Temperatures up to 18 degrees expected on Tuesday

Cloudy weather with clearings is predicted in the Russian capital on Tuesday, May 3, according to the official website of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation.

«Cloudy with clearings. Light rain in places,” the report says.

Daytime air temperature in the city will be from 16 degrees to 18 degrees Celsius.

Atmospheric pressure – 742 millimeters of mercury. The wind is southwest at a speed of five to ten meters per second, in places its gusts can reach 17 meters per second.

Cloudy weather and light rain are predicted in the capital on Wednesday night. The air temperature will be between four and six degrees Celsius.

Northwest wind at a speed of six to 11 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure – 742 millimeters of mercury.

Earlier, the head of the laboratory of the Hydrometeorological Center, Lyudmila Parshina, said that May in many regions of the Russian Federation may be warmer usual.



Rocket Lab launches 34 satellites into orbit

An Electron booster from private aerospace company Rocket Lab has launched 34 mini-satellites into Earth orbit, the US company said in a statement.

“Payload deployed, mission success 26- launch of Electron,” Rocket Lab said.

The launch took place from Rocket Lab’s first launch complex on the Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand.

It was previously reported that Rocket’s Electron rocket Lab successfully launched two Earth remote sensing satellites from the American geospatial intelligence company BlackSky.

It also became known that  Elon Musk's SpaceX company launched a Falcon 9 launch vehicle with 53 mini-satellites for the orbital Internet Starlink networks.



Scholz called the refusal to receive Steinmeier an obstacle to a visit to Kyiv

In April, Ukraine refused to visit German President Steinmeier. Scholz said that this is a “quite a noticeable event”, because of which he himself cannot come to Kyiv

Olaf Scholz

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in an interview with ZDF that he could not come to Kyiv until German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits.

When asked when Scholz's visit to the Ukrainian capital could take place, the chancellor replied that he considered “a rather significant event” that Ukraine refused to accept Steinmeier. he said.

Germany provides financial and military assistance to Ukraine, and in the future it can become a guarantor of its security, Scholz said. “You can't say: the president can't come,” — considers the Chancellor.

Steinmeier wanted to visit Kyiv with the presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in April, but said the Ukrainian side had denied him a visit. According to Bild sources, the reason was “close ties”; President of Germany with Russia in recent years, as well as his support for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project. Scholz then said that Kyiv's decision was annoying, and it would be better to accept Steinmeier.

Scholz is criticized for the fact that, unlike many other Western leaders, he has not yet traveled to Kyiv to demonstrate his support President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Tagesschau notes. On the eve of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk said that the fact that since the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine, not a single representative of the federal government of Germany has visited the country indicates the “sluggishness of German policy.”

According to ZDF, the failed visit of Steinmeier also prevents German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock from coming to Kyiv. The chairman of the opposition Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Friedrich Merz, decided to go to the country. Scholz said he had nothing against it.

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UK to provide $375 million in military aid to Ukraine

The package includes electronic warfare equipment, night vision devices, drones and armored vehicles. Johnson is expected to announce the deliveries on May 3, speaking before the Ukrainian parliament ” alt=”Great Britain to give Ukraine $375 million in military aid” />

Great Britain will send another batch of military aid to Ukraine worth $375 million (£300 million), Reuters reports, citing a message from the Office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson.

The package will include electronic warfare equipment, night vision devices, satellite navigation jamming tools, heavy drones and an anti-battery radar system.

In addition, the UK will donate more than 10 armored vehicles to Kyiv to ensure the safety of civilian officials.

According to preliminary data, Johnson is going to announce new arms deliveries to Kyiv during a speech before the Ukrainian parliament on May 3.

Russia has been conducting a military special operation in Ukraine since February 24. Western countries, including the United States and Great Britain, began to supply weapons to Kyiv. In early April, Johnson announced that his country was going to transfer weapons worth £ 100 million to Ukraine. This included Starstreak multi-purpose missiles, 120 armored vehicles and anti-ship systems. The prime minister called the supply of arms the best response of the world community to the events in Ukraine. At the same time, he admitted that the conflict could end only at the end of 2023, and Russia could win it.

Moscow criticizes Western states for supplying Ukraine with weapons. In particular, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin called those who supply weapons to Kyiv war criminals. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the end of April called on the United States and NATO to stop supplying weapons and ammunition to Ukraine to resolve the crisis. The Russian Foreign Ministry has said more than once that they consider weapons-carrying vehicles a legitimate military target.

