About young heroes. The Victory Museum will host events dedicated to Children’s Day

On June 1, the Victory Museum will host a festive program timed to coincide with the celebration of International Children's Day. On this day, the entrance to the main building of the museum for large families will be free (except for the expositions “Feat of the People” and “Battle for Moscow. First Victory”).

“On this day, we invite children and parents to join this kind, wonderful holiday. In our museum, visitors are waiting for exciting excursions, master classes, film screenings and other entertaining and educational events», — organizers said.

A large film program has been prepared for the guests of the museum, within the framework of which from 12:00 visitors will see 10 animated videos of the "Children's Book of War" At the heart of the commercials — revived diaries of those who carried all the horrors of the Great Patriotic War on an equal footing with adults. The cartoons are voiced by famous theater and film artists, TV presenters, etc.  Guests will also watch and discuss a short film of seven true stories about heroic deeds committed by young residents of Russian cities, — "No time for heroism".

In addition, visitors will be invited to a private screening of the 20-minute film “Your Live Broadcast”. The film tells about the hard fate of the girl Mila and her younger brother Andrey, whose mother died, and their father suffers from alcoholism. Experiencing life's troubles, Mila decides to become her brother's guardian and start life from scratch.

Museum guests, upon prior registration, will be able to visit a free tour of the large-scale exhibition “The Feat of the People”, which will be conducted by a theater and film actress < strong>Miroslava Karpovich. Also, for everyone there will be an open lesson from the Center for Aesthetic Education Alexey Egorovwhere you can practice fine arts and feel the real atmosphere of an artistic plein air.

The film program will end with the screening of the film “Africa”. The action of the picture takes place in 1943 on the outskirts of besieged Leningrad. Three children and their mother remain in the deserted village. In search of food, the guys set off on the road, facing a difficult choice — save a family or a wounded dog that they find at the scene of the battle. 

The finale of the festive program of the day will be a concert that will be held as part of the Patriotic festival of children's creativity “Cranes of Victory”. Soloists of the Art-Express Foundation for the Support of Gifted Children will take part in the concert. All participants are laureates of international and all-Russian competitions.

The event starts at 10:30. More details about the holiday program can be found on the website.

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When will the exam in biology take place?

Graduates will take the USE in biology on June 14. The total number of USE assignments in biology has not changed, there will be 28 of them.

What changes have been made to the USE in biology? 

< p> This year, the USE removed task 1 for supplementing the scheme and added a new task 2, which tests the ability to predict the results of an experiment in the physiology of cells and organisms. Task 6 (task on genetics) became task 4. In addition to this task 5 & ndash; 8 are collected in a single module. They test knowledge and skills on the topic “Cell as a biological system”, and tasks 7–8 — knowledge of the topic “Organism as a biological system”.

Also, task 22 was made more difficult in the second part. Now it tests knowledge on setting up an experiment and interpreting its results. The assignment is now worth 3 points.

What is the minimum number of USE points?

In 2022 the minimum number of USE points for admission — 39.

How long is the exam? 

The exam time — 3 hours 55 minutes (235 minutes).

 Where and When can I find out the results of the USE?

Participants of the USE 2022 will be able to view their results on the Unified Portal of Public Services. To do this, go to the section “Documents”, subsection “Education”. The service for getting acquainted with the results of the USE on the website of Rosobrnadzor —

The USE result will be available on June 28.

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Which of the graduates can not take the exam?

Expert Answer 0 + –

Theoretically — any child, if he is ready to receive a school leaving certificate instead of a high school diploma. 

Recall that in the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, children who did not plan to continue to enter universities were exempted from passing the exam. In the certificate, grades in all subjects were set at the end of the year. In 2022, the country returned to the rules that were in effect before. Specifically, the order is as follows: if the graduate could not or did not want to pass the mandatory USE — Russian language and basic mathematics — in the main, as well as in the additional period, then he will be issued not a certificate, but a certificate of graduation. If there is a need to obtain a certificate, the child will still have to take the exam, but after a year — to the next wave of the exam. At the same time, such guys can take the exam, including in the early period. 

