WSJ learns of Jersey investigation into Abramovich’s assets

Law enforcement officers are investigating whether Abramovich's wealth was obtained illegally, and whether his proxies violated the law. They are, in particular, investigating the purchase of oil assets by Abramovich in the 1990s jpg” alt=”WSJ has learned of an investigation in Jersey into Abramovich's assets” />

Roman Abramovich

The authorities of the island of Jersey (UK Crown Dependency) have launched a preliminary investigation into the assets of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich under their jurisdiction , writes The Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

In recent years, much of Abramovich's fortune has been registered in Jersey, the WSJ writes, citing financial records and sources. Among his assets— companies that own real estate, helicopters and a yacht.

Investigators are trying to understand if any of the assets were obtained illegally or violated the laws of Abramovich's proxies. They are also trying to find out if any attempts were made to hide the assets from Western sanctions.

According to the newspaper, law enforcers are also investigating how Abramovich obtained shares in oil companies in the 1990s, “which became the basis of his wealth in post-Soviet Russia.”

While the investigation is in the preliminary phase and has not become formal, no charges have been brought against anyone.

RBC turned to Abramovich's representative for comment.

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In mid-April, the Jersey government announced that a court had ordered a freeze on $7 billion in assets believed to be linked to Abramovich. Then it became known about the arrest of 33 properties in France, of which ten, according to a source from The Guardian, belong to Abramovich.

The billionaire owns the investment company Millhouse, as well as shares in the metallurgical company Evraz and the Azbuka supermarket chain. taste».

In 1995, Abramovich acquired the Sibneft company as part of a privatization campaign. The enterprise was created, among other things, on the initiative of Boris Berezovsky on the basis of Noyabrskneftegaz, the Omsk Oil Refinery and other enterprises in the oil sector. Later, in 2011, during a trial in London on Berezovsky's lawsuit against Abramovich, the latter's lawyer, Jonathan Sumption, admitted that the deal was “corrupt.” According to him, “Sibneft” it was planned to be used as a source of funding for the ORT television channel, controlled by Berezovsky, who was supposed to support President Boris Yeltsin in the elections.

In 2005, Abramovich sold his stake in Sibneft to (75.7%) Gazprom for $13.1 billion.

Now Forbes estimates the businessman's fortune at $9.1 billion in real time, Bloomberg— at $ 12.6 billion. It is under Western sanctions, including the EU, Great Britain and Canada.

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Soros admitted that the events in Ukraine were the beginning of the third world war

What is happening in Ukraine could be the beginning of a new world war, Soros said. According to him, the world may not survive such a scenario. The Russian authorities said that the third world would become nuclear and “should never be” *

The events in Ukraine may have been the beginning of the third world war, said American financier and billionaire George Soros at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The text of the speech was published by his press service.

“The invasion may have been the beginning of the third world war, and our civilization may not survive it,”— Soros said.

The Russian authorities do not consider the special operation an invasion. President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly called it a forced response to the “real threat” that he said came from the territory of Ukraine. Announcing the start of the operation on the morning of February 24, Putin called its goals the protection of the population of Donbass, as well as the “denazification” of and “demilitarization” neighboring state. A few days later, on February 27, Putin ordered the strategic deterrence force to be put on special alert, noting that top officials of leading NATO countries made aggressive statements against Russia.

According to the defense terminology guide published by the Ministry of Defense, the Strategic Deterrence Force (SDF) is the backbone of the combat power of the Russian Armed Forces and is designed to deter aggression against Russia and its allies, as well as to defeat the aggressor, including in a war with the use of nuclear weapons.< /p>

Soros is 91 years old. He founded the Soros Foundation, a network of charitable organizations. Forbes estimates the fortune of the financier at $8.6 billion.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly accused Soros of interfering in the affairs of other countries with the help of non-profit organizations and foundations he finances. In February 2020, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called information about Soros's influence on Ukraine an exaggeration, adding that he did not know the billionaire and “definitely not one of the” Soros “. So in Ukraine they called political and public figures who received grants from Soros funds. Later this name was applied to all recipients of Western grants. Usually the term is used to refer to a person who, according to the speaker, is subject to the influence of the West.

The Russian authorities also announced the threat of a third world war. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in early March that such a war “would be a devastating nuclear war” if it broke out. war. Then he responded to the words of US President Joe Biden, who called large-scale sanctions against Moscow an alternative to the third world.

At the same time, if in March Lavrov stated that he did not believe in the possible outbreak of a nuclear war, then at the end of April he called the risks of nuclear war are quite significant, noting that this real danger should not be underestimated. Later, he explained that his words should not be interpreted as a game of Russia with such dangerous concepts— they, as Lavrov noted, are not played by her, but by the authorities of Poland and Ukraine. According to the minister, he meant that “everyone should be committed to the statements of the” nuclear five “; and nuclear war “should never be.”

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Duda accused Germany of breaking the promise about tanks for Ukraine

Polish President Duda accused Germany of disrupting the supply of Leopard tanks to replace those given to Ukraine Poland is disappointed that Germany did not keep its promise to supply Leopard tanks to replace equipment sent to Ukraine, Duda said. In response, the German Foreign Ministry assured that they could not transfer tanks “at the click of a finger”

Andrzej Duda

The German government broke its promise to supply Leopard tanks to Poland to replace military equipment sent to Ukraine, in Warsaw “very disappointed” this situation, Polish President Andrzej Duda told Die Welt at a forum in Davos.