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Zelensky said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not conduct operations on the territory of Russia

According to him, all military operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are carried out only on the territory of Ukraine. In the Russian regions, shelling from her side was repeatedly reported, and the head of the Kursk region said that sabotage was the cause of the collapse of the railway bridge

Vladimir Zelensky


Malian authorities announce the termination of the defense agreement with France

The Malian authorities announced “flagrant violations” of the republic's sovereignty by the French military. Bamako terminated the defense agreement with Paris, which had been in force since 2014 =”The authorities of Mali have announced the termination of the defense agreement with France” />

Mali is terminating the defense agreement with France, announced in a televised speech the official representative of the government, Colonel Abdoulaye Maiga, who in 2017 was the country's prime minister.

According to him, the Malian authorities “regret the serious deterioration” relations with France and observe “egregious violations” the sovereignty of the republic on the part of the French military, reports France24. In particular, Maiga said, France violated the airspace of Mali several times.

The colonel recalled that in June last year, France, which had been conducting an operation against militants in an African country since 2013, decided to reduce its military contingent there, and in February— withdraw troops from Mali.

Bamako notified Paris of the termination of the agreement, which was concluded in 2014, on the afternoon of Monday, May 2. France has not yet responded to this decision.

The Elysee Palace announced the withdrawal of the French military from Mali on February 17. Members of the French anti-terrorist operation Barhan will leave the country by the end of June. and the Takuba mission, which involves several other European countries. The decision was made “due to numerous obstacles from the Mali transitional authorities.”

Relations between Paris and Bamako deteriorated against the backdrop of Mali's cooperation with the Russian side. In September 2021, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that the Malian authorities had turned to one of the Russian private military companies (PMCs) for help in the fight against terrorism. Lavrov stressed that the Russian government had nothing to do with the situation. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov also reported that there were no representatives of the Russian armed forces in Mali.

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In Russia, mercenarism is prohibited by law. According to Art. 359 of the Criminal Code, participation in armed conflicts on the territory of another country faces up to seven years in prison, and for recruiting, training, financing a mercenary, “as well as his use in an armed conflict or hostilities” & mdash; up to 15 years old. Mercenaries include persons acting in order to obtain material rewards and who are not citizens of a state participating in an armed conflict or hostilities, who do not permanently reside on its territory, and who are not persons sent to perform official duties.

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The EU announced the disconnection of new Russian banks from SWIFT

The head of European diplomacy Borrell announced the disconnection of new Russian banks from SWIFT The European Union may adopt the sixth package of sanctions against Russia at the next meeting of the EU Council for Foreign Affairs, said the head of European diplomacy Borrell. The next meetings of the Council are scheduled for May 10 and 16

The European Union will introduce the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, which, among other things, will provide for the disconnection of new Russian banks from the SWIFT international payment system. This was stated by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, the Venezuelan channel VPI reports.

“There will be more Russian banks that will be disconnected from the SWIFT system. In the energy sector, we are also looking for measures that will affect the import of Russian oil, — he said following a meeting with Panamanian Foreign Minister Erica Muines during an official visit to this country.

Borrell expressed the hope that new anti-Russian sanctions “could be approved at the next meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council.” The next meetings of the Council are scheduled for May 10 and 16.

“I am sure that, at least with regard to oil imports, this agreement will be possible to reach by the next meeting of the Council”,— he said (quoted from El Periodico).

In early March, the EU approved the disconnection of seven Russian banks from SWIFT— VTB, Rossiya, Otkritie, Novikombank, Promsvyazbank, Sovcombank and VEB.RF. The payment system has previously stated that it intends to comply with the sanctions imposed against Russian banks.

Now the European Union is preparing the sixth package of sanctions. According to Bloomberg, Politico, NBC, The New York Times and other media outlets, it provides for a “certain ban” on on the import of Russian oil and the exclusion of Russian banks from SWIFT.

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So, NBC, citing European and American diplomatic sources, said that Brussels would approve an embargo on Russian oil this week. According to the channel, the decision should be announced by the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

The sanctions will not affect gas supplies, since “Europe is much more dependent on them than on oil,” writes NBC.

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on May 3 that Berlin was ready to support an immediate embargo EU on oil from Russia. “Of course, this is a heavy burden, but we would be ready to do it,” — he said. According to Reuters, Germany's agreement will allow the EU to impose an embargo within a few days.

