Naftogaz reacted to Germany’s decision on Nord Stream 2

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Euractiv reports that the head of the Ukrainian company Naftogaz, Yuriy Vitrenko, described the decision of Germany as a” mockery ” allow the operator Nord Stream 2 to form a subsidiary.

Vitrenko believes that Nord Stream 2 does not comply with EU rules, and therefore cannot be certified. He also condemned the idea of ​​licensing only part of the gas pipeline.

The head of Naftogaz added that Nord Stream 2 should be filled with alternative gas suppliers throughout.



Volodin asked Russians to name who destroyed the USSR


State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin in his telegram channel launched a poll on the reasons for the collapse of the USSR. He invited the channel subscribers and other interested users of the messenger to choose one of the proposed answer options. At the same time, the proposed answers & ndash; from different categories and are not mutually exclusive.

According to Volodin, the reasons for the destruction of the Union could be: “weak leadership”, “betrayal of the party elites”, “empty shelves in stores”, “lack of competition in politics” monopoly on power of one party, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union “,” foreign intervention. “

” The USSR collapsed 30 years ago, ” Volodin writes. & ndash; This is a tragedy for all of us: everything that was defended, built and created during the previous time, collapsed … ''

As follows from the first results of the vote, Volodin's subscribers are inclined to blame the renegades for the collapse of the country, but by no means the actions of the authorities. For example, an hour after the poll was launched, the most popular answer (54%) was “betrayal of the elites.” The second most popular (23%) & ndash; & quot; foreign interference. & quot; The readers of Volodin's channel did not notice the economic reasons in the events of 30 years ago, only 2% of the survey participants considered “ empty shelves '' a sufficient argument for the people's desire for change.

Comments under the post are multiplying, opinions differ greatly. At the same time, many commentators write that they consider all of the above factors acting simultaneously to be the cause of the country's collapse. Some are of the opinion that modern Russia faces the same scenario due to the introduction of QR codes: supporters of this version call this pandemic measure “ segregation. '' about the upcoming system of QR codes. He promised that all opinions will be examined and decisions will be made in accordance with them. In those comments, the vast majority of entries were from opponents of the introduction of QR codes.



Medvedev is re-elected chairman of United Russia

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Congress of United Russia elected Medvedev to the post of party chairman, follows from the broadcast of the event. Boris Gryzlov was re-elected chairman of the party's supreme council.

Medvedev was unanimously supported. Abstaining and voting against did not reveal. & nbsp; “Thank you very much, dear friends, thank you for your trust,” the politician thanked.

Medvedev also said that the Supreme Council of the party will consist of 100 people. There will also be an opportunity for additional election for those who show the best results in party work.

Recall that Medvedev was elected chairman of the United Russia party. May 26, 2012 at the XIII Party Congress.



Bloomberg: Lavrov and Blinken argued over Ukraine

Diplomats disagreed on the events of 2014

A tense dispute erupted at a meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Stockholm. The parties vigorously discussed the events in Kiev seven years ago, as well as the current situation around Ukraine. Bloomberg reports this with reference to an unnamed eyewitness to the discussion.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The United States and its allies in During the negotiations, they began to “look for ways” to respond to the hypothetical invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine. They also talked about possible new sanctions. After that, the exchange of views became more acute. Lavrov reminded Blinken that a coup d'etat took place in Kiev in 2014. The American diplomat objected to his colleague and said that some forces allegedly loyal to Viktor Yanukovych opened fire on peaceful protesters and killed more than a hundred people.

Lavrov disagreed and accused NATO and the European Union of suppressing dissent. In addition, he expressed dissatisfaction with the Alliance threatening Russia. The parties did not agree.

In recent weeks, the Western press has been actively discussing the issue of allegedly preparing Russia for an invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, in Kiev, at first, they did not notice the “threat” that comes from the neighbor. And then, under the influence of European politicians, they also started talking about the prospects of an attack.

Moscow denies the accusations. Moreover, Russian diplomats have repeatedly pointed out that rhetoric is being used to pull NATO troops to the Russian borders. Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Vladimir Putin, said that the country is not obliged to report to other states on the movement of its troops across its territory.



Possible US “nuclear” sanctions against Russia over Ukraine named

Cutting off the Russian economy from SWIFT will hit Western countries as well

In the coming days, negotiations are scheduled between the leaders of Russia and the United States. A telephone conversation is expected on Tuesday between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden against the backdrop of renewed tensions between the United States and Russia over the events around Ukraine. Meanwhile, American politicians are talking about new “nuclear sanctions” against Moscow.


White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said a number of issues will be discussed during the telephone talks between the heads of the two powers, and “President Biden will highlight US concerns about Russian military activities on the border with Ukraine and reaffirm US support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Earlier, Biden made a number of harsh statements, saying, in particular, that he did not accept “no one's red lines” and that he was preparing some comprehensive initiatives that would make it difficult for Russia to “invade” Ukraine. According to media reports, in this way the head of the White House commented on the statements made at the Russia Calling forum by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who considers the “red lines” for Moscow not only to bring NATO infrastructure closer to Russia's borders, but also to deploy strike complexes on Ukrainian territory. p>

Exactly what measures the US president had in mind when he said that he was preparing “the most ambitious and significant set of initiatives that will make it very difficult for Putin to do what people fear he is going to do,” Biden did not elaborate. …

The Associated Press, meanwhile, says the Joe Biden administration has “many options” to deliver on its promise of a financial blow to Russia in the event of an “invasion” of Ukraine, from sanctions against the Russian president's associates to disconnecting Russia from the financial system, which sends money worldwide.