“Most of our tank arsenal in the Polish armed forces consists of German tanks of the Leopard type. Therefore, if Germany supported us, if we received a replacement in the form of a circular exchange, then we would be very happy, — said the President of Poland, adding that “they did not keep that promise.”

Warsaw sent Kyiv a “large amount” of tanks because the Polish authorities are sure that this is their responsibility to Ukraine as a neighbor, Duda added. Poland hoped for support from NATO, the US and Germany, the president continued, explaining that such actions weaken the country's own defense potential. He noted that the German authorities are not helping Ukraine enough.

“First of all, it is Germany itself that should help Ukraine. Ukraine is really in dire need of this help,»,— emphasized Duda.

The circular exchange involves the provision of Soviet or Russian-made tanks by EU or NATO countries to Ukraine, since the Ukrainian military does not need to be trained to use them. Germany undertakes to provide a replacement for the donated equipment

After criticizing the Polish president, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock assured that Berlin was unable to transfer heavy military equipment to Ukraine “at the touch of a button or at the snap of a finger,” let alone— not from German stocks. The equipment must be “available, repaired and ordered accordingly,” she explained at a meeting with her Polish colleague Zbigniew Rau.

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Burbock emphasized: “We are strengthening the eastern flank of NATO with German soldiers and equipment in the Baltic countries, as well as anti-aircraft missiles in Slovakia”, reports n-tv channel.

The Polish minister later said that he “took note” of explanations of Burbock, who gave him “a number of reasons”; of the non-circular exchange of equipment and noted that the German authorities clearly want to solve the current problem.

At the beginning of the week, the problems in the supply of German tanks to Poland were reported by the newspaper Der Spiegel, citing sources . The interlocutors of the publication said that Poland delivered 240 Russian-made tanks to Ukraine.

Berlin concluded a similar agreement on the circular exchange of military equipment with Prague, it was about the supply of 15 old-style Leopard 2 A4 tanks to the Czech Republic, in the summer the parties agreed to discuss the transfer of more modern Leopard 2 A7 + tanks, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said, Zeit reported.

Der Spiegel's interlocutors in Polish military circles indicated that Warsaw did not want to receive old-style tanks in exchange and intended to upgrade its arsenal with modern Leopard tanks, which would not jeopardize the country's defense.

At the end of April, the Bundestag, the lower house of the German parliament, approved a document calling on the country's government to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine. 586 deputies supported the initiative, 100 refused to do so, seven more people abstained. The document speaks of the need to “continue and, if possible, accelerate the supply of necessary equipment to Ukraine, including the supply of heavy weapons and complex systems, and expand the sphere of circular exchange.”

Ukrainian In early May, the ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, announced the lack of support for Kyiv from official Berlin, calling its policy “sluggish”. Chancellor Olaf Scholz prefers to continue the policy of his predecessor, Angela Merkel, says the diplomat: “wait and see, and then make a decision— or not.

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South Korea announces North Korean missile launch after Biden’s visit

In South Korea and Japan, a ballistic missile was launched from the territory of the DPRK in an easterly direction, it fell into the sea. Shortly before the launch, Biden visited these countries, the US allowed Pyongyang's missile tests during his visit

North Korea fired an unidentified ballistic missile eastwards, the 17th missile launch from North Korean territory, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said, Yonhap reported.

This information was confirmed by the Japanese Ministry of Defense, adding also that the rocket fell into the sea. NHK sources in the Japanese government noted that this happened outside the country's exclusive economic zone.

US President Joe Biden visited South Korea late last week. The White House on the eve of the visit admitted that North Korea could conduct nuclear or missile tests during or after the president's trip, citing intelligence data. Biden's national security adviser Jake Sullivan then stressed that Washington is ready for all contingencies.

The White House previously reported that Biden's trip will last from May 20 to 24, he will visit South Korea, after which he will pay a visit to Japan. Younhap points out that the US president had already left Japan by the time the rocket was launched.

Intelligence of South Korea in mid-May reported that the DPRK was preparing for the seventh nuclear test, according to their data, Pyongyang determined the time for it. Seoul noted that the North Korean authorities intend to launch “despite the strong spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in the country.”

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Roskomnadzor warned about the danger of public Wi-Fi networks

Connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots is dangerous for users because they risk losing payment data, documents, logins, passwords, and other personal information. This was reported in the Telegram channel of Roskomnadzor.

The department noted that before connecting to public Wi-Fi, it is necessary to carefully study the name of the access point. This is due to the fact that scammers can create a network with a name similar to a Wi-Fi cafe or other public institution. In addition, when walking, it is recommended to turn off the automatic connection to Wi-Fi so as not to connect to intruder networks.

Roskomnadzor advised to stop using banking applications or other important services via public Wi-Fi. If there is an urgent need, it is better to use the mobile Internet. Lack of authorization when connecting to a public network should alert, as this is a violation and indicates that it is unsafe.

Earlier, the expert urged Russians to refuse forwarding scans of your documents through instant messengers and social networks.

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Ministry of Education: return to the specialty will improve the training of teachers

Returning to a specialist degree and abandoning the Bologna system of higher education will help improve the quality of teacher training in the country, the press service of the Ministry of Education said.

“The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation believes that the refusal from the Bologna system and the transition to specialist programs can enhance the quality of teacher training throughout the country, — TASS quotes a message from the department.

Switching to the «bachelor– magistracy» had a negative impact on the training of teaching staff, since the “qualification” bachelor/master of pedagogical education “; did not correlate in any way with the specific profession “subject teacher”, — added to the Ministry of Education.