Polish Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow, in turn, said that Poland at the summit in Brussels will propose a tax on Russian energy resources, which will cover coal, gas, oil and other types of energy carriers.

“This will be a special fee, a tax, the amount of which depends on the degree of dependence on Russian raw materials,” — she clarified. According to the Polish minister, such a step will help reduce the dependence of the EU countries on Russia.

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Investigative Committee opened criminal cases against 75 mercenaries fighting on the side of Ukraine

According to investigators, they came from the US, UK, Canada, Norway, Georgia and other countries. The cases were initiated based on the testimony of Ukrainian prisoners of war who are now in Russia

The Investigative Committee opened criminal cases against 75 mercenaries who are participating in hostilities on the side of Ukraine, said the head of the committee, Alexander Bastrykin, in an interview with RT.

According to the Investigative Committee, the mercenaries arrived from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Norway, Georgia and other countries.

“For example, a citizen of Georgia Mamulashvili created an armed formation “Georgian National Legion” on the territory of Ukraine, spoke its leader and involved in its activities as mercenaries at least 24 citizens of Georgia,— said the head of the UK.

Data on mercenaries who became defendants in criminal cases were obtained from Ukrainian prisoners of war who are now in Russia, Bastrykin explained. Investigators are working with them. “These testimonies concern, among other things, work with foreign instructors, as well as the participation of citizens of other countries as mercenaries,” — added the head of the Investigative Committee.

According to his data, there are more than 2,000 Ukrainian prisoners in Russia.

On February 27, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Ukraine intends to involve foreign volunteers in the hostilities. Then he announced the creation of an international legion of territorial defense of Ukraine.

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In early March, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that foreign mercenaries and fighters from private military campaigns began to arrive in Ukraine.

A month and a half later, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reported that about 7 thousand people from 63 countries went to Ukraine, including from the USA, Canada, Georgia, Great Britain, Poland and Romania.

On May 2, the Politico newspaper wrote that in the hostilities in Thousands of foreigners are participating in Ukraine, including Americans who have undergone combat training.

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The Pope said he was waiting for a response to the proposal to meet with Putin

In March, the Vatican sent a proposal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold a meeting in Moscow, but has not yet received a response. This was announced by Pope Francis in an interview with the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

According to him, 20 days after the start of the military operation in Ukraine, the Pope asked Cardinal Pietro Parolin to send a message to Putin that he was ready to come to Moscow for meeting.

“We haven't received a response yet and we're still pushing [for a meeting], although I'm afraid Putin can't and doesn't want to have that meeting right now,” said the pope.

The material is being supplemented

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Amazing places in Russia

Interesting places in Russia that amaze with their beauty and majesty — see in the photo feed.

The Bolshoy Tkhach Natural Park, located in the Republic of Adygea, came under the protection of the world community and was included in the World Natural Heritage List. ©

Vasyugan swamps (Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Omsk regions). They occupy an area larger than some countries – 53 thousand square kilometers. They arose about 10 thousand years ago and continue to grow to this day – every year by an average of 800 hectares. ©

The Bermamyt Plateau is part of the Rocky Range of the Greater Caucasus, it is located in the Malokarachaevsky district of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic. The name of the plateau is translated from Turkic as “crooked knee”. Fantastic stone pillars, deep crevices, sheer ledges are amazing. The main part of the plateau (the so-called Big Bermamyt) is located at an altitude of 2591 meters above sea level. ©

Martian landscapes can be seen in the Kyzyl-Chin valley in the Chuya steppe of the Altai Republic. The high content of mercury in the rock gives it a reddish tint. Millions of years ago there was a relict sea. Fossilized remains of prehistoric algae and mollusks can still be found on local slopes. © RIA Novosti/Andrey Kasprishin

Manpupuner is a picturesque place in Russia, located in the Komi Republic. On Mount Manpupuner there are seven “Mansi blockheads”, stone idols of an unusual shape, or Pillars of weathering. Approximately 200 million years ago, high mountains were located here, but water, a sharp temperature drop and wind practically destroyed them. The strongest rocks turned over time into pillars as high as a 15-story building. ©

Elbrus is a stratovolcano in the Caucasus, the highest mountain peak in Russia and Europe. Elbrus is included in the list of the highest peaks of the parts of the world “Seven Summits”. Altitude: 5,642 m width=”800″ style=”display: block;” />

The Valley of Geysers is one of the largest geyser fields in the world and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition, this is one of the wonders of the world of Russia. The Valley of Geysers is located in Kamchatka in the Kronotsky State Biosphere Reserve. ©

