Ocean. It will end at 1.37 Moscow time on May 1 at sunset in the Eastern Pacific Ocean near Chile.

It is noted that at 23.41 the maximum phase will come when the Moon will cover the star by 64%.

< p>Astronomers stressed that in Russia, as well as in the entire northern hemisphere, it will not be possible to see it.

In 2022, another eclipse of the Moon of Mars is expected. It can be observed on December 8 at 8:00 Moscow time in the morning sky of Moscow. 

Earlier it was reported that in 2022 the Russians will be able to observe a solar and lunar eclipse.



Up to +10 °C is expected in Moscow on the afternoon of April 30

The press service of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia reported that on Saturday, April 30, the air temperature in Moscow will rise to +10 °C in the afternoon.

According to weather forecasters, Partly cloudy with occasional light rain. Northwest wind, 6—11 m/s.

Formerly leading employee of the weather center “Phobos” Evgeny Tishkovets said that the weather in early May in the central part of Russia will be cool.

According to him, during the May holidays, the temperature will be three to four degrees below the norm.



Murashko: the volume of planned medical care will be restored after May 12

Head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko said that the main volumes of planned medical care in the country are planned to be restored after May 12.

According to him, about 40,000 beds still remain converted for assistance patients with coronavirus.

The minister added that those who recovered from covid have a high risk of developing diabetes mellitus and autoimmune diseases, TASS reports.

Earlier, Murashko said that in the next three years every the fifth ambulance car.

The renovation will be carried out at the expense of the state budget, and the regions are also investing additional money today.



Kim Jong-un urged to prepare for preventive containment of the nuclear threat

The leader of the DPRK emphasized that only overwhelming military power is “a lifeline that guarantees the security of the country and the people”

Kim Jong-un

DPRK leader Kim Jong-un urged the military to be ready for preventive action to contain the growing nuclear threats . This is reported by the Central News Agency of Korea (KCNA).

At a meeting with Korean army commanders, he urged the military to be ready to “preemptively and thoroughly suppress all dangerous attempts and threatening actions, including nuclear threats from hostile forces.”

According to Kim Jong-un, only overwhelming military power is the lifeline that guarantees the security of the country and the people.

In early April, the deputy director of the propaganda and agitation department of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of the DPRK and the sister of the leader of the country, Kim Yo-jong, said that North Korea could use nuclear weapons in response to military actions from South Korea.

At the same time, she stressed that Pyongyang opposes the war with Seoul and does not consider it the main enemy. “But if South Korea for whatever reason <…> chooses a military operation such as the “preemptive strike” advertised by [South Korean Defense Minister] Seo Wook, the situation will change, — said Kim.

Kim Jong-un said on March 28 that only impressive offensive weapons can properly protect the DPRK. He promised that the state would continue to develop more powerful weapons and equip the army.

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A few days earlier, the DPRK announced the successful testing of a new Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile under the personal leadership of the country's leader. The maximum flight altitude was 6248.5 km, the range & mdash; 1090km.

Seo Wook revealed on April 1 that the South Korean military has a sufficient number and various types of missiles that can “accurately and quickly hit any targets in North Korea.” . He also announced that Seoul would improve its missile defense system to respond to the “missile threats of the North”.

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Zelensky said that guarantor countries should help as soon as possible

When drawing up security guarantees, Ukraine will not duplicate the provisions of the NATO charter that have not been applied in practice. Instead, Kyiv will require the guarantor countries to make a decision on assistance within a day ” alt=”Zelensky said that the guarantor countries should help as soon as possible” />

Volodymyr Zelensky

After the signing of the agreement that Russia and Ukraine are developing in exchange for Kyiv's refusal to join NATO, the guarantor countries Ukrainian security will have to help it in the event of aggression as soon as possible. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview with the Polish media, follows from the video in his Telegram.

According to the president, Moscow and Kyiv are not going to create an association of countries that will duplicate the structure and functions of NATO, since Ukraine needs its own security guarantees. They should be based on the real experience that Kyiv has received in the current hostilities, and not on the rules of the North Atlantic Alliance, which have not been tested in practice.

