Alkaline and Elephant Man No Show At Ecips Music Fest Blames Promoters

Both artists posted the videos last night from New York saying that they are ready to perform but for reasons beyond their control they cannot. “People whats going on its the Manhimself I am here in New York at my hotel waiting to go at the show,” Alkaline said in Jamaican patois. So I just want to apologize to the fans and let them know that I am actually here, I am actually here in New York ready and want to perform but you see whats going on. Among the other artists on the lineup includes Remy Ma, Akon, Queen Ifrica, Kiprich, Teflon, Lady G among others. Alkaline and Elephant Man fans were left disappointed last night at the much anticipated ECIPS Music Festival in New York. “But for reasons beyond my control it doesn’t look like its going to happen right now. Sources told Dancehall HipHop that the promoter of the event was not forthcoming with the final deposit for the artists per their contract and as such a number of artists including Alkaline and Elephant Man pulled out of the event last minute. So until next time nuff love.”
Elephant Man says that he isn’t even sure what went wrong with the promoters. Both deejays have since taken to Instagram to apologize to their fans and also to let them know that it was not their fault why they didn’t perform. “I did this video to let my fans know am sorry for yesterday I don’t know what went wrong with promoter and there organization so I took the time out to let my fans know watch video,” he wrote. #alkaline apologize to fans for no show at #ecipsmusicfestival in New York last night
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#elephantman explains no show at #ecipsmusicfestival in NYC
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