As noted by AP, the United States and its European allies have not made any public mention of any plans to retaliate in the event of an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken this week promised Moscow financial problems – “economic measures that we have refrained from in the past.”

Over the past decade, the United States has already imposed a number of sanctions against Russian legal entities and individuals, many of which are related to the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 2014 and the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. The American sanctions, reminds the Associated Press, were also associated with accusations of Russia of “interference” in the US elections, “malicious cyber activity and human rights violations.”

The sanctions imposed on Russians include an asset freeze, bans on doing business with American companies, and a denial of entry into the United States. But in an effort to punish Russia, the West has over the years considered the possibility of even more serious financial sanctions, emphasizes AP. This includes the so-called “nuclear option”: blocking Russia from the Belgium-based SWIFT financial payment system, which moves money between thousands of banks around the world.

When the US successfully pressured SWIFT to shut off Iranian banks over Tehran's nuclear program, Iran lost nearly half of its oil export revenues and a third of its foreign trade, experts say, arguing that Russia's impact on the Russian economy would be “just as devastating “, Since the Russian Federation depends on SWIFT to ensure the flow of petrodollars.

However, as the Associated Press admits, since 2014 Russia has been working to protect its domestic financial systems from such a shutdown, and shutting down SWIFT will cause indirect damage to Western economies .

Former US ambassador to Ukraine and career diplomat John Herbst said on Friday that, in his opinion, “although we shouldn't forget about SWIFT, it will be a last resort.”

Earlier this year, the Biden administration further limited Russia's ability to borrow money by barring US financial institutions from buying Russian government bonds directly from government agencies. But the sanctions are not aimed at the secondary market, and this remains a possible next step, the Associated Press points out.

Other possible instruments of restrictive measures, as John Herbst noted, could be financial sanctions against people close to the President of the Russian Federation, and their families, and new restrictions against Russian banks and Russia's vital energy sector.



Ex-participant of “House-2” about the service in Donbass: “The Nazis mocked for fun”

How a participant in a reality show came to the fore

In Russia, December 5 is celebrated as the Day of the Volunteer or Volunteer. What drives volunteers? A question to which, perhaps, there is no unambiguous answer. For someone, “saving” is a state of mind, for someone helping others is the ideology of life. They are not always understood, some even condemn them and look for a catch in every act. Others admire and cite as examples. But, one way or another, these people are among us. The MK correspondent talked with the former participant of the show “Dom-2” Natalya Khim, call sign “Wolf Mother”, who came to Donbass as a volunteer in 2014 and spent three years in the militia.

Photo: From the personal archive

I got into a dispute at” Dom-2 “”

This slender blonde could be more of a model or an actress – without too much flattery, I will say that her looks allow it. But for herself, she chose a different path. Looking ahead, I will note that during our conversation the question “How could this girl even end up in the war?” with a sense of pride that, despite all the political, economic and social difficulties, there are people who are ready to help those who need this help.

– It was a long time ago, in 2007. In general, I went there on a bet. Before the war, I sang a little and acted in films. My friends and I celebrated on February 23rd, and then I heard a phone call on my mobile phone with an invitation to come to the project. Friends heard, and began: “Yes, you are weak, you will not go …” Well, I went on principle. It so happened that other participants voted for me, and I stayed. Only a few days later my family found out where I was. In the same place, as soon as you sign the contract, your phone is immediately taken away. But I didn’t want to stay there for a long time, so I didn’t build relationships with anyone, but only constantly conflicted. I still had the image of a kid at that time: shaved bald, grinders … The producer, of course, did not like my position, and because of this we also had scandals. Four months later, the degree of heat rose nowhere higher, and I decided that I had enough. The project was finished. If we talk about volunteering, then even before Donbass I joined the Liza Alert search unit, and I remain there to this day. I try to help animals whenever possible.

– Let's start with the fact that before Donbass I already knew what war was. At the end of the second Chechen campaign, I came to Grozny with humanitarian aid. Therefore, I had a clear idea that there was no resort there. Without any further illusions.

My youth was spent in the so-called informal environment: skinheads, football fans … At that time, we were very close friends with the Shakhtar fan club.

“ Shakhtar ”is a Ukrainian professional football club from Donetsk, playing in the Ukrainian Premier League. Winner of the UEFA Cup, thirteen-time champion of Ukraine, thirteen-time winner of the Ukrainian Cup, nine-time winner of the Ukrainian Super Cup, four-time winner of the USSR Cup.

Even before the tragedy in Odessa on May 2, 2014, the guys from the “support” (fans supporting the team. – Auth. ) began to agitate me to come and side with Ukraine. At first I didn't quite understand exactly where they were calling me. Some vague phrases sounded: “Come on, and we'll move over there.”

Shirokino Photo: From personal archive

I will not hide the fact that initially the idea of ​​the Maidan itself was close to me, like many others. But no one expected what it would turn out to be. People were “divorced”, put pressure on painful, lively topics, of which everyone was very tired: rampant corruption, without money you can’t do anything, but there’s no money … And then Odessa happened, when people were burned alive. It just didn't fit in my head. In our crowd, opinions were divided, and then it became clear who, where and on whose side.

And so I come to Donetsk, but it turns out that my “barkers” are already in Kiev. I remember we phoned, I said: “I mean, are you in Kiev? You are Donetsk residents. What have you forgotten there? ” And they answered me: “Live. Come to us too. Let's go to Azov to serve together. ”

I couldn’t believe my ears. “What” Azov “?! – I shout into the phone. “Are you going to kill your own people, fire your own houses?”

