Russian woman detained in Uzbekistan due to drone returns home

Russian citizen Polina Ermakova, detained in Uzbekistan because of a drone, has returned to her homeland. Human rights activist Maria Butina spoke about this on her Telegram channel.

As Butina recalled, a Russian traveler was detained in Uzbekistan after a drone was found in her possession. According to her, the girl’s aircraft was found at the station while passing a metal detector when she was about to go from Tashkent to Bukhara.

It is noteworthy that two days before the incident, a Russian woman crossed the border of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan with this drone , there were no claims against it from the Uzbek side then. Polina Ermakova turned to the Russian embassy for help, as she was threatened with a real prison sentence in Uzbekistan. 

The human rights activist drew attention to the fact that the girl was provided with free legal advice, the Committee on CIS Affairs of the State Duma of the Russian Federation joined in resolving the issue , Russian Foreign Ministry. After a note was sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, the criminal case was dropped. 

Recall that Ermakova was detained on May 17 in Uzbekistan for importing a drone into the country. He was discovered by police officers who examined the traveler's belongings when boarding a train in Bukhara. Under Uzbek law, UAVs are subject to mandatory registration upon entry into the country. For violation of these rules, the detained travel blogger was threatened with up to three years in prison. 

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The Ministry of Education reported that by 2024 a theater will appear in every school

All Russian schools will have their own theaters by 2024. This is reported by TASS with reference to the head of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov.

According to him, 12,000 school theaters are currently operating in 100,000 schools. At the same time, 7,000 of them take part in the School Classics project, Kravtsov explained.

this project is important,” he said.

As the minister noted, every year more and more students want to create school theaters. Kravtsov specified that by 2024 each school will have its own sports club and sports section.

“Today, 27,000 sports clubs have been established across the country,” the head of the department specified.

Earlier, Rostourism announced that a program of free travel for schoolchildren within the country had started in the Russian Federation. According to the agency, about 100 thousand students in grades 5-9 will go on a trip with a social certificate.

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China’s Shenzhou-14 spacecraft launched

The launch of the Chinese manned spacecraft “Shenzhou-14” took place on Sunday, June 5, from the Jiuquan cosmodrome in Gansu province in northwest China, RIA Novosti reports.

The Long March-2F launch vehicle launched as scheduled at 10:44 local time (5:44 Moscow time).

The spacecraft will deliver a crew of three to China's Tiangong Orbital Station.

The crew included three cosmonauts: Chen Dong, Cai Xuzhe, and the first female cosmonaut of China, Liu Yang.

Earlier, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, announced that the Russian authorities had already decided when the participation of the Russian side in ISS project.

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Sofya Sapega’s mother commented on her daughter’s condition in a Belarusian prison

The mother of Sofya Sapega, sentenced to six years in Belarus, Anna Dudich, told AiF about her daughter's condition in prison.

According to her, she and her daughter often corresponded before, until October there was a telephone connection. After that, communication ceased.

Until May 31, Sofia was in Grodno prison, there was another meeting after the verdict was passed, Anna Dudich added. At present, the family does not know where their daughter is.

“As far as we understand, she is no longer in the Grodno prison. They must have sent her to the stage. We don’t know where she is now,” the mother of the convict concluded.

Recall that Russian citizen Sofya Sapega was detained along with Belarusian opposition blogger Roman Protasevich a year ago after an emergency landing of a Ryanair plane at the airport Minsk. The girl was accused of disclosing the personal data of the Belarusian security forces.

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Ecologists reported that from July 28, humanity will begin to live “in debt” from the Earth

Humanity chooses resources renewable by nature in a year, in 208 days, calculated in WWF Russia. This year we will start to live “in debt” July 28. 

After this date, all minerals and resources used by earthlings will no longer be restored. In fact, we will take them away from future generations. Last year, such a “point of no return” was a day later: July 29.

Every day, humanity cuts down 27 thousand hectares of forest, emits 90.4 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, sends up to 5.5 million tons of garbage to a landfill, environmentalists list. The planet is not able to cope with such an ecological footprint.