As told «AiF» Head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev, over the past two years, up to 10% of graduates go to take the mandatory USE — Russian language and basic mathematics — just to get a high school diploma. As statistics show, in the future they do not take more elective subjects and, accordingly, do not apply to universities. Theoretically, they can use their USE results for 4 years after graduation, but they could equally well take them later — if they decide to try to get higher education. “The State Duma is considering a bill to abolish the mandatory USE for those who do not go to universities. And Rosobrnadzor would support this idea. We see nothing wrong with this — on the contrary, less nerves will be expended,” — summed up the head of Rosobrnadzor.

Plus, there are several categories of applicants who may also not take the exam. These are the winners of some sports competitions. In addition, according to the results of internal tests in universities, people with disabilities can be enrolled there. Graduates from other countries where the USE is not held have the same right. Winners and prize-winners of the final stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren get the right to enter a university without exams in their field of study. For example, with the Literature Olympiad, you can go to the Faculty of Journalism or Philology, in Physics — to any physics department and some mathematical ones (for example, to the Mekhmat of Moscow State University). By the way, the result of Vseross is valid for 4 years. And consequently, winning in the 9th or 10th grade also guarantees admission. 

In 2021, 682,000 people applied for the exam in 85 regions and 58 countries where it is also possible to take the exam. These are not only graduates, but also those who have not passed the exam before or want to improve their last year result.

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What sentence did the court pass on the owner of the base in Altai, where the tourists died?

A court in the Altai Territory sentenced the owner of the recreation center “Globus” Viktor Korolyov, where a family of four died in the summer of 2020.

The entrepreneur was found guilty of a crime under Part 3 of Art. 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (the provision of services that do not meet the requirements of the safety of life and health of consumers, which negligently entailed the death of two or more persons).

What sentence did the court pass? 

The court imposed punishment in the form of six years of imprisonment to be served in a correctional colony of general regime. The entrepreneur was taken into custody in the courtroom.

What happened at the recreation center? 

In July 2020, the head of one of the departments of the press and mass communications department of the Altai Territory Iosif Kremenskikh with his wife and two minor children settled in the hotel house. They were placed in a room on the second floor of the building. Due to bad weather, the electricity was cut off on the territory of the base, and the owner of the camp site decided to install a gasoline generator in the utility room, located under the number of vacationers.

Violating safety requirements, the man filled the generator tank with gasoline, started the engine and connected to it devices that supply water to residential and non-residential premises. At the same time, he closed the front door and made it impossible for the toxic products of the generator exhaust to be released outside the room. As a result, the Kremensky family died from acute carbon monoxide poisoning. The dead were discovered only five days later, after the payment period for the room had expired. 

Fearing criminal liability, the owner took the generator to the Altai Republic. For several days, forensic investigators had to seize and examine material evidence in order to establish the cause of death of tourists. 

Who is Viktor Korolev? 

Viktor Korolev — Altai entrepreneur. Tourist base “Globe”, located in the Altai region near the lake “Aya”, he acquired in 2016. For four years, he provided services for organizing recreation, as well as accommodation for tourists on the territory of the base, including in a hotel house.

After his arrest, Korolev spent three months in a pre-trial detention center. Since November 2020, he has been under house arrest. The investigation of the criminal case was completed in March 2021.

At the time of the death of the tourists, Korolev was a defendant in another criminal case related to the camp site for several months. According to Bankfax, an entrepreneur from Biysk Alexei Mineev filed a complaint with the police about fraudulent actions by two Altai businessmen — Yuri Solodovnikovand Viktor Korolev. According to the businessman, he transferred more than 7 million rubles to buy the Globus tourist center, but he never became the owner of this property, and the sellers refused to return the money. 

Mineev managed to initiate a criminal case against Korolev, but the investigation was temporarily suspended. 

Source /

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Bochkarev: preparatory work has begun on the Rublyovo-Arkhangelskaya line

Preparatory work for the first stage of the construction of the Rublevo-Arkhangelskaya metro line has been deployed in all sections between the future Shelepikha stations; and “Linden Grove”. This was announced by Deputy Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin in the Government of Moscow for urban policy and construction Andrey Bochkarev.