Currently, the ministry, with the participation of the professional community, has determined uniform principles and approaches to the training of teaching staff, the basis of which will be a specialist.

Earlier today, the head of the Ministry of Education and Science Valery Falkov said that Russia may soon abandon the Bologna system of education. Instead, it will create its own unique system.

Recall that Russia joined the Bologna system in 2003, after which it began work to bring domestic higher education in line with European standards. In particular, two new levels of education were introduced: undergraduate and graduate. 

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Diverse Tito. With what mysteries was the life of the Yugoslav leader connected?

The very date of birth and origin of the lifelong president of socialist Yugoslavia, one of the founders and leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement, Marshal Josip Broz Titois still shrouded in mystery. At first it was believed that he was born on May 7, 1892 in the Croatian village of Kumrovets in Croatia, which at that time was part of Austria-Hungary. Later, Tito himself changed the date to May 25, and sometimes indicated 1893 as the year of his birth. According to one version, the Yugoslav politician chose a new date in memory of May 25, 1944, when the Germans during the war made another unsuccessful attempt to kill him. In  socialist Yugoslavia, this date was celebrated annually as a public holiday — Youth Day.

Joseph from Joseph

Josip was born into a large family, where he became the seventh child in a row. His father Franjo Broz was Croatian and mother Maria Broz(née Javerszek) — Slovenian. Little Yojo (as Tito was called by his relatives) spent his early childhood in the house of his maternal grandfather, who was by no means a very wealthy man. However, when he returned from his grandfather to Kumrovets to begin his studies at school, he already knew how to play the piano. And the boy also had a passion for beautiful and elegant clothes. True, as a child he believed that in order to wear it, you must be a tailor. But  in the fact that Tito came from poor strata, in Yugoslavia, many did believe. Young Josip, who graduated from the primary village school, when he was drafted into the army of Austria-Hungary, not only decently played music, but also knew several foreign languages ​​and was an excellent swordsman. At regimental fencing competitions, he was awarded a silver medal, and the award was made by the Austrian Archduke Joseph Ferdinand himself. Tito proudly recalled this episode: “Here I am, a worker, the son of a landless peasant, whose only capital” & mdash; these are hands and profession, and I accept congratulations from the archduke. I, an ordinary soldier who was shaken by a member of the imperial family!».

In fact, his family was not so poor. They lived in the largest house in the village, and and the family owned several hectares of land.

Tito's native home in the village. Kumrovets. Photo: Novak, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Married a underage

We can say that Tito's political biography began in Russia. In 1907, Franjo Broz was going to send his son to work in the USA. But at at the time the family was experiencing financial difficulties, and there was not enough money for the ticket. In the end, 15-year-old Joseph left not far away, to the Croatian city of Sisak, where he became a locksmith. He worked in Zagreb, at automobile plants in the Czech Republic and Germany. In 1915 the year, while fighting on the Russian front, a senior non-commissioned officer of the Austro-Hungarian army, Broz, was wounded and captured. Freed from captivity in 1917, Josip Broz moved to Petrograd, wanting to get a job at the Putilov plant. Participated in the July demonstration, when the Bolsheviks tried to take power from the Provisional Government — although he himself admitted that he was not then their supporter, but simply “went along with” everyone. He fled to & nbsp; Finland, was again captured and sent to & nbsp; Kungur. He fled again and joined the Red Guard detachment in Siberia and the Yugoslav section of the RSDLP (b). In 1920, under the name of Joseph Brozovich, he registered a marriage with a 14-year-old peasant woman Pelageya Belousova and soon left for Yugoslavia. By the way, there he and received the party pseudonym “Tito”, which soon became an integral part of his surname.

Josip Broz among the workers at the factory in Kamnik. 1911 Source: Public Domain

Marshal against the Generalissimo

In the homeland, Tito joined the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, was arrested, was imprisoned, and after his release, entered the leadership of the Yugoslav Communist Party. In 1934, a certainJosef Hofmacher arrived in Moscow, for some reason signing documents as Friedrich Walther. It was none other than Tito, who came to the USSR to work in the Comintern. A few years later, he returned to Yugoslavia and became Secretary General, and not without the help of Comrade Stalin, who dealt with his main competitors.

During the war, Tito led the partisan movement in Yugoslavia, where he enjoyed great support from the population. By the end of the war, the Partisan People's Liberation Army was a powerful force and numbered about a million (!) People. Tito himself directly participated in the battles, was wounded. He was the only Allied commander-in-chief to be wounded on the front.

Relations between Marshal Tito and Generalissimo Stalin deteriorated sharply after the war. Tito did not want to include the country in Stalin's project to create a Balkan federation. In addition to Yugoslavia, the federation was supposed to include Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and even Greece, if the communists came to power there. It took more than one year to normalize Soviet-Yugoslav relations.

Josip Broz Tito, August 1942 Photo: stock&people via www.imago

And here is a conspiracy theory

Those who knew Tito closely claimed that he was well versed in music and literature, had secular manners, knew a lot about precious stones, wines and cigars. At the same time, while speaking several languages, he made elementary mistakes in native Serbo-Croatian. After a linguistic analysis of Tito's speech, specialists of the US NSA came to the conclusion that it strongly deviates from the linguistic norm and even put forward a version on this basis that he was not the person he pretended to be, and was was born in the Balkans. Interestingly, when Tito came to his native village many years later, his fellow villagers did not recognize him. According to various versions, Tito was considered a Pole, a German, an agent of the NKVD, who replaced the real Josip Broz in Moscow in the 1930s …

However, all these conspiracy theories in no way diminished the popularity of the Yugoslav leader. When on May 4, 1980, during a football match in Split between the local Hajduk team, and Belgrade "Red Star" the news of his death came, the game was immediately interrupted, the players and the referees gathered in the center of the field. Tears flowed down the faces of the judges and athletes of both teams (both Serbs and Croats), and almost 50,000 spectators, without any command, stood up and sang: “Comrade Tito, we swear to you that from” your we will not collapse!».