To reduce their own participation in the looting of the Earth, environmentalists suggest that people start changing their behavioral habits. You can start with the simplest: save water, electricity, do not buy too much, give preference to products with eco-labels — it is put on products that researchers have recognized as the safest for the environment, to behave responsibly in nature. Thus, it will be possible to reduce the harm to nature and push the day of environmental debt to later dates.

Earlier, the authorities of Paris announced that by 2027 they intend to increase the share of vegetarian food in the catering system to 40% by 2027. This will reduce the carbon footprint, as well as solve a number of other problems.

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“Year of a hellish life”. Sofya Sapega’s mother – about the possible return of her daughter to the Russian Federation

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko admitted that the Russian woman Sofya Sapega, who was sentenced in the republic to six years in prison, may be transferred to Russia .

“It's a pity for the girl. This issue needs to be resolved,” Lukashenka said after the opening of a new building for a children's clinic in Minsk

Earlier, the position of the Belarusian authorities regarding the future of Sapieha was extremely tough. Recall that the court sentenced her to six years in prison after being accused of disclosing personal data of the Belarusian security forces. Sophia was detained together with Belarusian opposition blogger Roman Protasevich a year ago after an emergency landing of a Ryanair plane at Minsk airport.

Unexpected “thaw” in relation to the prisoner, even Sophia's mother, Anna Dudich, was surprised.

– I was very excited to read this news. Yes, it really is a ray of hope. Since we are now quite discouraged. She needs to be released. This past year, a year of hell for her and for us, has truly been a lesson in life. God willing, we will be heard! But it's too early to rejoice. Now a lot depends on the Russian Federation. I hope. So far no one has contacted us.

– Did you manage to communicate with your daughter all this time?

– We used to have correspondence with her. We supported each other as much as we could. Until October, we had a telephone connection. After that – no letters, no calls, nothing. Until May 31, she was in Grodno prison. It was very difficult for her there. There was one meeting scheduled after the verdict was passed. We met. Of course, our child was in a terrible state.

– What was the reason for this condition? With the severity of the sentence or were there problems with the conditions of detention in the Belarusian colony?

– First of all, the fact is that she grew up in good conditions, she was a home child. I think it's clear what the difference is between home and prison. Her condition is connected with the perception of the conditions in which she found herself. And yes, the sentence is harsh!

– Where is she now?

– As far as we understand, she is no longer in Grodno prison. They must have sent her to the stage. Where she is now, we do not know.

– Could Sophia benefit from the fact that Roman Protasevich confessed to everything and began to cooperate with the investigation? Or was his interview rather harmful?

– Roman has nothing to do with it, I'm sure of that. With him, our paths diverged. He has his own history. He didn't behave well. I cannot say what the warming of the Belarusian authorities is connected with. For me, this is also a question. If a miracle happens and Sophia is free, it will be a gift of fate. I will never forget him.

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South Korea detects eight ballistic missiles fired from North Korea

South Korea and Japan reported the launch of six to eight ballistic missiles from the DPRK In Japan, they reported that they know about at least six missiles launched by Pyongyang. North Korea launched rockets for the 18th time since the beginning of the year, Seoul and Tokyo reported .jpg” alt=”South Korea has recorded the launch of eight ballistic missiles from the DPRK” />

People in South Korea look at the test launch of DPRK missiles, June 2017

North Korea launched eight short-range ballistic missiles towards the Sea of ​​Japan , said the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea, Yonhap reports.

According to the military, the missiles took off from areas around Sunan Airport in Pyongyang from 09:08 to 09:43 local time (from 03:08 to 03 :48 Moscow time). At the same time, the source of the agency reported that the DPRK launched missiles from at least two different places.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said North Korea had fired at least six ballistic missiles, NHK reported. The Japanese agency noticed the first rocket at 9:14 local time (3:14 Moscow time). Several of them fell into the sea outside the exclusive economic zone of Japan.

The Japanese government organized an emergency meeting of emergency ministries and services.