According to Bochkarev, a 12.65-kilometer subway section will be built as part of the first stage. It will include six stations with working names: “Zvenigorodskaya”, “Karamyshevskaya”, “Boulevard Karbysheva”, “Picturesque”, “Strogino”, “Linden Grove”.

It is noted that that the design of the second section is also underway, which will include the Ilyinskaya station; and Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye.

Bochkarev noted that on the section from “Shelepikha” to «Linden Grove» the main work begins, between the “Zvenigorodskaya” and “Karamyshevskaya” the tunnel is being laid.

«On the first section from «Shelepikha» to «Linden Grove» we are already entering the main work, where possible, so as not to delay the construction process, – said Bochkarev.

General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC; Yuri Kravtsov added that the tunnel-boring shields had passed two thirds of the planned path – 1250 out of 1750 meters of the left running tunnel. The right tunnel has been laid for almost 1100 meters.

The construction of the Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye line will improve the accessibility of the Mitino, Strogino and Khoroshevo-Mnevniki districts, as well as provide transport services for the new development in Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye.

Earlier, Bochkarev said that at the station BKL “Tekstilshchiki” the installation of platform lighting has begun, the station is 85% ready.

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The Russian Orthodox Church considers the capitalization of the word “God” a return to tradition

The capitalization of the word “God” will be a return to the tradition lost in Soviet times. This was stated by Vakhtang Kipshidze, Deputy Chairman of the Synodal Department for Relations between the Church, Society and the Media.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education published a draft resolution “On the Approval of the Basic Rules of Russian Spelling”. In the rules, in particular, it is recommended to capitalize the words God, Lord, Supreme, Savior, Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, Mother of God. In addition, the words Heaven, Providence, Providence, if they are used in a spiritual sense, are also suggested to be written with a capital letter.

Kipshidze recalled that such a spelling existed before the October Revolution of 1917.

The tradition was broken during the atheistic period of the Russian state, which thus demonstrated its disrespect for the feelings of believers, the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church noted.

He also expressed the opinion that when adopting a spelling reform, it is necessary to take into account the opinion of representatives of all traditional faiths of the Russian Federation, RIA Novosti reports.

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The Kremlin saw Johnson’s idea of ​​an alliance as a “cabal to undermine the EU”

The military alliance of Kyiv, London and the Baltic States will become a threat to the positions of the EU, one must be careful about the data of Corriere della Sera, Peskov believes. According to the newspaper, Johnson called for unity on distrust of the EU and criticism of Russia jpg” alt=”The Kremlin saw Johnson's idea of ​​an alliance as a “cabal to undermine the EU” />

The Kremlin does not have information about a possible proposal by the UK to create a military, political and economic alliance with Ukraine, however, they believe that such initiatives threaten the positions of the European Union, said the representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, RBC correspondent reports.

Earlier about this The proposal was reported by the Corriere della Sera newspaper, citing sources.

“We do not know if Boris Johnson had such initiatives. In this sense, it suggests that, apparently, he is proposing such a cabal to undermine the position of the EU, — he said.

Peskov urged caution in the published information: “With all due respect to Corriere della Sera, let's treat [this data] as a media report.”


Interlocutors of Corriere della Sera said that the British prime minister first proposed to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to create an alliance during a visit to Kyiv in early April. Johnson pointed out that it should include those states that are “united in distrust of Brussels”; and reactions to the start of a military operation by Russia: Great Britain, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, later Turkey may join the association.

These states will be united by a “zealous defense of national sovereignty,” a liberal approach to the economy, and a determination to “be as uncompromising as possible to the military threat from Moscow,” Corriere della Sera sources say.

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According to them, the Ukrainian authorities have not yet voiced a clear position on this initiative, the newspaper writes, Zelensky intends to wait for the summit on June 23, at which the EU countries will consider the country's application for candidate member status.

The European Union and Ukraine signed an association agreement in 2014, since 2019 the Ukrainian Constitution has enshrined the desire to join the EU and NATO. Zelensky applied to join the European Union a few days after the start of Russia's special operation, on February 28, calling for its approval “immediately”.