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North Korea launches third ballistic missile into the Sea of ​​Japan

North Korea has fired its third ballistic missile into the Sea of ​​Japan.

This is reported by Yonhap with reference to the South Korean military.

According to the agency, North Korea launched three “unidentified ballistic missiles” on Wednesday heading east from the Sunan area in Pyongyang.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi called these missile launches a provocation carried out after US President Joe Biden's visit to the country as part of the Quad summit.

Also, according to the minister, in connection with the missile launches, the Japanese side protested to the DPRK through diplomatic channels.

Rane Biden said he was not worried about possible nuclear tests by North Korea. According to him, the United States has thought through retaliatory measures for any steps taken by Pyongyang.

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USC confirms laying of two non-nuclear submarines

Laying of two large diesel-electric submarines of project 677 “Lada” will be held this year at the Admiralty Shipyards Petersburg, RIA Novosti reports.

This was announced by the head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Alexei Rakhmanov during a conversation with the agency correspondents.

He noted that everything is ready at the enterprise to start construction However, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will determine the exact dates for the laying of two new submarines.

According to Rakhmanov, the contract with the military department for the construction of submarines was signed in June 2019.

Earlier it was also reported that in This year, USC plans to transfer eight surface ships and submarines to the Russian Navy.

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How has the calculation of the amount of certificates for rehabilitation facilities changed?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 21. Got it from Azovstal 25/05/2022 Story Social insurance

New The Government Decree will help make it easier for people with disabilities to receive technical rehabilitation equipment.

Now you can buy a cane, a stroller, a hearing aid, diapers at the current market price, even if their cost has increased over the past two months.

< p>What does the new procedure for determining the cost of an electronic certificate for TCP mean and what are its advantages, “AiF” experts of the Social Insurance Fund explained.

Unfortunately, the increase in prices affected not only products and basic necessities, but also medical products for the disabled. Of course, according to the law, people with disabilities have the right to receive technical means of rehabilitation free of charge at the expense of the state, but in this case they will have to wait for some time. You can not wait and purchase the necessary product yourself using an electronic certificate or receive compensation after the purchase. However, the amount of the electronic certificate, as well as the amount of compensation, was previously determined according to the last fully executed state contract for the purchase of the same rehabilitation device using the FSS funds in this region. Most of these purchases were completed last year, when prices were different. This means that in the current situation, people with disabilities would have to pay a lot of money from their own budget in order to purchase the necessary technical means of rehabilitation. Not everyone has the opportunity to do this.

To solve this problem, a government decree of May 6, 2022 was adopted on a new method for calculating the cost of an electronic certificate for the purchase of TSR. According to the new methodology, in order to calculate the amount of a certificate for TSR, a state contract should be used, during which at least one product was delivered (work performed, service rendered) within 60 calendar days before the date of submission by a disabled, insured person of an application for the provision of goods, work or service using an electronic certificate. That is, the amount that will be recorded on the certificate and with which it will be possible to pay for TCP will be equal to the amount of this last purchase.

So far, the new mechanism for determining the amount available with an electronic certificate for the purchase of TCP is valid until January 1, 2023. Then the authorities will analyze its effectiveness and decide on its extension or change.

Recall that an electronic certificate for the purchase of TMR can be obtained by any citizen who has the right to provide TMR (disabled people who have suffered from accidents at work, who have received an occupational disease). TSW should be written into the rehabilitation program (IPRA). Money for TCP is reserved on the Mir card and are transferred to the seller upon purchase. You can issue an electronic certificate by submitting an application through the State Services portal or in person by contacting the territorial office of the Social Insurance Fund.

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Amanat is a matter of honor. How was the fate of the “Russian” son of Imam Shamil

On 26 May the film «Amanat», which tells the tragic love story of Jamaluddin, the son of Imam Shamil, and  Russian noblewoman Elizabeth, granddaughter of President of the Imperial Academy of Arts and Secretary of State of the Russian Empire Alexei Olenin.

This story is very real. In 1839 g. during the siege and assault of the fortified mountain village of Akhulgo, the nine-year-old son of Imam Shamil, at the demand of the Russian General Pavel Grabbewas handed over to the Russian side as a hostage. About what like and the title of the movie — the word «amanat» most often translated exclusively in the meaning of “hostage”. Another thing is that in the Islamic tradition this Arabic word means, first of all, not a person or an object, but a rather broad concept. In a purely theological sense, “amanat” is everything that the Almighty created and that he entrusted, entrusted to people. In relationships the same between people under "amanat" understand something that can be translated as “a matter of faith, trust and honor”.

By and large, this includes family, and love, service, attitude towards oath, and honest observance of contracts… Well and in fact, of course and the fate of Jamaluddin and Elizaveta Olenina, in everything named was woven into a rather cunning knot. Trust, honor and loyalty were constantly tested in this story. And it's not to say that everything always went smoothly.