The US Indo-Pacific Command has said it is aware of multiple ballistic missile launches from North Korea, is consulting with allies, and is committed to protecting South Korea and Japan.

threats to US personnel or territory or to our allies, and missile launches highlight the destabilizing impact of the DPRK's illegal weapons program,— said in the unit's statement

Read on RBC Pro Pro Variable logos and fonts: how they are useful for business corruption. How It Happened Pro Articles How Meditation Is Beneficial and What Techniques Can Help You Start Practicing Pro Instructions Does Eye Gymnastics Help Improve Vision Pro Articles The US market has reached a fair mark. Rule 20 Says ItAccording to South Korean military estimates, this launch was the 18th for the DPRK since the beginning of the year. The latest launches came after US President Joe Biden's visit to Japan and the May 22 Quad summit.

Then, South Korea reported that North Korea had launched three missiles. Two of them flew 300 and 750km before crashing into the eastern Sea of ​​Japan, Tokyo said.

On May 23, South Korea and the United States fired rockets back. Seoul launched Henmu-2 ballistic missiles, and the US — one ATACMS projectile towards the Sea of ​​Japan. So the allies showed the possibilities of “immediate strike” by the allied forces.

In late May, the United States, South Korea and Japan condemned the latest North Korean missile launches. Representatives of the countries agreed to strengthen trilateral cooperation in order to completely denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, and stressed their readiness to meet with representatives of North Korea.

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WP learns about US aid to the Saudi military in Yemen airstrikes

The Washington Post learned that the United States provided military support to the Saudi Air Force in Yemen The armed conflict in Yemen began in 2015. At first, the US worried that the airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition might violate the customs of war. However, then they began to conclude military contracts with this country

The consequences of the airstrikes of the Saudi-led coalition on the city of Sanaa in Yemen, March 2022

The United States supported the air force of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia, which has been targeting Yemeni civilian infrastructure since 2015, The Washington Post and Security Force Monitor found out in a joint investigation.

The journalists analyzed more than 3,000 publicly available images, press releases, media reports and videos and identified 19 fighter squadrons that participated in the military campaign.

They found that most of the aircraft belonged to Saudi Arabia or the UAE, which entered into at least 94 contracts with the United States for weapons, training or maintenance. Most of the 39 squadrons of countries— members of the coalition who had the ability to carry out airstrikes flew fighter jets designed and sold by American companies.

The United States participated in joint exercises with at least 80% of the squadrons that carried out strikes on Yemen, an analysis of more than 1,500 videos, photos and military statements showed. Moreover, approximately four times such exercises were held in the United States.

Since 2015, US officials have raised concerns that coalition airstrikes may have violated the rules of war. They also trained the Saudi Air Force in civilian casualty prevention, the law of armed conflict and human rights. After four years of hostilities, in 2019, the United States adopted a policy requiring high-precision missile guidance.

Since the bombing began in 2015, the United States has awarded dozens of contracts to support the F-15SA fighter and upgrade other aircraft from the same series and pilot training. The last fighter jet was delivered to Saudi Arabia in 2020.

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“Both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates face a significant threat to their territories. We intend to continue to strengthen the defense capabilities of these countries, — Pentagon spokesman Ned Price said in a comment to the publication. He explained the support by the fact that over the past year the Houthis have attacked Saudi Arabia hundreds of times.

Since August 2014, a conflict has been going on in Yemen between government forces and armed groups of the Houthis. In March 2015, the conflict moved into an active phase, when coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia entered Yemen.

According to the UN, more than 17.4 million Yemenis suffer from food shortages due to the consequences of hostilities. To resolve the humanitarian crisis in the country, UNICEF will need $484.4 million in 2022 alone. The situation is complicated by military operations in Ukraine, from which Yemen receives 30% of all wheat.

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Tokayev called constitutional amendments an opportunity to prevent protests

The January protests will not be repeated in Kazakhstan thanks to a referendum on amendments to the Constitution, Tokayev believes. He suggested moving from a super-presidential form of government to a republic with a strong parliament u003d”Tokayev called constitutional amendments an opportunity to prevent protests” />

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

Voting on amendments to the Kazakh Constitution will ensure that the protests that took place in January will not be repeated, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said, submitted by Tengrinews.