The process of Ukraine's accession to the European Union could take years, warned German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. French President Emmanuel Macron conceded that it would take decades. “Let's be honest, the European Union cannot be the only means of structuring the European continent,” — he noted at the same time. A number of European countries have adopted a position of “strategic uncertainty” on the issue of Kyiv's application, said the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba, “surrogates for the status of a candidate for the EU”; Ukrainians are not satisfied.

The Russian authorities expressed doubt that Ukraine's accession to the European Union would be “harmless”. As Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov explained, this attitude is due to the fact that the EU “from a constructive economic platform, as which it was created, has turned into an aggressive militant player who declares his ambitions far beyond the European continent.”

< p>

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Leonid Slutsky became the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party

Slutsky's candidacy was approved unanimously. He said that the party's strategy is expected to be modified in the direction of social policy, “in the direction of the people.” In 2018, three journalists accused Slutsky of harassment Slutsky became the leader of the LDPR” />

Leonid Slutsky

Leonid Slutsky, head of the LDPR faction and chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, became the leader of the party, this decision was made by its members at the congress, according to the LDPR Telegram channel.

“Leonid Slutsky unanimously 86-0 was elected the new chairman of the LDPR”,— said in the message.

After the election, Slutsky announced a “modification” party strategy, indicating that the Liberal Democratic Party will strengthen social policy, RIA Novosti reports. He said: “The strategy will remain the same, but it will be somehow modified, it will increase in the direction of the people.”

Slutsky's candidacy as chairman of the party was proposed by the Khabarovsk governor Mikhail Degtyarev, the deputy became the only candidate on the ballot to this post. The deputy took the post of head of the LDPR faction in the State Duma on May 18.

Former LDPR leader and founder Vladimir Zhirinovsky died on April 6 after a long battle with the consequences of the coronavirus, he was 75 years old. Slutsky then became the acting head of the faction.

RBC's source in the Liberal Democratic Party said that the party discussed various candidates for the post of Zhirinovsky even before his illness, “just in case,” and the final decision was planned to be made only after consultations with the Kremlin. Slutsky, Degtyarev, Zhirinovsky's son Igor Lebedev, deputies Andrei Lugovoy and Alexei Didenko were then considered among the possible leaders of the party.

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In February 2018, Slutsky was accused of sexual harassment by BBC journalist Farida Rustamova, who published a recording of a conversation with a deputy in his office, a producer of the Dozhd TV channel; Daria Zhuk and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the RTVi TV channel Ekaterina Kotrikadze. They demanded that the Duma ethics commission review the deputy's actions.

The commission did not find “behavioral violations” in him. Rustamova then said that she did not expect a different result. She is sure that the commission did not study the complaint. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov considered the accusations “a tribute to fashion” and an attempt to “keep up with the bacchanalia that is now happening in America.”

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Putin wished two governors success in the elections

The heads of Adygea and Karelia, Murat Kumpilov and Artur Parfenchikov, respectively, expire this year. Putin wished them success in their “iteration” as heads of the republics and continued work

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the heads of Adygea and Karelia Murat Kumpilov and Artur Parfenchikov, whose terms of office expire in autumn, and approved continuation of their work in posts. Transcripts of both meetings are posted on the Kremlin website.

“I want to thank you for this work and wish you success,”— Putin said to Kumpilov. The head of state noted “many positive, very stable trends” in the development of the region, for example, an increase in gross domestic product and an increase in industrial production.

Putin also wished Parfenchikov to continue his work as the leader of Karelia. “I hope that your experience as the head of the region will positively affect the results of your next iteration as the head of the republic,” — he said.

Both Kumpilov and Parfenchikov have been in office since 2017, with their terms expiring in September. In Adygea, the head of the republic is elected by the local State Council from among three candidates selected by the president. In Karelia, the governor is directly elected by the residents of the region.

On the Single Voting Day (UDV) on September 11, gubernatorial elections will be held in 15 regions of the country, including in 14 they will be direct.

< p> In April, RBC sources reported that the authorities are considering, instead of direct elections, the possibility of electing governors through local legislative assemblies (as, for example, in Adygea). In Russia, it was already canceled in 2004, but in 2012, direct elections of the heads of regions were returned.