“In this association [of guarantor countries], the most important thing— it's people and timing. No matter how cynical it sounds, you can save the number of people depending on the amount of time. <…> Do not talk about the need to get together, decide ten days, send another four weeks, analyze another eight weeks. We are just speaking from our experience. We need security guarantees— «watch people», — Zelensky said.

According to him, Ukraine requires such a format of guarantees, when a decision on assistance will be made on the first day. At the same time, the list of actions of the guarantors will no longer be needed not by the one who was attacked, but by the one who is going to attack in order to “know what awaits him”, the Ukrainian leader added.

Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24. The Russian and Ukrainian delegations held a series of negotiations. The specific proposals of the delegation were worked out by the time of the meeting in Istanbul on March 29. In response to Moscow's demand to abandon plans to join NATO, Kiev proposed a new scheme of security guarantees with the participation of permanent members of the UN Security Council, including Russia. Moscow also recommended that Belarus be included in the list.

The head of the Russian delegation, Volodymyr Medinsky, explained that the Ukrainian security scheme involves refusing to produce and deploy all types of weapons of mass destruction in the country, joining military alliances, deploying foreign military bases, contingents, and conducting military exercises on its territory without the consent of the guarantor states.< /p> Read on RBC Pro Pro How to outwit trolls and malicious competitors. Repelling an attack on the social network Instructions Pro How investors' assessment of Tinkoff will change when Tinkoff's share is sold Articles Pro What mistakes do companies make when working with job portals Instructions Pro Why the elections in France are the first alarm signal for investors Articles Pro go bankrupt Articles Pro Familiar web analytics tools have become dangerous: what are the reasons Articles Pro Why is it difficult for Russia to sell more in China Articles Pro IT infrastructure security of enterprises is at risk: three solutions Instructions

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The head of the German Finance Ministry called for an end to state support for Schroeder’s bureau

According to Christian Lindner, the office of the ex-chancellor should not exist at the expense of taxpayers because of his ties with Moscow. Schroeder heads the board of directors of Rosneft and was nominated to the board of directors of Gazprom .jpg” alt=”Head of the German Finance Ministry called for an end to state support for the Schröder bureau” />

Christian Lindner

German Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner called for the end of state support for former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (headed the German government in 1998–2005 ) because of his business ties with Russia. He stated this in an interview with the Funke media group.

“It's no longer conceivable to me that his office should exist at the expense of the taxpayers,” — said Lindner (quote from Zeit).

Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called on his predecessor to leave his posts in Russian state-owned companies.

Schroeder has been the head of the board of directors of PJSC NK Rosneft since 2017, and is also the chairman of the committee of shareholders of Nord Stream AG, the operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. In addition, he was nominated to the board of directors of Gazprom. instead of the son-in-law of the first President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, Timur Kulibayev.

President Vladimir Putin, speaking of Schroeder's candidacy, called him a “decent man” who is respected in Russia. The entry of the former German chancellor into the board of directors of Gazprom will “only benefit” cooperation between Russia and Germany, which “one could only rejoice at,” Putin believes.

Schroeder, in an interview with The New York Times, said that he was not going to refuse positions in Russian companies, since distancing himself from Russia “would deprive him of his confidence.” the only person who can put an end to hostilities in Ukraine,— Read on RBC Pro Pro Sanctions: the risks of black and gray imports and whether they can be reduced Articles Pro How the design has changed after February 24: CDEK, Unisender and others answer Articles Pro Freeze before the jump: when the best offices in Moscow will be free for investors Articles Pro Familiar web analytics tools have become dangerous: what are the reasons



The United States urged its citizens not to participate in hostilities in Ukraine

US citizens should refrain from traveling to Ukraine and not participate in hostilities in the country. This was stated at a briefing by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

“We know that people want to help, but we encourage Americans to find other ways to do it, instead of traveling to Ukraine and fighting there. This is a war zone, & mdash; said Psaki, answering a question about US citizen Willie Joseph Kansel, who died in Ukraine.

“We don't have official confirmation, although we've seen reports, but there hasn't been an official [confirmation] process through government channels, so I can't talk about any further details about it beyond that,” — said Psaki, expressing condolences to the parents of the deceased.