But after talking for some more time, I realized that we were not on our way further. They were brainwashed there. There were people – they became zombies, they didn't hear anyone or anything.

I, of course, then was very offended. I abandoned everything in Moscow, came, consider, to nowhere, and how to continue to be – it is not clear. “Mine” – everyone in Ukraine, more precisely, those whom I considered “mine”. By the way, they also wrote to me later: like, let's meet on the battlefield, they sent all sorts of threats … For you to understand, I was only 25 years old at that time.

Fortunately, in addition to those “comrades” I had other acquaintances in Donetsk. In general, before the war, I loved this city very much and often came there. For myself, I clearly decided that I would stay here in the militia. I simply could not return and live peacefully in Moscow, knowing that people are being killed here, children. A grandmother comes out with a cross on a tank, and she is being crushed by a tank … It was impossible to remain indifferent. You see, if I hadn't stayed there, I wouldn't have been me.

– Of course, it's scary. For yourself, for those who remained in the Donbass, for those who left for the side of Ukraine … This is a very strange feeling: you knew people, you were even friends with someone. Now, if you meet and the situation forces you to, you will kill him. Simply because otherwise he will kill you.

– I found the end of 2014 in Lugansk. First I went to the LPR, I wanted to get to serve with Alexei Mozgovoy or Alexander Bednov. But, unfortunately, I did not have time to personally meet them, I left for Donetsk. Then they were gone. And I just nailed to the militia boys and stayed.

With Polynkov Photo: From personal archive

– Well, at first, of course, there were all sorts of jokes, not without it. But I did not hear any vulgarity from anyone, and no one pestered. For my luck, the first year no one knew that I was a participant in the Dom-2 project, otherwise I cannot imagine how many jokes I would have heard about myself. Probably, this show was not so popular in Ukraine, and people did not recognize me. Or maybe I've changed so much. I don’t know.

– In 2015 I was invited to a live broadcast, and there someone recognized me and wrote that I was in “House 2”. But at that time already all colleagues took it more or less normally.

The Nazis mocked the prisoners for fun

– A lot of people. With Igor Strelkov, with Givi, with Motorola. We were very friendly with Mamai.

Oleg Mamiev, call sign “Mamai”, is a participant in the war in Donbass, a lieutenant colonel of the armed forces of the DPR, the commander of the international brigade “Pyatnashka”. One of the founders of the Union of Donbass Volunteers. He died on May 17, 2018.

Together with him, we came up with a birthday present for Sasha Zakharchenko: we wanted to give a black wolf cub. But Oleg did not live up to this moment, and we presented the gift together with the guys from Pyatnashka. The cub was named Faithful Alan Mountain Winds.

And Mamai and I also dreamed of transferring the bombarded Dokuchaevsky zoo to Donetsk and building a new, large one there so that the animals could be free-range. Zakharchenko supported us with this idea. But they didn't have time.

– Oh, listen, whatever you have to do. It happened that there was not even a penny of money at all. For some time I worked with Igor Ivanovich Strelkov in a warehouse with humanitarian aid. By the way, he is the only person who took up the huge supply of humanitarian supplies for animals to various home and small shelters. I was offended for the animals, and I just asked him to send at least some food to the “4 Paws” shelter, where we took the wounded animals. And Igor Ivanovich sent several tons and began to do this on an ongoing basis. What was there just for animals! Thanks to this, not only promoted shelters, like Pif, for example, to which money and food were always sent from abroad, were provided with feed, but also ordinary, home animal shelters, private. They needed them the most, but no one cared about them.

It is not only people who suffer from the war. We ourselves from the front line brought seriously wounded animals to the shelters, the girls took care of them. There were no days off: you are on the front line, then in the warehouse.

We used to live in the location, and in the closets of all sorts of incomprehensible, when the financial situation was a little better, in a hotel … We moved constantly. There was no such thing to get on the point – that's all. The longest point where I lived was the Central Hotel.

– Of course not. They did a discount, and that's good. We paid 900 rubles a month for water and electricity.

– Everyone has it differently. Personally, I rented an apartment in Moscow. We have always helped each other. Money will come to me for the apartment – I will buy something for the guys. Then, when I'm not doing very well, they will help. Yes, in fact we had everything in common. There is no other way to survive in war.

– Good. That's really very good. Except when people were sold to Ukrainians and handed us over. For example, we carry water, bread, medicines, the locals see it, and after a while we come under fire. Once a school bus with children almost got under such shelling. Fortunately, we managed to deploy it. In Novolasp (Telmanovsky district. – “MK” ) It was. First, the machine gunners fired at us, then the snipers began to work. Upon arrival, even then they understood who was shooting what. Two hundred meters to the car. I had to crawl over stones, over broken glass. There was a girl with us, the driver's wife – she thought of it: she went in a dress and on heels. I told her at the beginning of the journey: “Why did I dress like that? You're setting us up. How can I get you out afterwards ?! ” It was hard for her to crawl at all. While we were driving between houses, we saw that a bus with children was on its way. The driver seems to be asleep and does not see that they are bombing. I had to block the road with my car. I fly up to the bus, yelling at the driver … In general, they turned the bus around. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

– Many. There were even prisoners who said that they were glad that they came to us. I remember that a seventeen-year-old boy was caught, so he generally said that he came out to us on purpose. He was afraid to openly go over to the side of Donbass, because he understood that inadequate Nazis were serving around him, and if they found out, they would kill him.