“Mr. Highlander”

It manifests itself right at the very beginning of the story. Imam Shamil, locked up by Russian troops in that very village of Akhulgo, entered into negotiations solely under the influence of force. A series of assaults, huge losses, murmuring of those close — all this forced Shamil to accept the terms of surrender, the most important of which were three. First — enter into & nbsp; citizenship of the Russian Empire. Second — bring a promise not to take up arms against their new lawful sovereign. Third — give the Russians a confirmation of the purity of their intentions to the eldest son. The practice for the peoples who profess Islam is quite ordinary, so there is no “mockery of the father and & nbsp; son” there was no side of the imperial army. Rather opposite — respect for local customs.

This is indirectly evidenced by the diary entries of Lieutenant-General Pavel Grabbe: “Shamil’s son of nine years old, a lively boy, manages without timidity as at home.” By all accounts, he was in prepared for the role of a hostage. In including education — getting into amanats was a kind of “professional risk”; Imam's son.

The first photograph of Imam Shamil, taken in early September 1859 by Count I. G. Nostits in Chiryurt. Source: Public Domain

So, between the Russian Emperor Nicholas I and Shamil, a “matter of honor” took place. How were the conditions observed?

From the side of Nicholas — exemplary. The emperor declared to Jamaluddin: "You will be mine, and I — yours! And & nbsp; assigned him first to & nbsp; Moscow, to & nbsp; the Alexandrinsky Orphan's Institute, which later became the famous Alexander Military School. But there was no Muslim priest there, and therefore the boy was transferred to Alexander Cadet Corps for Orphans in Tsarskoye Selo. From which follows a fair conclusion — no one forced Jamaluddin to change his faith. He was even allowed to dress not according to the uniform of the corps, but to wear his own national costume. B 1841  he is completely transferred to the First Cadet Corps — Nikolai's favorite educational institution, where his sons were brought up. By the way, the official name of the hostage is: «His Excellency Mr. Highlander Jamaluddin Shamil».

.jpg” height=”425″ width=”640″ style=”display: block;” />

Assault on the village of Akhulgo. Hood F. A. Roubaud, 1888

Revenge for revenge?

What about his father, Imam Shamil? Unfortunately, he acted against honor. In principle, it can be understood. Sometime in 1837  Russian Emperor Nicholas I, being in the Caucasus, offered him a good agreement. Shamil will lay down his arms, and in return he will receive this: “The Emperor will magnify Shamil, show him honor and” make all Dagestan Muslims manager of affairs. This offer was arrogantly rejected. The Turks, interested in continuing the war in the Caucasus, then also promised Shamil the title of “King of the Transcaucasian” and officially proclaimed him “Generalissimo of the Circassian Army”. Now, having been defeated by the Russians in 1839 and lost his first-born child, he began to take revenge. Military operations against Russia, contrary to the treaty of honor, already in & nbsp; 1840 & nbsp; were reopened.

Did it affect the fate of Jamaluddin? Partly. He writes touching letters to his father: “My precious parent Shamil! I perform all the rites of the Mohammedan faith as I did at home, for by order of the Most Gracious Sovereign Emperor, the mullah of our faith teaches us. Since since I separated from you, I wrote to you with the permission of the Administration twice, and have not received any news from you, and and therefore I ask you, my dear parent, not to  oblivion…» However, these emails are not getting through. The reason is simple. Since the imam does not  comply with the terms of the agreement of honor, then the emperor considers himself entitled to respond adequately — letters from "Mr. Highlander" are accepted, but they are not sent to the addressee, but settle in the archive of the Separate Gendarme Corps.

However, in everything else, Jamaluddin does not experience any constraints. He is an excellent student, in addition to Russian he is learning French and German, in his own words he has become very fond of dancing and gymnastics», and also loves the exact sciences — “finds some strange pleasure in solving mathematical problems” … And, finally, in & nbsp; 1849 & nbsp; leaves the  corps in the rank of cornet. To serve, he is sent to the  Vladimir 13th Lancers Regiment, which is based in Torzhok, Tver Province.

There also, in Torzhok, the Olenev family lives — the doors of their houses were always open for the youth of the capital. B 1849  among these same youth, the most notable was, of course, “Mr. Highlander.” After the tremendous success of Mikhail Lermontov's novel “A Hero of Our Time” everything connected with the Caucasus was extremely romanticized. It is not surprising that the granddaughter of the President of the Academy of Arts and the daughter of the hero of the war of 1812, Pyotr Olenin, Elizabeth drew attention to Jamaluddin.

Portrait of E. M. Olenina, 1791 Artist Vladimir Borovikovsky (1757-1825)

Incomplete happiness

In general, the plot of the novel took place. Which also had political overtones. Young people, having explained themselves, opened their feelings. Elizabeth — father. Jamaluddin — to the emperor, who was to him, in his own words, “instead of his father.” Pyotr Olenin didn't mind. Emperor — especially. According to the laws of the Russian Empire, a Muslim could not marry an Orthodox woman without first breaking with the faith of the fathers and not being baptized. Nicholas I knew this very well, and welcomed the marriage, even expressing a desire to become the godfather of “Mr. determined. According to the nephew of Elizabeth Olenina, to the writer Pyotr Olenin-Volgar, the son of Shamil said to his betrothed bride: «Your God — my God! My soul — your soul. Your faith is better than mine already because she knows the Blessed Virgin, the Divine Mother, and my faith doesn know her…»

The engagement lasted nearly five years. B 1854  Imam Shamil struck the Russian Emperor under the knees. The Crimean War was on. In June-July 1854  the British-French fleet blocked Russian ships in the bay of Sevastopol. In the same days, Shamil invades Georgia, where his murids sow death and destruction. And also capture the most valuable prisoners — Anna Chavchavadze and Varvara Orbeliani. Both of them, not only are the granddaughters of the last Georgian king, but also the ladies-in-waiting of the Empress.