The death of a US citizen was reported by CNN, citing the mother of the deceased. According to her, the son flew to Poland on March 12, and then crossed the border into Ukraine and enlisted in the “foreign battalion.” Going to Ukraine was Cancel's own desire, his mother notes. The body of the deceased has not yet been found. The circumstances of his death were not disclosed.

The US State Department said it was checking this information and declined to comment further “for privacy reasons.” The department called on its citizens to refrain from traveling to Ukraine and not to take part in hostilities.

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Earlier, it became known about the death of a British citizen in Ukraine. His death was confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country. The department also reported another citizen missing. The department declined to say what exactly the British citizens were doing in Ukraine and under what circumstances one of them died. According to the channel, the deceased was called Scott Sibley, he was 36 years old. He is a veteran of the British Armed Forces.

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The ambassador said that Kirby lost the dignity of an officer after the words about Russia

Ambassador Antonov called insulting the words of the Pentagon press secretary about Russia According to the Russian ambassador, the Pentagon press secretary stooped “to the level of insults.” He did not elaborate on what statements he made about Russia. John Kirby previously answered the question whether he thinks Vladimir Putin is reasonable =”Ambassador said that Kirby lost the dignity of an officer after the words about Russia” />

John Kirby

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said that the statements of Pentagon spokesman John Kirby are unacceptable and offensive. The Embassy cites Antonov's words in Telegram.

“It is surprising that such provocative theses come from a former military man who is perfectly aware of the significance of the word,” — he said.

What kind of statements Kirby is talking about, the diplomat does not specify. According to him, the representative of the Pentagon “lost the dignity of an American officer, descending to public insults.” He shamed him for “sulling the honor of his uniform.” It seems that the US authorities are not interested in a ceasefire, the ambassador said. “The main thing for J. Kirby and his like” so that the American military-industrial complex will receive additional income by clearing its warehouses of obsolete weapons, — considers Antonov.

The Russian authorities, the diplomat noted, never allowed themselves to insult the American leadership. In his opinion, for the United States “has become the norm” base their judgments “on the obscene lies of the Ukrainian authorities,” while not wanting to notice the “countless crimes of the Kyiv regime.” “They push him to new atrocities. They continue to pump weapons into Ukraine»,— he added.

Kirby said at the briefing that he did not know what Russian President Vladimir Putin was “in his head” and called “weird” Russian statements about neo-Nazis in Ukraine, as well as that “the US is against Russia or the West is against Russia.”

American President Joe Biden last spring answered yes to a journalist's question whether he considered Putin a murderer. The Russian President, in response, recalled the children's proverb: “Whoever calls himself that, he is called that.” After the start of the military operation in Ukraine, Biden called his Russian colleague a “butcher”. The Kremlin considered the words of the American leader about Putin a personal insult. “It's hard to imagine a place for personal insult in the rhetoric of a political leader, and especially the political leader of the greatest country in the world” United States»,— then said the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

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On the morning of February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a special military operation in Ukraine. He called its goals the protection of the population of Donbass, as well as demilitarization and “denazification”; neighboring state.

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China called the toughest response of Russia to the sanctions of the West

The Chinese media reminded about Russia's actions in response to the restrictions.

In China, the dean of the Institute of Energy Policy, Lin Boqiang, published an article in “Huanqiu shibao”.

In the article, he pointed to “the toughest answer” sanctions against Russia.

The author recalled that Russia stopped gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, as these countries refused to pay in rubles.

Lin Boqiang recalled that the Russian demand for payment in rubles for blue fuel is already in force, and now it is called “the toughest answer” Western sanctions.

In order to effectively replace oil and gas from Russia, the EU needs to increase imports from Qatar and the United States, but there is no necessary infrastructure for this.

In the near future, the United States is not able to solve Europe's fuel problem, although gas is supplied to the New World in full.

Nevertheless, there is a shortage of ships for its transportation.

The Chinese specialist noted that the crisis in Ukraine led to the restructuring oil and gas market and “deployed” him.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Gazprombank failed to make a payment in rubles for Austria and Germany.

The ruble payment for gas was rejected.