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The next day on this proposal answered the Secretary of the General Council of “United Russia” Andrew Turchak. He pointed out that “under no circumstances” one cannot deprive the people of the right to be “the source of power in Russia” and therefore elections “should be held.” RBC sources confirmed that the authorities have decided to hold elections in the EDG.

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Latvia to close embassy office in Kaliningrad on May 30

Due to the closure of the office of the Latvian Embassy in Kaliningrad, it has stopped providing consular services and accepting visa applications. Earlier, the republic lowered the level of diplomatic relations with Russia

Embassy of Latvia in Kaliningrad

The office of the consular department of the Latvian Embassy will close in Kaliningrad on May 30, according to the website of the diplomatic mission.

In this regard, the provision of consular services and the acceptance of visa applications have been suspended. To obtain consular assistance, the office was asked to contact the Latvian Embassy in Moscow.

A new round of tension in relations between Russia and the Baltic countries began at the end of February, after Russia recognized the DPR and LPR and began special operations in Ukraine.

Latvia and Lithuania lowered the level of diplomatic relations with Russia, Vilnius also recalled its ambassador from the country. Latvia in mid-March expelled three employees of the Russian diplomatic mission, in early April— 13 more, and then announced a decision to close the Russian consulates in Daugavpils and Liepaja.

The Russian Foreign Ministry promised to respond to these actions “appropriately”. The agency expelled three Latvian diplomats and also announced the closure of the Latvian Consulate General in St. Petersburg and the consulate in Pskov. In May, they stopped working.

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Stoltenberg supported Turkey in demands to Sweden and Finland

When an ally raises a problem, it must be addressed, Stoltenberg said. Earlier, Turkey opposed the entry of Sweden and Finland into the alliance and put forward a number of demands against them

Jens Stoltenberg

Sweden and Finland are unlikely to become candidates for joining the alliance at the upcoming NATO summit if they do not fulfill Turkey's demands, Jens Stoltenberg, secretary general of the alliance, said, TRT TV channel reports.

“No one has suffered from terrorist attacks as much as Turkey. Turkey— an important ally, and when an ally raises a problem, it needs to be addressed. That's how it's always been done, — he said.

In particular, the NATO Secretary General recalled, due to the Greek veto, it took more than ten years for North Macedonia to join the alliance, but in the end the problem “was resolved”.

The NATO summit will take place in Madrid from 28 to 30 June. Sweden and Finland will be able to participate as invited countries, Stoltenberg said. However, if they do not meet Turkey's demands by June 28, they are unlikely to be candidate countries for the upcoming summit, he said. this is the time, — added the Secretary General.

Last week, Sweden and Finland applied to join NATO. The decision of the authorities of these countries was explained by changes in the security sphere after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine. They stressed that this decision was not directed against Russia and was taken only to ensure their own security.

Turkey opposed the membership of Sweden and Finland. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized these countries for “supporting terrorists” from PKK (PKK) and the imposition of sanctions against the republic.

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On May 25, delegations from Sweden, Finland and Turkey held talks in Ankara. According to Erdogan's press secretary Ibrahim Kalin, Turkey conveyed its demands to the countries. According to Sabah, Ankara is seeking to have Helsinki and Stockholm designate the PKK and its offshoots as terrorists, refuse to admit PKK members to parliaments, and expedite the procedure for extradition of “terrorists”. In addition, she demanded the “immediate removal” of sanctions against the military-industrial complex, reports Kalyn Milliyet.

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Sandu called on the prosecutor’s office not to play politics in the Dodon case

Sandu expressed hope that the prosecutor's office does not take part in anyone's political games, and the investigation will be carried out in compliance with the requirements of the law

Igor Dodon in the building of the Chisinau district court

The Moldovan prosecutor's office should investigate the case of ex-president Igor Dodona without abuse and participation in political games, the current president of the country, Maia Sandu, said at a briefing, according to the local newspaper NewsMaker.

“I really hope that the prosecutor's office is not engaged in political games either on someone else's initiative, or on their own initiative <…>. I think that in this case, the prosecutor's office needs to investigate how this case was conducted, what happened on Tuesday and Monday. Second: the leaks to the press are alarming, and I believe that the explanations of the prosecutor's office to me and the citizens are not enough, — said Sandu.