Actually, this is where the story of Elizabeth and Jamaluddin ends. If you believe the story of Olenin-Volgar, “Mr. Highlander”, having learned that they were going to exchange him for Georgian princesses, seemed to try to escape, but he was caught and taken in custody to the Caucasus, not even allowing him to see the & nbsp; farewell to bride-in-law.

The exchange took place. True, it did not bring joy to anyone. Nicholas I in March 1855  died. Shamil's hopes that his firstborn would continue his father's work did not come true. He, although he formally remained a Muslim, became “too Russian”. By the same token, he remained faithful to his Russian bride. The father, like the emperor, intercepted his letters to Elizabeth, and then completely forced his son to marriage, marrying him to a Chechen woman. But the happy marriage was — Jamaluddin died of anguish and tuberculosis in 1858 g. So Shamil finally lost his son. He himself next year will become an honorary prisoner of the next Russian emperor, Alexander II. And in 1866 , already living in Kaluga, he will take an oath of allegiance to Russia. It is quite possible that at that moment Shamil regretted the chance he missed almost 30 years ago to end the matter peacefully, as Nicholas I suggested. But time has passed. And too often during these years that same “deed of honor” by which the imam and emperor were bound was violated. The retribution for this turned out to be cruel.

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Headhunters. How the CIA is after our military secrets

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 21. Got it from Azovstal 05/25/2022

Last week, the US Air Force reported on the testing of hypersonic weapons. Experts say that they are 10-15 years behind Russia in this area, and therefore their intelligence is hunting for our developments.

«Dagger» don't catch up

A B-52 bomber launched a hypersonic missile off the coast of Southern California that successfully reached 5 times the speed of sound, the US Air Force said. 6.1 thousand km/h.

For the first time, the fact that the Americans created a hypersonic missile was loudly announced back in May 2020 by the then President Donald Trump. He even called it “super duper” a rocket that flies at a speed of Mach 17 (more than 20 thousand km/h). But the world did not have time to envy: the rocket reached such a speed only for a couple of seconds and exploded. Whereas, according to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov, who oversees the defense industry, our hypersonic missile showed a steady speed of Mach 27 (33 thousand km/h) during tests.

In March, Russia first used the Kinzhal hypersonic system. in Ukraine – a large underground warehouse of missiles and aviation ammunition was destroyed in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. The Americans began to fuss and also began to prepare the launch. But while they are far behind in this race. No wonder they took Great Britain and Austria as allies in the development of hypersound. Countries have declared that they will create not only weapons, but also protection against them. 

“The most important question – who will have interceptors of hypersonic weapons. Today they do not exist, but in Russia there are experimental options, – says expert of the Center for Military-Political Journalism Vladimir Orlov. He clarified that the S-500 air defense system (it was recently sent to the troops) is potentially capable of intercepting hypersonic missiles flying at high altitudes. With flying at low altitudes, like the “Dagger”, until ­handled.

Hunting for scientists

The main problems that must be solved in the development of hypersonic weapons: the engine, fuel, control system and the fight against ultra-high temperatures, due to which external sensors burn. Our scientists and engineers coped with this task. The overseas ones are still smart. 

“The rocket needs to be controlled. You can launch a hypersonic rocket, but it will be like a log – just fly somewhere and fall somewhere. And we control a rocket like you control a bicycle, – explained military expert, retired colonel Viktor Baranets. – In terms of hypersonics, the United States openly admits that they are 10-15 years behind Russia. That's why Americans are furious. And American intelligence has been on the ears for the past two years. Enormous funds are thrown into finding out hypersonic secrets. 

Baranets claims that the hunt for our scientists is in full swing. Just as our intelligence hunted the US atomic secrets in the middle of the last century, so they are now trying to steal the secret of hypersonic missiles from us. In early 2021, an expert talked about one such attempt by the CIA. According to him, American agents found a conditional “Ivan Ivanovich”, who had access to classified information, and decided to recruit him: “a certain Joe” met a Russian in a restaurant; – he was interested in “the topic of a ramjet engine or the secret of the material with which the rocket is covered.” Both were then detained by counterintelligence of the Russian Federation. “American intelligence officers are almost in the garbage containers near our design bureaus, trying to find out at least some secrets. And, of course, they are trying to bribe our scientists who are engaged in this area. Here we must congratulate them: they managed to seduce three such traitors. Two of them are now on the bunk, and one lay down for a while, fell ill and died, & ndash; says Baranets.

Last year, the general director and chief designer of the Scientific Research Enterprise of Hypersonic Systems OJSC was arrested. ­(NIPGS) Alexander Kuranov. Of course, the case is classified. It is only known that the scientist – specialist in the field of physics and chemistry of plasma – previously focused on hypersonic technologies, including the development of the Ajax hypersonic multipurpose aircraft. The Ajax concept in the late ­1980s, suggested by Vladimir Freishtadtworking in the same NIPGS. The idea is not to protect the device, flying at great speed, from prohibitively high temperatures, but on the contrary – let them in to increase energy. This solved the problem.