“As I said, we are confident that there will be no repetition of the relapse of the tragic January in our country. And the guarantee of this, by the way, is today's referendum. We have learned the relevant lessons, — he said.

The President of Kazakhstan also expressed confidence that the amendments are changing “the paradigm of relations between the state and society, human rights are coming to the fore. This is extremely important.

According to the Kazakh CEC, at 7:00 Moscow time turnout was 28.59%, in Alma-Ata— 13.91%, in Nur-Sultan— 24.18%.

Commenting on his words about the participation of “20,000 militants” in the protests, Tokayev indicated that it was about the whole country, such data were provided by former heads of law enforcement agencies. According to him, “bandit attacks against the authorities” took place in 13 cities of Kazakhstan. To this day, because of the protests in January, 5.5 thousand criminal cases have been opened, 500 of them have been sent to court, and 23 people have been involved in real terms. The President of Kazakhstan claims that this speaks of “a thorough approach to the investigation of this tragic case.”

At the same time, the Kazakhstani authorities see no reason for the participation of international experts in the investigation of the January protests, since everything is taking place “openly, transparently, at a high professional level,” Tokayev said. “The scale of destruction caused by bandits and terrorists cannot but be terrifying, because 1,600 office commercial buildings were damaged, about 1,000 vehicles were burned, 3,000 weapons were stolen and, of course, many dead»,— he said.

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The referendum on amendments to the Kazakh constitution will be held from 7:00 to 22:00 local time (04:00 to 19:00 Moscow time), Tokayev proposed to hold a vote in April, calling for political changes after the protests. Then he expressed confidence that among the population of the country there is discontent due to the unfair structure of the state apparatus, pointing out that it is necessary to move from a super-presidential form of government to a presidential republic with a strong parliament. 33 amendments have been put to the vote; in total, they affect a third of the text of the Constitution of Kazakhstan.

In particular, the amendments introduce new restrictions for the head of Kazakhstan: one person cannot be elected to the presidency more than twice in a row, and during his term he will be obliged to leave the party, his relatives will not be able to hold leadership positions in state and quasi-state structures. Thus, the amendment introduced to the Constitution under former President Nursultan Nazarbayev on the right to be re-elected an unlimited number of times ceases to be valid, the name of the first president will also cease to be mentioned in the text of the Basic Law.

Nazarbayev assured that he supports the amendments, since the Constitution must reflect changes in society. At the same time, Tokayev stressed that he had no plans to “zero out” terms of office due to amendments to the Basic Law. He said: “I am asked at home and abroad whether the incumbent head of state is going to extend his term of office through a referendum, so to speak, to nullify the presidential term. I answer: there were no such intentions and will not be.

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The head of South Korea ordered to strengthen the containment of the DPRK after missile launches

Seoul will begin to constantly maintain a state of readiness in terms of missile launches from the territory of the DPRK, the latest incident was the 18th since the beginning of the year.

Yoon Seok Yeol

South Korea will strengthen the extended deterrence regime and a joint defensive posture with the United States after the launch of eight ballistic missiles by the DPRK, such an order was given by the President of the Republic Yoon Seok Yeol , reports Yonhap.

The president's office said he ordered “constantly maintain a state of readiness and continue to strengthen the South Korean-American system of extended deterrence and combined defense, including missile defense exercises.” with Washington.

North Korea’s missile launches were a “provocation,” Seoul believes, the South Korean president noted that Pyongyang only committed “provocations” this year; this kind on average every nine days.

Eight short-range ballistic missiles have taken off from North Korea, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea reported earlier on the morning of June 5, indicating that North Korea has launched missiles for the 18th time this year. “[This] is a provocation that poses a serious threat to peace and security not only on the Korean Peninsula, but throughout the world,” — the military said in a statement.