The prosecutor's office promised to investigate the leak of information on the Dodon case in the media. The department assured that the source of the leak was not persons from among those involved in the investigation, Point points out.

She pointed out that “the political game, abuse, violation of the law will lead to discrediting the prosecutor's office, reforms and our European course. The President added that she wants to see in the country “an independent, professional judiciary, which, first of all, respects the law.”

Sandu called corruption a serious problem. “Because of corruption, we have become poor, we have a weak state, undermined by these corrupt groups, so many people left the country,” — the head of state pointed out, commenting on the case of Dodon, who is also accused of taking a bribe.

Igor Dodon, who adhered to a pro-Russian course, was detained on May 24. On May 26, the court arrested him for 30 days.

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A criminal case against Dodon was opened on May 18 because of a video that was published by ex-deputy of the Moldovan parliament Iurie Renita in 2020. On it, the former head of the Democratic Party of the country, Plahotniuc, and his deputy, Sergei Yaralov, hand over to Dodon a package, in which, according to Renita, there was a large amount of money.

Dodon and Plahotniuc discuss the creation of in the coalition parliament, which had a constitutional majority. According to TV-8, Dodon said that he “constantly writes notes to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin,” without explaining their content.

The detained ex-president, commenting on the case, he called it political and fabricated by order of Sandu. The Kremlin said it was alarmed by the persecution applied to supporters of cooperation with Russia, but considers the situation an internal affair of the republic.

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Zelensky urged to “face the realities” because of the conversation with Putin

Ukrainians do not seek negotiations between Putin and Zelensky, but this should be achieved, according to Kyiv. In April, the Ukrainian authorities said that the background for negotiations was spoiled by the events in Bucha, Moscow considers them a provocation

Vladimir Zelensky

Ukrainians do not crave a conversation between President Vladimir Zelensky and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, however, such a conversation is needed, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said at a heart-to-heart forum hosted by the Indonesian Foreign Policy Community (FPCI). The broadcast was conducted on YouTube.

“There is something to discuss with the Russian leader. I can't tell you that our people yearn for my conversation with them, but we must face the realities in which we live,— Zelensky said (quote from Reuters).

According to him, from such a meeting, Kyiv wants to achieve the return of “the life of a sovereign country within its territory.”

Zelensky also said that ” with honor and joy accepts an invitation from Indonesian President Joko Widodo to attend the G20 summit in November 2022, Medcom reported. “We must not allow large-scale famine,” & mdash; he added.

Zelensky has repeatedly said that he is ready for personal negotiations with Putin, noting that the conversation should take place without intermediaries. “Only with him. Without any intermediaries. And on the terms of dialogue, and not on the terms of ultimatums, — emphasized the President of Ukraine. He added later that the question would have to be discussed by one— cessation of hostilities.

The Kremlin noted that they did not refuse the possibility of a meeting of the presidents, but first a specific document should be prepared, which they would approve during the meeting. The representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov added that under other conditions the meeting “is hardly possible.”

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The negotiation process between the parties has been going on since the end of February. The delegations of Moscow and Kyiv met three times in Belarus, a meeting was held in Istanbul's Dolmabahce Palace, at which the parties achieved the greatest progress, Kyiv conveyed its proposals to resolve the situation. It took place at the end of March.

After the events in Bucha, the Ukrainian authorities said that the incident had influenced the course of the negotiations and “left a certain imprint.” “Ukrainian society is now much more negative about any negotiation concept that concerns Russia,” — Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, explained. Putin also spoke about the impact of these events on the negotiations, he considers the events in Bucha a “provocation”.

The head of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Medinsky, said later that Moscow sent response documents, but received no reaction. In his opinion, the Ukrainian authorities decided to “freeze” negotiation process.

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China closed the sky for Boeing and Airbus Russian airlines

Russian airlines were unable to provide data that imported aircraft were officially deregistered abroad, a source told RBC. Since March, Russia has been allowed to register rights to foreign aircraft on lease

China closed its airspace for Boeing and Airbus aircraft of Russian air carriers registered in two jurisdictions, two sources told RBC.