– Often. Both ours and Ukrainians. That side of the tin that did with the prisoners. Sometimes they just scoffed for fun. When I remember, I still cringe. It seems that time has already passed, and somehow I myself try to abstract from the memories, but still I can not fully return to a peaceful life. Gone is the habit of listening to every noise. And before any fireworks, firecrackers – you immediately look with your eyes to see where something is flying from.

Donbass volunteer badge Photo: From personal archive

– Enough. I'll tell you that there were women who were bolder than some men.

– The girls are mostly local. Guys – 50 to 50. Girls were really appreciated, protected as best they could.

– Well, how without it? Still, living people. I myself got married in the war. Our wedding was the second most discussed after the wedding of Motorola. The entire Internet was buzzing …

Arsen Pavlov, call sign “Motorola”, is a participant in the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, the commander of the anti-tank special unit “Sparta” of the DPR. Died October 16, 2016.

We generally thought that there would be some kind of provocation at the wedding – more precisely, we were even warned that this was possible. But the blessing all went quietly. Then, in 2016, I gave birth to a child in Donetsk and left for Moscow with my daughter. And my husband still serves in Donbass.

“There is always propaganda that Russia is an enemy”

– I came to fight because I needed it, and not for the sake of a military man or something else, so I remained in the “unofficial”. Someone checked out.

– It got worse. More violence. Look at them yourself (Ukrainian. – Auth. ) children. They themselves did not come to this – it means that someone put such thoughts and such words into their heads. There is a constant propaganda that Russia is the enemy, and all their troubles are because of the Russians.

– I don't think so. The most important ones remained. Why should they leave, leave their home and run? Do you know how to understand that a person who was born in Donbass is Russian? He didn't run away. I'm not saying that everyone should follow their example. But personally, I am proud of these people. They live for the sake of their country so that their children can then live there, without war, without Maidans …

– I'll tell you straight: everyone already understands that this is the most commercial war. And why Mozgovoy was killed. And why did not Sasha Zakharchenko become. Now, it seems to me, the 2014 scenario is being replayed in Donbass. And it will not be possible to stop without the help of Russia. Many are now dissatisfied with Putin, but personally I believe that it is not he who is to blame, but his entourage. And he needs to clean this environment. War, in my opinion, is a kind of vicious circle that can be broken not by forced reconciliation, but by non-standard ones. Because the standards that are now used to unite countries no longer work. Pay attention to Armenia and Azerbaijan. No matter how much they put up, armed conflicts still continue.

As for Ukraine, it seems to me that as soon as its financial support from the West stops, the war will end.

Wedding Photo: From personal archive

– I left for Moscow in 2016, after the birth of my child, – I had to do the documents and so, some issues to be resolved. It took more time than I originally thought. And when everything was settled, I realized that there was no point in returning to Donbass. 2017 year. What was I already there to do? At first I still came there often, and then less and less.

But it was hard to get out of the habit. And now, it happens, he finds it. You think: “Why is that? Mine are all there, and I am here. ” Only a child holds. If not for my daughter, she would have left long ago. Especially seeing what is happening now.

– I thought about that too. In life, there are often situations when volunteers come to the rescue, and not those who should come on duty or work. But for those who are waiting for help, it is not so important where it came from. The end result is important. And therefore it is necessary to promote goodness and it is necessary to instill in children care for those who are in need. Otherwise, society is doomed.

There was a pause after my question. I have already encountered such a reaction, communicating with volunteer rescuers, with volunteers. When a person helps not for the sake of something, but simply because he cannot do otherwise.

“I don’t even know what to answer,” Natasha was the first to break the silence. – Autopilot, I guess. I don’t know how else it can be. This is already a way of life. And it doesn't matter to whom and where you help: you are taking humanitarian aid to the front line, you brought a bag to your grandmother, or you didn’t leave the dog hit by a car to die on the street. You, most importantly, help.



Mishustin showed in Dubai how Mayakovsky and Rihanna are connected

It costs from 12 to 16 thousand rubles to join the “Putin's team” at EXPO-2020

Mikhail Mishustin, during his visit to EXPO-2020 in Dubai, expressed the hope that in nine years, the most prestigious international exhibition will reach Moscow. “Our application is the best. If she wins, everything will be done at the highest level, ”the prime minister promised. The Russian capital has already applied for EXPO-2010, but lost to China. This time, South Korean Busan is considered the main rival. The concept that emphasizes that Russia strives for progress and general harmony, and not for strife and provocations, as ill-wishers claim, should win the hearts of the jury.


World EXPO exhibitions, which are held every five years, consistently attract the attention of the Russian authorities. Recently, the president and prime minister have been visiting them in turn. And once Russia even claimed the status of a host country, but despite a solid support group, which, in addition to Putin and Gorbachev, included Rostropovich and Plisetskaya, who were still alive at that time, did not win the competition. In 2015, Vladimir Putin's visit to the EXPO in Milan was combined with another round of Normandy Four talks on Donbass. And in 2010, there was an embarrassment in Shanghai: at the Russian pavilion of the then Prime Minister, Medvedev met Dunno, which gave rise to many memes and jokes.

This year, near the entrance to the exposition, there were more harmless figures – two bears and a smiling hare from Smeshariki, but before the arrival of Mikhail Mishustin, they were prudently removed. The Russian pavilion in Dubai is one of the most visited: it attracts with its unusual design (the facade of the building consists of intertwined tubes-threads, symbolizing the endless process of cognition) and original content (inside there is a five-meter installation of the human brain, on which a cognitive show is broadcast). The brain, as Mishustin explained to the UAE Minister of Tolerance Al Nahyan, who accompanied him, did not become the center of the exhibition by chance. “This is the most unexplored, amazing part of the body. The brain makes the most important decisions. I am sure that no computers and technologies will replace the brain, the person himself and the human essence, ”the prime minister said. In addition, good brains are what Russia is justifiably proud of: the exposition reminds us that our compatriots invented a radio, an electric light bulb and television, and were the first to launch a man into space.