The Americans copied the design of the Yak-141 VTOL rotary engine onto their F-35 aircraft. Photo: Collage AiF

In recent years, several criminal cases have been initiated in Russia at once against scientists who worked with hypersound. In 2018, Viktor Kudryavtsev, an employee of TsNIIMash, was arrested on charges of state treason. In 2019 – another employee of TsNIIMash, Deputy Head of the Department of Spacecraft Roman Kovalev. In 2021, professors of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) Valery Golubkin were arrested. He was engaged in hypersonic flow around aircraft. Shortly before this, “sat down” Another employee of TsAGI, Anatoly Gubanov.

The Americans are actively looking for approaches to the secrets and scientists not only of the Russian Federation, but also of China. Although, according to military expert Aleksey Leonkov, the Chinese developments in hypersound are at the level of our 1980 & ndash; 1990s. It is not easy to get such information, so they try to “go into the topic” under the guise of an exchange of experience on the part of civilian hypersound at various international conferences. “This was also the case in Soviet times, when professional intelligence officers under the guise of scientists or idly wandering amateurs visited military-technical exhibitions and asked questions. The main task – identify the carrier of important information, get it, and if it doesn’t work, then eliminate it, – says the expert.

What did you steal?

By the way, contrary to stereotypes about the “advanced West and backward Russia”, hypersound – far from the first of our technology, which is hunted by foreign intelligence agencies. For example, not so long ago it turned out that Britain and the United States stole a hydroacoustic system from the USSR. Operation Barmaid in Secrets of the Conqueror: The Untold Story of Britain's Most Famous Submarine describedStuart Prebble. When it became known in the 1970s that the Soviet Union had a more advanced sonar system in service (it was a separate station that was towed by a reconnaissance ship), Western intelligence began hunting for it. In August 1982, a special operation was carried out in the Barents Sea to steal this system. To do this, a cutting device was attached to the bow of the Conqueror submarine. The submarine sailed up to the Soviet ship at night, cut the cable and towed the sonar station to the base, and from there it was taken by plane to a research center in the USA.

In the early 1990s, when the creation of all sorts of joint ventures on the principle of “our brains” was actively flourishing; their money”, the naive designers of the Yakovlev Design Bureau turned to the “friendly” Americans with a request to financially support the promising development of a military carrier-based vertical takeoff aircraft Yak-141. The Americans did not lose their heads and signed a contract under which they “privatized” most of the technical developments of Soviet engineers. Our scientists managed to complete what they started, but in parallel, a new F-35 military aircraft appeared in the United States, which suspiciously resembled our Yak-141. The appearance of the F-117 stealth aircraft is not even due to intelligence, but to our negligence. The development of the Soviet engineer Pyotr Ufimtsevwas considered unpromising at the time and was not classified. After its publication in a scientific journal, there was a “breakthrough”; over the ocean.

In 1989, the Americans were impressed by the ­K-36DM catapult, which is equipped with military aircraft MiG-29, Su-27, Su-30, Su-24, Su-34, ­Tu-160 . They saw it in action at the Le Bourget air show. Then our MiG-29 fighter crashed, but the pilot survived and escaped with bruises, although he ejected at a low altitude – 80 m. There was nothing like that in the USA then. But in the mid-1990s, they began to produce a modification of the ACES-2 catapult, in which the inventions used in our development were applied. And these are not all examples…

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Borrell called on the EU to learn the “language of power”

Europe can use not only “soft power” but also “heavy power, not necessarily military power,” which should be used in its own interests, Borrell suggested. In his opinion, the EU should create its own “narrative”

Josep Borrell

European countries should use “heavy power” in their own interests, they must find partners not only among like-minded states, said EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell at a debate organized by the Center for European Policy Research (CEPS). The broadcast was conducted on YouTube.

“Europe must learn to use the language of power <…> It is the ability to respond to threats, to respond by pursuing our interests. It's not just “soft power” legal system, but the use of heavy force, not necessarily military, but heavy,— said Borrell (quote from RIA Novosti).

The countries of Europe must “take the initiative and build coalitions,” he continued, adding that the EU must find “its own narrative, its own story” to help convince people. Borrell explained: “We are too technocratic in the EU institutions, we don’t touch emotions, we don’t have a narrative, because we are used to solving a political problem through technocratic procedures. We need to rethink this and create a narrative.

According to him, the “battle of narratives” can be more effective in the modern world by pointing out that people are influenced not only by weapons or the provision of benefits, but also by “narratives”. “Narrative” it is a kind of currency of world influence,»,— stressed the head of European diplomacy.

At the end of May, Borrell called for the creation of a single armed forces of the European Union and to increase efforts in the field of self-defense of European countries. Russia's actions in Ukraine have caused “a tectonic shift in the 'European security landscape',” he said, and it is now clear that Europe is in danger. “The new security environment demonstrates that the EU must take more responsibility for its own security,” I'm sure Borrell. He also expressed confidence that the conflict in Ukraine could be resolved only by military means, stressing that “wars are usually won or lost on the battlefield.”

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The Russian authorities saw in Borrell's words a change in the “rules of the game”. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called them “out of the ordinary,” suggesting that the head of European diplomacy “blurted something.” The minister considered that Borrell's statements were a sign of a “very serious turnaround” in the policy that Western countries have been pursuing since the beginning of Russia's operation in Ukraine.

“Here's the” economic organization “. This is no longer the European Union. It's just a department of economic relations with NATO, — appreciated the representative of the Ministry of Foreign AffairsMariaZakharova.