The ministry clarified that the missile launches were carried out from several positions: from areas near the Sunan airport in Pyongyang from 09:08 to 9:43 local time (from 03:08 to 03:48 Moscow time), from the outskirts of the city of Hamhung in the east of the DPRK, the cities of Kaechon in the central part of the republic and Tongchang-ri in the northwest, reports Yonhap. The South Korean military added that the missiles traveled from 110 to 670 km at altitudes of 25 to 90 km at speeds of Mach 3 to 6.

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The command of the US Indo-Pacific Army announced consultations with allies about missile launches from North Korea. At the same time, according to the US military, the incident did not pose a direct threat to the territory of the United States or allied states. The message also stated that “these missile launches highlight the destabilizing impact of the DPRK's illegal weapons program.”

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El País learned about Spain’s readiness to arm Ukraine with “Leopards”

El País: Spain is ready to supply Ukraine with Leopard tanks and Shorad Aspide air defense systems Madrid will transfer 40 Leopard A4 tanks to Kyiv after repairs, sources told the newspaper. According to The Objective, this will take one to three months. In Kyiv, they said earlier that there was not enough help from Spain, it would be enough “for two hours of fighting”

Leopard A4 tanks

The Spanish authorities are preparing to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine, the military aid package will include Leopard A4 tanks and a battery of short-range anti-aircraft missile systems Shorad Aspide, writes El País citing sources in the Spanish government.

We are talking about tanks that are stored at a military base in Zaragoza in the north-east of the country. Madrid received 108 used tanks from Germany in 1995 as part of a contract for the production of Leopard in Spain, the newspaper writes. Initially, the Spanish authorities intended to restore the received cars, but later, due to lack of funding, it was decided to leave them in storage. According to El País sources, Madrid intends to restore and transfer 40 Leopard A4 tanks to Kyiv.

Spain will also train the Ukrainian military to operate these tanks, the first stage of the training is planned to be held in Latvia, where a contingent of 500 Spanish military personnel with six Leopard 2E tanks is stationed. The second stage of preparation involves training in Spain, sources told the publication.

El País indicates that Madrid previously supplied Kyiv with ammunition, personal protective equipment and light weapons, such as machine guns and S-90 grenade launchers.


Ukraine has previously reported low levels of military support from Madrid compared to other states. Ukrainian Ambassador to Spain Sergei Pogoreltsev said in early June that Kyiv was dissatisfied with the actions of Madrid, and the Spanish authorities could make more efforts, The Objective reported. According to the ambassador, the amount of weapons transferred by Madrid is 0.03% of the total amount of the Spanish arsenal.

The diplomat pointed out that Ukraine received 200 tons of military assistance from Spain, but this is not enough, they are only enough for “two hours of fighting”, Telemadrid reported. Pogoreltsev called for the urgent dispatch of 53 Leopard tanks from the Zaragoza base, 155mm howitzers, 120mm mortars, multiple launch rocket systems, anti-aircraft missile systems and Harpoon anti-ship missiles. Sources of The Objective also reported that a base in Latvia is being considered as a platform for training the Ukrainian military. The interlocutors of the portal added that the Spanish defense contractor Santa Bárbara Sistemas guaranteed the preparation of tanks for shipment within 1–3 months.

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In recent weeks, the Spanish Ministry of Defense has declared the uselessness of these machines and the “inexpediency” their use on the battlefield, points out The Objective. Leopard tanks will become “completely useless” for an army that does not know how to handle them, said the head of the defense headquarters, Admiral Teodoro López Calderon.

The Objective cites data from the European Commission, according to which the total amount of military support sent by Madrid to Kyiv is €4 million. €1.34 billion, and neutral Sweden— €127 million

The Spanish authorities announced the supply of light weapons to Ukraine in early March, the aid package provided for the shipment of 1,370 grenade launchers and 700,000 rifle and machine gun cartridges, along with light machine guns. The head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, noted that Madrid's deliveries include offensive weapons. In the left-wing opposition coalition, “United We Can” At the same time, they criticized the decision of the Prime Minister, calling it erroneous. According to the members of the coalition, this threatens to escalate the conflict, which should be resolved through diplomacy.