The fact that China made such a decision was also previously reported by Global Link Logistics with reference to the country's aviation authorities, the Telegram channel “All about customs and foreign economic activity” broadcast. Another logistics operator, Optimalog, reported that it had received information about the cancellation of all flights of Aviastar Tu airlines. and iFly from China. In informal comments he cited, it was said that the planes “stopped meeting ICAO/IATA requirements”, “there are no permissions to use the air corridors.”

One of RBC's sources explains the ban by the fact that in May, the Chinese aviation authorities asked all airlines, not only Russian ones, to update electronic dossiers (portfolios; they contain information about aircraft, airline owners, ground handling contracts). Requesting such portfolios— standard procedure, the interlocutor points out. But recently in China, adjustments have been made to it.

Russian carriers flying to China have updated the information. But the Chinese authorities have requested confirmation that the imported aircraft of Russian carriers have been officially deregistered abroad. The airlines could not provide such documents. Therefore, the Chinese aviation authorities, in compliance with international aviation legislation, refused to fly on such aircraft.

According to the source, now the requirements for “cleanliness” Aircraft from the point of view of registration are presented by other countries. As an example, the interlocutor cited Turkey, which denies permission for flights to or through its airspace to “dual-registration” aircraft. (aircraft compulsorily registered in Russia).

Another interlocutor of RBC in a Russian airline confirmed that without a certificate of deregistration, aircraft are not allowed to fly to China.

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The representative of the Federal Air Transport Agency declined to comment. RBC sent inquiries to the press service of the Ministry of Transport, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (СAAC) and representatives of Aviastar-TU.

In iFly, which operated cargo flights to China on Airbus , declined to comment.

Since the end of February, Western countries have imposed a number of sanctions against the Russian aviation industry. The European Union has banned Russian aircraft from using its airspace, and has also stopped deliveries of aircraft and spare parts to the country. In addition, the EU has obliged leasing companies to terminate contracts with Russian carriers. As part of the sanctions, lessors began to arrest liners of Russian airlines abroad, in connection with which they began to cancel international flights.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking about the termination of leasing aircraft, said that Western countries deceived Russian partners, in “unilaterally refusing to fulfill its obligations.” As a measure to support the industry, he allowed the registration in Russia of foreign ships that are on lease. The issuance of Russian certificates will make it possible to use them, among other things, on flights within the country.

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Tokayev called on the EAEU to create conditions for the relocation of companies due to sanctions

Foreign companies cannot ignore the advantages of the location of the EAEU countries and the potential of the 180 million consumer market, President of Kazakhstan Tokayev emphasized

Kasym-Zhormat Tokayev

In the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), it is necessary to create comfortable conditions for the relocation of foreign companies, taking into account the sanctions context. This was stated by President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev at a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council (SEEC).


“Even the world's giants are well aware of the advantages of the geo-economic location of the Eurasian Economic Union, moreover it is impossible to ignore the potential of our 180 million consumer market, — he emphasized.

Tokayev urged to speed up the completion of joint projects of the countries — members of the EAEU and start new investment projects, improve “high-speed transcontinental corridors” to ensure global competitiveness.

In his opinion, it is necessary to direct common efforts towards the dynamic development of trade and economic cooperation, which will become “a guarantee of collective immunity in the face of global challenges.

The President of Kazakhstan also considered the sanctions confrontation unprecedented.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, stressed that “life dictates the need to create a truly barrier-free, single market in the EurAsEC space.” He expressed confidence that closer integration will allow the participating countries to become economically stronger and less dependent on external conditions.

“The advantages of the integration course are especially obvious now, in the current difficult international situation, in the face of practically aggression from some states that are unfriendly to us,” — he noted.

According to him, the EAEU countries are actively negotiating a full-fledged free trade agreement with Iran. The President of Russia also proposed to start negotiations on a free trade agreement with Indonesia and to study the issue of concluding a preferential trade agreement with the UAE. members of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space signed the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union. Prior to that, in February 2012, the Eurasian Economic Commission began its work.

The members of the Union are Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is chairing the union this year. Free movement of goods, services, capital and labor is ensured between countries, as well as the conduct of a coordinated, coordinated or unified policy in the sectors of the economy.

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