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The pro-Russian authorities of Zaporozhye announced their intention to become part of Russia

The Zaporozhye region was a Russian region for “hundreds of years”, after taking control of the city of Zaporozhye, the process of becoming part of Russia will begin, the military-civilian administration said, rejecting the creation of the Zaporozhye Republic

The only way to develop the Zaporozhye region involves joining Russia as a full-fledged region without the formation of the Zaporozhye People's Republic or any kind of “gray zone”, RIA Novosti said. member of the main council of the military-civilian administration of the region Vladimir Rogov. The region is under partial control of the Russian military.

“We want to be part of Russia, as we have always been for hundreds of years. We have always been the advanced part of the Russian Empire. The population of the Zaporozhye region is absolutely Russian in mentality, so it will take a few months to fully adapt. More and more people are actively in favor of rapprochement with Russia,— Rogov claims.


He noted that the process of joining the region to Russia will begin after taking control of the regional center— the city of Zaporozhye, now Russian forces control only two-thirds of the region. “Everything is leading to the fact that the city will be liberated,” — insists a member of the main council of the military-civilian administration of the Zaporozhye region, suggesting that the region will be included in the Southern Federal District (SFD).

Rogov also spoke about the introduction of a dual-currency zone in the Zaporozhye region using rubles and hryvnia. He added: “All benefits will be paid in rubles. The arrival of the ruble significantly revived the economy of the region».

In mid-May, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin expressed confidence that the Zaporozhye region should be more integrated with Russia. He explained that he visited the region specifically to assist in this process. “I believe that the perspective of the region— work in our friendly Russian family»,— Khusnullin added, noting that the Zaporozhye region has the potential for the production of building materials, which will be useful during the restoration of the territories.

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“In Russia today there is not enough building materials. Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to use all enterprises as much as possible, including for the restoration of the territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, — said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Similarly, he also spoke about the Kherson region, which has been under the complete control of Russian forces since mid-March. “Kherson has a great prospect and a worthy place in our Russian family,” — Khusnullin is sure. In early May, the military-civilian administration of this region announced its intention to become part of Russia on the basis of an appeal to President Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin replied that this issue should be studied by lawyers, and the decision to join Russia should be made by the inhabitants of the region.

The southern regions of Ukraine, occupied by Russian troops, will become part of Russia ” “by the will of the people itself,” Dmitry Muradov, permanent representative of Crimea to the Russian president, said in mid-May. In his opinion, these regions were “gifted” to Ukraine, and their inhabitants have lived under “repressions and bullying” for the last eight years. Later, he pointed out that the rights of Russians in Ukraine were violated, because of which the state could not remain “in the form” in which it existed. “This is already the former Ukraine”, — Muradov said.

Kyiv will withdraw from the negotiation process with Moscow if referendums are held in the territories occupied by Russian forces, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned.

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WP learned that the United States is arming Taiwan, following the example of supplies to Ukraine

Taiwan is planned to become like a “porcupine” due to the concentration of weapons and other forms of support from the United States, WP interlocutors told. Previously, Biden said that Washington is ready to defend Taiwan militarily “WP learned that the United States is arming Taiwan, following the example of deliveries to Ukraine” />

The White House has stepped up efforts to re-equip Taiwan's defense system to repel a possible Chinese attack, for this, the experience of supplying weapons to Ukraine in recent years is used, reports The The New York Times, citing sources among current and former US officials.

The publication writes that Washington's goal is to turn Taiwan into a “porcupine”— a territory that would be extensively equipped with American weaponry and “other forms of support.” Officials in the US are behind the scenes recommending that the Taiwan authorities acquire weapons that are suitable for conducting asymmetric warfare— a conflict in which small armed forces use mobile systems to strike at a superior enemy.

Taiwan recently purchased US-made mobile missile platforms, anti-ship missiles and F-16 fighter jets, according to The New York Times.

Earlier this week, US President Joe Biden announced his readiness to defend Taiwan militarily if China uses force against it. He made this statement after meeting with the head of the Japanese government, Fumio Kushida. The President of the United States noted that there should be no “unilateral change in the status quo” because Beijing has no right to use force to seize Taiwan, and the Chinese military is “playing with fire.”

“Our policy in regarding Taiwan has not changed at all: we remain determined to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and ensure that there is no unilateral change in the status quo,” — he stressed, adding that the United States at the same time adheres to the “one China” policy.

The Chinese side responded with a strong protest. “Taiwan is an integral part of the territory of China”, — Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin added. China insists US is 'raising the wave' in the situation around Taiwan. Wu Qiang, a spokesman for the Chinese military, warned that if Washington increased its activity on this issue, Beijing intended to “act harder to protect state sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

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Informed interlocutors of the Financial Times previously reported on high-level talks between Washington and London, during which options were discussed for closer cooperation in order to reduce the threat of war with China over Taiwan. The parties studied emergency plans for the first time. According to the publication, the meeting took place in early March and was attended by National Security Council representative Laura Rosenberger and White House coordinator for the Indo-Pacific region Kurt Campbell from the American side.

Taiwan — an island in the South China Sea, about 100 km off the coast of mainland China. Its administrative status is not regulated. The territory declared secession from China in 1949 during the civil war, but the Chinese authorities do not recognize its independence and consider it one of the provinces of the country.

The United States does not have official diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but at the same time they are selling weapons to him under the Taiwan Relations Law, passed in 1979, which provides for the supply of weapons to the country for self-defense. At the same time, Washington maintains official relations with China, and also diplomatically recognizes the position of Beijing, according to which there is only one Chinese government.

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