State Museum-Reserve “Island-city of Sviyazhsk”. Sviyazhsk is an outstanding complex historical, urban planning, architectural, artistic and natural landscape monument of the 16th-20th centuries. Time, as it were, conserved a significant part of the territory, which has survived without any changes to this day. Sviyazhsk is a village (historical city) in the Zelenodolsk region of Tatarstan, on an island at the confluence of the Sviyaga into the Volga, the number of inhabitants is only about 300 people. ©

Chara sands in the Trans-Baikal Territory. This is a real desert, with dunes and sandstorms. The truth is small, only 50 square meters. km, surrounded by mountains, swamps and streams. This place is a natural geological monument. The desert was formed as a result of the melting of glaciers, which rolled down into the valley and dragged the rock along the way, crushing it along the way. ©

The Valley of Ghosts is an area in the Crimea, an accumulation of rocks of a bizarre shape on the western slope of the southern ridge of the Demerdzhi massif (not far from Alushta). The shapes of the rocks are due to the weathering of the Upper Jurassic conglomerates of southern Demerdzhi. With their forms, stone figures resemble figures of people, animals, objects, and, depending on the time of day and lighting, their images change, giving observers grounds for imagination. ©

Lake Baikal is a lake of tectonic origin in the southern part of Eastern Siberia, the deepest lake on the planet, the largest natural reservoir of fresh water and the largest freshwater lake in terms of area on the continent. The depth reaches 1642 m. ©

Krenitsyn Volcano is a double miracle of nature, the world's largest two-tiered volcano. Located in the southern part of Onekotan Island in the Sakhalin Region. It is located in the caldera – a huge basin of the long-extinct volcano Tao-Rusyr. The height of the “volcano within a volcano” is 1.3 km. He last woke up in 1952. The cone of the volcano surrounds the lake, called Koltsevoe. This is the deepest fresh water reservoir in the Sakhalin Region. ©

The Lena Pillars National Park is a unique place, the main and most recognizable attraction of Yakutia, included in the UNESCO Natural Heritage List. The park is located in the central part of Yakutia, located on the right bank of the Lena River on the territory of the Khangalassky, Olyokminsky and Aldansky municipalities and has a river running through the park – Buotama. ©

The lake of geysers in the Altai Mountains is an incredible miracle of nature. It is located in the Ulagansky district of the Altai Republic, 6 kilometers from the village of Aktash at the foot of the North Chuysky Ridge. The height above sea level is 1370 m. The size of the lake is only about 30 meters. Despite the name, there are no geysers at the bottom of the lake. The water is always clear, calm, does not freeze in winter. The lake is fed by one large underground spring and three smaller ones. The bottom surface is a mixture of blue clay and sand, which, with an increase in the influx of water from springs, rises and settles on the bottom, forming intricate patterns. ©

Maly Semyachik is a volcano with an acid lake in a crater in Kamchatka. The Maly Semyachik Volcano is a complex massif elongated in a northeasterly direction and consisting of three closely merged stratovolcano cones: Paleo-Semyachik, Meso-Semyachik and Kaino-Semyachik. Maly Semyachik is a natural monument. The height of the peak is 1560 m. ©


The Pope is ready to meet with Putin for a settlement in Ukraine

Pope Francis is ready to travel to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss a settlement in Ukraine.

According to the pontiff, back in March he “asked the cardinal [Pietro] Hand over Parolina to Putin message about the readiness of the head of the Vatican to go to the Russian capital.

“We have not yet received an answer and we continue to insist,” Pope Francis said in an interview with the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

In a conversation with The pontiff also told reporters that he would not go to Kyiv yet. “First I have to go to Moscow, first I have to meet with Putin,” said the head of the Holy See.

He also added that representatives of the Vatican, Cardinals Michael Czerny and Conrad, went to the capital of Ukraine for the fourth time Kraevsky.

In April, Pope Francis announced that the meeting scheduled for June in Jerusalem with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia was postponed. According to the pontiff, in the current situation, the meeting could lead to “great confusion.” At the same time, Pope Francis called his relations with the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church good. shepherds of the one people of God. That is why we must look for ways of reconciliation, a ceasefire,” the pontiff said.

Recall, on February 25, the pontiff visited the Russian embassy in the Vatican and offered his mediation to resolve the situation in Ukraine.

In March, President Vladimir Zelensky invited Pope Francis to visit Ukraine.