The supply of weapons by Western countries to Ukraine is also criticized by the Russian authorities. President Vladimir Putin claims Russian forces are “clicking” American weapons are like nuts, dozens of sets have been destroyed. His press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, has repeatedly said that the goals of the special operation will be achieved, despite the supply of weapons by Western countries. He believes that Western weapons will bring “more suffering” to the country.

“If NATO, in fact, goes to war with Russia through a proxy and arms this proxy, then in war as in war,” — Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned at the end of April.

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Explosions at railway facilities reported in Kyiv

Several explosions occurred in the east of Kyiv, Zelensky's office reported that the infrastructure of the railways had been damaged. One person was injured, there were no deaths. CNN and Reuters journalists reported a column of smoke after the explosions * “In Kyiv, explosions were reported at railway facilities” />

Several explosions occurred at infrastructure facilities in Darnitsky and Dneprovsky districts of Kyiv, located in the east of the city, one person was injured, Mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitaliy Klitschko said on Telegram .

Adviser to the head of the office of the Ukrainian president, Serhiy Leshchenko, said that Ukrzaliznytsia facilities were damaged as a result of the strikes. Ukrainian railway operator. Reuters and CNN reporters reported that the explosions sent up a tall plume of smoke.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the military does not strike civilian targets, only military targets.


The night before, the authorities of the Donetsk People's Republic reported that Ukrainian forces had shelled the Voroshilovsky district of Donetsk. Mayor Aleksey Kulemzin specified that at least 12 people were injured, most of them were taken to hospitals with cut wounds or shrapnel wounds.

On the morning of June 5, the DPR Territorial Defense Headquarters announced artillery shelling from the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Novomikhailovka on Petrovsky district of Donetsk. As the military republics clarified, 122-millimeter artillery was used.

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Tokayev created a commission for the return of money exported abroad

This became known on the day of voting on amendments to the Constitution of the country. They, like the promises of the authorities to fight money laundering, were the result of the January protests jpg” alt=”Tokayev created a commission for the return of money exported abroad” />

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has created an interdepartmental commission to return funds illegally exported by citizens of the country abroad, reports citing Tokayev's press service. The message appeared on the day of voting on amendments to the Constitution of the country.

“The head of state intends to exercise personal control over the activities of the commission,”— The report says.

In January, the President of Kazakhstan, after mass protests in the country, instructed to check the facts of the withdrawal of capital abroad. In February, Tokayev challenged the government to come up with a plan to return money smuggled out of Kazakhstan.

In March, Tokayev banned the export of foreign currency worth the equivalent of $10,000, as well as certain volumes of gold and bullion coins. In addition, gold bars of refined gold weighing 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 g, as well as investment coins made of Altyn Barys gold and Kumis Barys silver, issued by the National Bank of Kazakhstan, cannot be exported. Refined gold weighing more than 100g also fell under the export ban.

The government of Kazakhstan explained that the measure was taken “in order to protect the national interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan and ensure financial stability.” of the state.

On June 5, a referendum on amendments to the Constitution is being held in Kazakhstan, they were proposed after the January protests. Tokayev said that discontent arises among the population of the country because of the unfair structure of the state apparatus. 33 amendments were put to the vote, they affect a third of the text of the Constitution of Kazakhstan in total.

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Putin did not see changes “in essence” due to “fuss” with the supply of missiles to Kyiv

Putin: Russia Will Strike New Targets If Long-Range Missiles Are Given to Ukraine Russia will strike targets it hasn't hit yet if the West sends long-range missiles to Ukraine, Putin said. Recent deliveries do not change anything, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine had similar weapons =”Putin did not see any changes “in essence” because of the “fuss” with the supply of missiles to Kyiv” />

The supply of multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) by the United States and other Western states does not change the balance of power, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine possessed Russian and Soviet weapons with a similar range of fire, President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the Rossiya 1 TV channel.

He expressed confidence that there is “nothing new” in this, since the Ukrainian army is already armed with the Grad, Smerch and Smerch systems. and “Hurricane”.

“This is what we hear today, what we understand: these are missiles, like some 45-70 km, depending on the type of missiles. Well, the same thing happened with those “Grads”, “Hurricanes”, which I mentioned. There is also a range of 40 & ndash; 70 km, & mdash; Putin said.