In addition to watching several multimedia shows, visitors to the Russian pavilion can learn how the theory of six handshakes through Chukovsky, Solzhenitsyn, Putin, Queen Elizabeth II and her grandson Prince Harry connects Vladimir Mayakovsky and singer Rihanna. Leave your digital footprint on your interactive flooring. And also look into the “Rabbit Hole”, which is not at all about rabbits, but about how snakes, sharks, horses and chameleons see the world around them. As for the matryoshka spoons, this time you can only see them in the gift shop. By the way, Putin team t-shirts are also sold there at quite a “Dubai” price – from 12 to 16 thousand rubles per piece.

The curators of the exposition clearly tried to show a non-standard approach, and this did not go unnoticed by the distinguished guests. “Russian creativity continues to inspire the whole world. Out-of-the-box thinking and ingenuity are inalienable features of our people, ”Mishustin believes. Al Nahyan, who is a member of the country's ruling dynasty, made it clear that he is not hearsay familiar with the many achievements of Russians and with Russian culture. “Such famous people as Tolstoy, a famous writer, Tchaikovsky, a famous musician, Mendeleev, a famous scientist, were born in your country,” he listed and summed up, “Their inventions influenced the whole world.”

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Day of Russia, Mikhail Mishustin said that the authorities are closely following how the UAE organized the EXPO, since they expect to host this exhibition in 2030. “We will make every effort to get the opportunity to implement the main idea of ​​our application -“ Progress of mankind. A common vision of a harmonious world ”. I am sure that the choice of Moscow will be the best, ”the prime minister said. The mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, who participated in the presentation of the megalopolis's capabilities, admitted that the competitors are serious. These are South Korea (Busan), Saudi Arabia (Air Riyadh) and Italy (Rome). “Well, let's fight. Even the process itself is important both for the advancement of our country and for ourselves, “the mayor said, noting that regardless of the jury's decision, Moscow will develop in such a way as to remain one of the world leaders. “We, as you know, do not like to waste time,” he assured.




The head of the European Parliament faction called the consequences of the war between Russia and Ukraine

Manfred Weber: if Russia attacks Ukraine, the end of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline Manfred Weber said that Nord Stream 2 will not be implemented in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine


The military attaché of Ukraine was given a note due to the violation of the border of Belarus

The day before, on December 4, the Belarusian border guards announced that the Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter crossed the state border, having flown to a depth of 1 km into the territory of Belarus. The Ukrainian side rejected these accusations

Military helicopter Mi-8

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus handed a note of protest to the military attaché of Ukraine in connection with violations by the Ukrainian side of the state border in the airspace. The defense department announced this in its Telegram channel.

The message says that the military attaché at the Ukrainian Embassy in Belarus was summoned to the Department of International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense on December 5. “[He] was handed a note of protest in connection with the increasing violations by the Ukrainian side of the state border of the Republic of Belarus in the airspace,” & mdash; stated in the ministry.

They clarified that the reason was the violation of the state border by a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter near the Novaya Rudnya checkpoint. “ The Defense Attache was informed that the Ukrainian side avoids dialogue to resolve controversial issues both in terms of international military cooperation and arms control, which is very alarming, '' & mdash; emphasized in the Ministry of Defense.

In addition, as reported in the military department, the Ukrainian attache was given facts that, according to Minsk, testify to Kiev's evasion of obligations within the framework of regional confidence and security measures, as well as a number of exercises '' Ukrainian military units near the Belarusian border. “ The totality of these facts may indicate the possibility of a threat to the security of the Republic of Belarus in the southern direction '', & mdash; concluded by the Ministry of Defense.

On December 4, the State Border Committee of Belarus reported that the Mozyr border guard detachment recorded a violation of the country's airspace by Ukraine. The committee clarified that the Ukrainian military helicopter Mi-8 at an altitude of about 100 m crossed the state border, having flown to a depth of 1 km into the territory of Belarus. The border committee noted that the Ukrainian side violated the airspace during military exercises.

Later, the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine said that the Ukrainian helicopter did not violate the airspace of Belarus. “ The information of the Belarusian side about the violation of the airspace by the Mi-8 helicopter from Ukraine does not correspond to reality, '' & mdash; stated in the department.

At the same time, the deputy head of the State Border Service of Ukraine Andriy Demchenko recalled that since November 23, a special border operation “ Polesie '' has been going on on the border with Belarus, within which aviation and drones are used. > Subscribe to YouTube RBK Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our YouTube channel



Reznikov urged Britain, Canada and the United States to deploy soldiers in Ukraine


Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov said that Great Britain, Canada and the United States should deploy their troops in those areas his countries, which may turn out to be “positions on the front lines in the event of a large-scale Russian attack.”

This is stated in the message of The Globe and Mail. According to the Ukrainian minister, the “Anglo-Saxon allies” should provide assistance to Kiev outside NATO as needed. In particular, it is necessary to send more military instructors to the country.

He is sure that the Canadian instructors should be deployed in Kharkiv, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Odessa, as well as on Zmeiny Island. Together with them, it would be worth placing guys from the United Kingdom, as well as the United States, within the framework of bilateral platforms and without NATO.

Earlier, the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) Denis Pushilin said that Kiev was allegedly ready to resume the military actions in Donbass. According to him, this is evidenced by the fact that the Ukrainian side has pulled a huge amount of weapons and personnel into the conflict zone.