In Russia, 1,441 patients with COVID-19 were hospitalized per day

Over the past 24 hours, 5,466 cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in Russia. 1 441 people were hospitalized, according to the federal operational headquarters for the fight against COVID-19.

Also, 7 052 people recovered during the day, and 125 died.

250 ​​new cases were detected in Moscow cases of infection with coronavirus infection, and in St. Petersburg – 356.

Earlier, Microsoft founder Bill Gates shared his opinion that the coronavirus pandemic still poses a threat to humanity. He also called on the world to create a group of international experts that can quickly identify global health threats. Bill Gates added that the WHO should create a “first class” a team of specialists.

According to the founder of Microsoft, large investments are needed to prevent a new pandemic. He suggested that the work of the WHO team of specialists would require approximately one billion dollars a year.



The Ministry of Defense announced the impact of “Onyx” on the hangars with drones near Odessa

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced a strike by Onyxes on hangars with Bayraktars near Odessa. The premises were used to deliver foreign weapons. At the time of the strike, they contained Turkish Bayraktar drones, American and European weapons and ammunition *

View of the building of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


Russian Armed Forces struck with high-precision Onyx missiles at a logistics center at a military airfield near Odessa, the Defense Ministry said in a statement. Foreign weapons were delivered through the center.

According to the agency, hangars with Turkish-made Bayraktar drones were destroyedTB-2″, as well as missile weapons and ammunition received from the United States and European countries.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources

In addition, during the night, the Russian military launched precision-guided missile strikes on six Ukrainian army targets, including hitting a protected command post, an ammunition depot near the urban-type settlement of Slatino in the Kharkiv region, “as well as four areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment.” .

Also, Russian air defense systems destroyed six Ukrainian drones overnight, shot down a Tochka-U ballistic missile, and two Smerch multiple rocket launchers.

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For all time operations, according to the Ministry of Defense, the Russian military destroyed 146 Ukrainian aircraft, 112 helicopters, 696 drones, 2,783 tanks and other military vehicles and other military equipment.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Ministry of Defense showed a video of a Su-24M bomber strike on camouflaged positions troops of Ukraine. The bomber passed at tree level, dropped bombs and flew away, shooting off heat traps.

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UN reported 3.1 thousand dead civilians in Ukraine

More than 200 children and more than 700 women were among the dead, and another 1,000 adults who died had no sex determined. The UN believes that the actual figures for civilian deaths in Ukraine are much higher jpg” alt=”The UN reported 3,100 civilian deaths in Ukraine” />

3,153 civilians have been killed in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian special operation, reports the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.


Out of this number 1115— men, 722— women and over 200 children. The gender of another 1090 adults has not been determined. 3316 people were injured, including 324 women and over 300 children.

At the same time, the Office of the High Commissioner believes that the real figures are significantly higher, since the transfer of information from places where active hostilities were fought is difficult. This, for example, concerns Mariupol, Izyum in the Kharkiv region and Popasna in the LPR.

“Most known civilian casualties occurred as a result of the use of explosive weapons with a large area of ​​destruction, including shelling from heavy artillery and multiple launch rocket systems, missile and air strikes,— the message says.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly stated that the Russian military strikes exclusively at military targets. At the end of March, a spokesman for the department, Major General Igor Konashenkov, stated that “the unconditional priority of the Armed Forces during the operation is to exclude unnecessary victims among the civilian population.” According to him, special attention is paid to “preserving civilian infrastructure and civilians in Ukraine.”

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources

Read on RBC Pro Pro When is it better to go on vacation so as not to lose money Instructions Pro Delisting Russian companies from foreign exchanges: how it affects stocks How to replace them? Debt Needle” >A week ago, UN Secretary General António Guterres proposed the creation of a joint humanitarian contact group with Moscow and Kyiv. Among other things, it should deal with the organization of safe humanitarian corridors.

The day before, Kyiv asked Guterres to become a guarantor of the evacuation of civilians from Azovstal. in Mariupol. On May 1, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced that about a hundred civilians were taken out of the territory of the plant. In two days, from the territory of the Azovstal plant, 126 people came out, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on May 2.

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The Ambassador of Ukraine called Scholz an “insulted sausage”

Ukrainian Ambassador Melnik called Scholz “insulted sausage” after refusing to come to Kyiv German Chancellor Scholz said he could not visit Kyiv because of Ukraine's refusal to accept President Steinmeier. According to him, this is “a rather noticeable event”