The President clarified that by the time the special operation began, Ukraine had approximately 515 units of such systems, of which 380 were destroyed, but some were restored, and now the Armed Forces of Ukraine have 360 ​​MLRS systems. He considered that the delivery “is connected with making up for the losses of this military equipment, there is nothing new here and it does not change anything in essence.”

look has only one purpose— drag out the armed conflict as far as possible,— Putin emphasized.

“If [long-range missiles] are delivered, we will draw appropriate conclusions from this and use our means of destruction, which we have enough, in order to strike at those objects that we do not yet strike,” — he also said.

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In early June, American President Joe Biden instructed to deliver MLRS to Ukraine as part of a $700 million assistance package. It will include M142 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) systems, which have been repeatedly requested in Kyiv. Biden said the decision was “timely and necessary” for the Ukrainian military.

Kyiv assured that they would not use the received MLRS to strike targets in Russia, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said, calling the relationship between the United States and Ukraine trusting. Advisor to the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak also stressed that the Ukrainian forces are now on the defensive, there are no plans to strike at the territory of Russia. “We are not interested in what is happening in Russia. We are only interested in our own territory, & mdash; President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said, rejecting the possibility of strikes against Russia with the received long-range weapons.

The Russian Ministry of Defense, however, announced the intention of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to hit Russia with long-range missiles. The ministry claims that such weapons will soon arrive in the city of Shostka in the Sumy region, from where strikes will be delivered “directly from the residential areas of the city.” This will be done as part of a “provocation” against Russian forces to return fire, the Ministry of Defense is sure.

The Kremlin felt that Biden's decision “adds fuel to the fire” and does not contribute to the desire in Kyiv to negotiate with Moscow. In response to a question about the measures that Russia is ready to take after Ukraine receives such weapons, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov suggested “not talking about the worst scenarios.”

Deputy Security Council Chairman Dmitry Medvedev warned that Russian forces would strike at decision-making centers if the territory of Russia is attacked. At the same time, he added: “But you need to understand that the final decision-making centers in this case, unfortunately, are not even on the territory of Kyiv.”

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October 7, 1952

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The Ministry of Defense reported downed Ukrainian An-26 and MiG-29

The Ministry of Defense reported the downed Ukrainian An-26 near Odessa and the MiG-29 over Slavyansk Not far from Odessa, Russian forces shot down an An-26 aircraft that was transporting military equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. MiG-29 fighter was hit over Slavyansk during an air battle, reported to the ministry * .jpg” alt=”The Ministry of Defense reported downed Ukrainian An-26 and MiG-29″ />

View of the building of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

An An-26 Ukrainian transport aircraft was shot down in the Odessa region, it was transporting military equipment and weapons, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. ;,— the message says.

A Ukrainian MiG-29 was shot down over Slavyansk during an air battle, the Russian Defense Ministry also reported that the city is located on the territory over which the DPR declared sovereignty. Fights are underway for control over it.

The Ministry of Defense also reported on the defeat from the air by high-precision missiles of Ukrainian workshops for the repair of military equipment in Kramatorsk, Chasov Yar and Druzhkovsk, control points 81- 1st and 95th Airborne Assault Brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, six places of accumulation of Ukrainian servicemen and military equipment. Among other things, an American AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery radar was destroyed near Seversk in the Donetsk region.

During the day, aviation hit three command posts and ammunition depots, 65 places of accumulation of Ukrainian military personnel and equipment, as a result of which, according to Moscow, 350 people were killed, 10 tanks and armored vehicles were destroyed, two Grad installations were destroyed. and 14 vehicles. Near the Konstantinovka station, fuel tanks headed for the Ukrainian forces in the Donbass were destroyed, and ammunition depots in Loskutovka and Bakhmut were also hit. During the day, 10 Ukrainian UAVs were destroyed, the ministry said.

Over the past day, artillery and missile troops have attacked 46 command posts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 498 places of concentration of military and equipment, as well as 123 Ukrainian artillery and mortar units.

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