Prior to that, he noted that in the event of a deterioration in the situation in Donbass, the DPR may turn not only to Russia , but also to Belarus. In the meantime, Donetsk hopes that, against the background of aggravation on the line of contact, no help from Moscow or Minsk will be needed. However, nothing can be ruled out.



Aviation experts praised the dispatchers who “sorted out” the situation with the NATO reconnaissance aircraft

“This is how American pilots are having fun”

NATO air activity over the Black Sea almost went sideways. Spy planes, which make reconnaissance flights near the Crimea, following their own course, known only to them, run ahead and do not pay attention to international air corridors for civilian liners. As a result, Russian air traffic controllers miraculously saved an A330 airbus flying from Tel Aviv to Moscow from a collision with a NATO CL600 reconnaissance aircraft. Experts told MK about the danger of such incidents.

Photo: Still from video

Civil aircraft on international routes do not move chaotically in the sky, but along established corridors, at certain heights (echelons) and above designated landmarks. This is done in order to exclude a collision of aircraft and ensure the continuity of communication between the crews and ground control points. One control tower “leads” each aircraft in its area of ​​responsibility, and then transfers to another.

Unfortunately, this air traffic control system does fail. And then real tragedies are played out in the sky. So, on August 24, 1981, in the sky over the Amur region near Zavitinsk, a passenger An-24RV and a Tu-16K missile carrier, performing weather reconnaissance, collided. 37 people were killed. An-24 passenger Larisa Savitskaya, who survived a fall from a height of 5220 meters, miraculously survived.

Another similar tragedy occurred on July 1, 2002 over Lake Constance. In the skies over Germany, near Überlingen and Lake Constance, a Tu-154M passenger airliner of Bashkir Airlines and a Boeing 757-200PF cargo plane of DHL airline collided. Killed 71 people, including 52 children, flying on a Russian plane.

That story had a dramatic continuation. For various reasons, dispatcher Peter Nielsen was unable to separate the planes in the sky and prevent the tragedy that day. Russian citizen Vitaly Kaloev, who lost his wife and two children in the crash, killed Peter Nielsen in Switzerland, inflicting 12 stab wounds on him. Kaloev was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 8 years in prison. After appeals, he was released early and returned to Russia.

On December 3, 2021, there was also a danger of an aircraft collision over the Black Sea. But it was avoided. Rosaviatsia on December 5 disclosed the details of the incident. It all happened on the morning of December 3, at 09:53 Moscow time. Close to the area of ​​responsibility of Russian air traffic services, the NATO CL600 reconnaissance aircraft unexpectedly began a sharp decline from an altitude of 11 thousand meters to 9.2 thousand meters. At the same time, he crossed the air corridor established for civil aircraft. The air hooligan did not respond to inquiries from the ground.

At the same time, civilian airliners passed through this area: the A330 aircraft of the Aeroflot company, flying from Tel Aviv to Moscow, and the Maltese CL650, en route from Sochi in Skopje (North Macedonia). There were 142 passengers on board the A330. According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, “the directions and flight levels of civil aircraft were promptly changed.” As a result, everything worked out.

However, the “sediment” from the behavior of the spy plane in the air remained. Rosaviatsia will initiate a protest through diplomatic channels in connection with a dangerous situation.

As the pilot with 40 years of experience, in the recent past, the crew commander Vladimir Salnikov, told MK, this happened in his flight biography. p>

– It was so. The Americans very often used all these abnormal techniques over Afghanistan. I flew the Il-96 then. The Americans had bases in Central Asia, and they came literally “under the belly” of civilian aircraft with their transponders turned off. And then, when they turned them on for ten seconds, as if indulging, immediately in our cockpit the command of the TCAS dangerous approach equipment sounded: “pull up” or, conversely, “descend”.

If I receive from TCAS command to change course, I have to carry it out. I begin to change course with a report to the ground dispatcher, but over Afghanistan the connection was poor, that is, you can't get the word out right the first time. And the Americans had fun because of it. The same thing happened in other areas.

– At the air traffic control points, there are civilian dispatchers and nearby – the military, who use the data of their locators. The information is mutual. When an abnormal situation, as in this case, work together.

The only question here is for the scout crew: why do all these dangerous encounters? All the more unpredictable. Which cannot be predicted by other crews – to what height it will descend and what course it will take.

TCAS starts to fire 30 kilometers away. When the crew reports to the ground that a TCAS command has been issued to change the course and altitude, the dispatcher's task also becomes more complicated: he needs to notify all neighboring aircraft and separate. This creates great difficulties for pilots and air traffic controllers.

Commenting on the incident, leading aviation expert, editor-in-chief of the Internet portal AVIA.RU Roman Gusarov told MK:

– Dispatch services did what they had to do. All civil aviation flights take place along international routes, corridors, and not just anywhere. In these corridors, flights are carried out under the supervision of ground control services.

Any civil aircraft shall submit information about its flight to the air traffic control system in advance. The dispatchers know for sure: on this route such and such an aircraft of such and such an airline, at such and such an altitude, should fly. He must have a responder who provides information and thanks to which the dispatchers “see” all the data on the board, right down to the flight parameters. You can contact the crew and talk.

That is, the dispatchers “lead” these planes so that they fly at the right altitude, with the right interval, in the right direction. There should be no other aircraft, let alone those not subordinate to air traffic control, on the route.

If suddenly some strange aircraft appears on this route, unidentified, such a kind of UFO, and even not responding to requests and not obeying the commands of the dispatchers, then he is a threat. Because no one knows how he will behave.

Considering that there is some kind of aircraft on the route, the dispatchers made the right decision: to take the planes to unplanned heights and routes in order to fly around the danger zone. The danger in the unpredictability of UFO behavior. There was no information about him, the crew did not answer.

– No special. You can complain to the International Civil Aviation Organization that reconnaissance aircraft operate flights that threaten the safety of civil aviation.



Whose finger is on the trigger: Russia is being pushed to invade Ukraine

International tensions hooked up to charging

The cute (pictured with Lavrov) and frightening (politically) beast, the Arctic fox crept up unnoticed. But in order to continue not to notice him, today you need to put on a clothespin, close your eyes and pour something into your ears: the predictions of the most diverse Cassandras about the inevitability of “Russia's invasion of Ukraine” are heard from all possible and impossible cracks. The German tabloid Bild, known for his hysterical tone and penchant for invention, even published a map of such a future invasion. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who has never served in the army, is an accountant in her first profession, “scares Putin”, driving back and forth in a tank near the Russian border. According to Bloomberg, Lavrov and Secretary of State Tony Blinken entered into a heated squabble over diametrically opposed assessments of the 2014 events in Ukraine. And speaking about Ukraine in 2021, Joe Biden publicly declared that he “does not accept anyone’s“ red lines ”. This is the background on which the presidents of the Russian Federation and the United States should have a video conversation on December 7.


A standard feature of diplomacy at the highest level is that only a faint and many times distorted reflection of what is happening at the epicenter of events is available to the eyes of the ordinary public. We do not know what is in Putin's head and what is in Biden's head (the statement of the US President that he is not ready to reckon with someone's “red lines” should be considered a PR product aimed at a purely external effect).

We do not know what is being discussed and how during that part of the communication between Lavrov and Blinken, when they do not provide free entertainment to the participants in the solemn ministerial dinner. We can judge what is happening only by indirect signs. And these indirect signs are as follows. At the end of October this year, at a meeting of the Valdai Club, the authoritative Kiev political scientist Mikhail Pogrebinsky, who adheres to balanced and realistic views on what is happening, asked Putin a question-statement: “If this story with the Okolonatov infrastructure continues to be realized, then the formation process is not yet very stable. anti-Russia in Ukraine will be cemented for many years … How can this process be stopped? “

From the reaction of the Russian leader it clearly followed that Pogrebinsky's question hit the bull's eye: “I don’t know yet the answer to this question … But the threat you just mentioned is of significant importance for us … When formal NATO membership may not take place, but the military development of the territory is already underway, it really poses a threat to the Russian Federation. ” It is unlikely that, having asked Putin his question, the Kiev political scientist “opened America to the head of the Russian Federation.” But in recent weeks, the forgotten topic of relations between Ukraine and NATO has returned to the forefront of world politics. Russia demanded from the West guarantees of its security, pointing out that the formal or informal merger of Ukraine with NATO poses a direct military threat to our country. The West – at least in the public sphere – “turned on the fool.” They say that NATO is a purely defensive alliance, and we will decide for ourselves who to accept or not to accept, without unnecessary advice from Moscow.

This, apparently, is the background to the panicky statements from the United States and Europe that Russia “will invade Ukraine around the New Year.” And this is the agenda of the video summit of Putin and Biden. I do not want to prejudge the decisions of the two presidents (or the absence of any decisions, which is also a quite possible result of the summit). However, here's what seems obvious to me. Either NATO is rolling back, or Russia is invading Ukraine – this is a false choice that is being imposed on us in an effort to drive Moscow into a political trap. Russia must be ready for a military confrontation with its neighbor. But this readiness must be purely defensive in nature. Those “hot guys” (as well as girls) in Kiev who believe that they are knee-deep in the sea, and Russia is a colossus with feet of clay, should periodically be reminded of Putin's 2018 statement: any attempts to forcefully solve the problem of Donbass will lead to “very grave consequences for the Ukrainian statehood. ”

However, Russia should by no means act as the initiator of a military confrontation with Ukraine. Ivan Timofeev, Program Director of the Valdai Club, has recently prepared a detailed analysis of the consequences that this hypothetical option will have for Russian statehood. Here is the main conclusion of this analysis: “The costs of a possible war between Russia and Ukraine significantly outweigh the benefits … Such a military conflict is unlikely to be completed with any intelligible agreement. Victory over the armed forces of Ukraine will not by itself lead to a quick peace. The war can develop into a long and sluggish confrontation. ” In other words, along with the already existing rebellious republics of Donbass, we will get another “Donbass” – only of a much larger scale. Russia will get stuck in a Ukrainian swamp, attempts to get out of which will consume all our energy for many decades.

And this is only one of seven points of Timofeev. Among its other points: a sharp increase in the supply of the most modern Western weapons to Ukraine, the introduction of new, incomparably more powerful economic sanctions against the Russian Federation, the risk of internal political turmoil in Russia itself, the inability to control even many regions of Eastern Ukraine, whose population is not delighted with Westerners, but at the same time, it is not ready to be loyal to Russia. I agree with this analysis almost 100%. The hypothetical attack from Moscow predicted by the West will be heavenly manna for Zelensky and all those forces in different countries who want to deprive Russia of the status of a great power that has returned to it. The simplest and most obvious “solution” to the problem of rapprochement between Ukraine and NATO is at the same time the most incorrect. I would even hesitate to call it a “solution.” Russia should look for alternative, asymmetric options for responding to the challenge that our country is now facing face to face. I am sure that there are such options. He who seeks will always find – at least, having the various resources that our state has.



Sophia Sapega’s lawyer told how the trial of the Russian woman could end

Contact with Sapieha and Protasevich was lost in October

Russian Sofia Sapega can count on pardon after the trial. This “MK” was informed by her lawyer Anton Gashinsky. Earlier it became known that the Investigative Committee of Belarus is ready to bring charges against Sapieha under the article on inciting hatred, she faces six years of imprisonment. The case may go to court in January.

Photo: Social networks

“Sophia is under house arrest, it is psychologically difficult for her, and she is depressed,” lawyer Anton Gashinsky told MK. Since October 20, the girl has been in her parents' apartment in Lida, where she is registered. At the same time, her family was forced to move to the country. Despite the fact that they are allowed to visit their daughter, contact with her was lost in October.

According to a number of media outlets, citing their sources, on December 3, the girl was summoned to the Belarusian Investigative Committee. Now the department is ready to bring the final charge to the Russian woman and bring the case to court. Sapieha's lawyer, in a conversation with MK, admitted that his client could count on a pardon, but only after the verdict was passed. “There are chances. She has a pre-trial agreement, “Gashinsky said.

Let us remind you that Sapega was detained in May together with the ex-editor-in-chief of the opposition Telegram-channel Nexta Roman Protasevich after the forced landing of a Rayanair plane in Minsk. Later, she admitted that she is the editor of the Telegram-channel “Black Book of Belarus”, where the personal data of the Belarusian security officials are published.

As for Protasevich, he was previously accused of three articles at once: organizing actions that grossly violate public order, as well as organizing mass riots and inciting social enmity. According to Roman Protasevich's lawyer Inessa Olenskaya, the last time she met with her client was at the end of October. “If he needs to, he can meet with the defender at any time. He knows about this, but has not yet expressed such a desire. The last time I saw him, Roman was feeling pretty good. I was planning to get vaccinated against coronavirus. I don't know whether he succeeded or not, but he considered this option, “Olenskaya told MK.

MK spoke to political analyst Alexander Klaskovsky about the fate of both detainees:

– For the Belarusian leadership, Sapega is an opportunity to bargain with Moscow. There have already been such cases. Here we can recall the arrest in 2013 of the general director of Uralkali, Vladislav Baumgertner, who was not released for a long time. It is clear that Sapega is not Baumgertner and not “33 Wagnerians”, but her story also has a political dimension. I think the verdict may be harsh. But then, under some pretext, as a result of a pardon or extradition, she will be released. It will be such an allegedly noble gesture on the part of the Belarusian leadership. The capture of Protasevich and his girlfriend brought Lukashenka a lot of trouble, and he would like to receive some dividends.

– I think that he will not be severely punished. Protasevich publicly repented, praised Lukashenko, and in exchange for this he could be promised some kind of leniency. It would be illogical for the authorities to punish him, since they need to show that after the enemy of the existing system kneels down, they forgive him and do not hurt him. This is such an example for others to break someone else and win over to their side.



Putin’s main mystery: why the president’s rage does not work

Week of questions about life and death

Last week, Bill Gates was again brought to light. The name of the strain “Omicron” is an anagram of the phrase “World of Windows”. Simply put – Windows. Give it up Bill, you've been exposed. But not everything was so easy. Because the further into the Russian forest, the more questions. For example, is Vladimir Vladimirovich the Chief Chief? Should everyone obey him? Why then does he say one thing, but it turns out differently?


Vladimir Vladimirovich this week held a meeting on the tragedy at the Listvyazhnaya mine and, in general, on the ongoing lawlessness, oh, excuse me, regarding the situation, of course, in the industry. And he said that “from those who, in pursuit of profit or for some other reason, ignore, neglect the safety of people, expose them to mortal risk, you need to ask according to the law, harshly.” I charged the owners of the mine that the board of directors only counts money. He reprimanded the Minister of Labor for a “shallow analysis” of the system of remuneration of miners, when they are forced, in order to earn at least something or not to remain without work, to take risks, turning a blind eye to safety measures. He even pounded his fist on the table in rage. The movie was like that, during the video salons, “Fist of Fury” with Bruce Lee. And I imagined: Putin grabs the owner of the mine by the chest, and then – sweeping, throw, painful. And whispers in his ear, crushing his back with his knee and breaking his hand: “Will you still hold miners for slaves?” And the other one slaps and shouts with his free hand on the Kremlin carpet: “No! No! Never again! I will not rake in money, I will invest in mines and pay the miners as it should be! ” Putin lets him go, he leaves the hall, the doors close, and a shot is heard. Anxiety and bewilderment hang in the air along with the leaked gunpowder smoke, and Putin says: “But I didn't believe him. After the tragedy at Raspadskaya, I told you all the same thing, word for word, in 2010. So what? Get out of here, I don't want to see you. ” Everyone gets up and goes out. Single shots and even short bursts are heard outside the door. It would be a good film, albeit a fantastic one. The people would have felled. But, you see, isn't our reality a fantasy, in which the president 10 years ago gives clear, direct and absolutely logical instructions, but things are still there?

Or, again, there was not enough stability? Stolypin said that he needed “twenty calm years” to make Russia great. Putin said last week at the Valdai Forum that his re-election as president would stabilize the country. And again, a mystery – what is it that was built that the normal, natural and vital for most developed countries political process of change of power, leading in no way to a crisis, but only to progress, turns out to be a destabilizing factor in our country? House made of straw, like Nif-Nif? And in any case, there will be no twenty quiet years.

Here, most importantly, if only there was no war. Of course, the map of Russia's attack on Ukraine, published recently by the German edition Bild, allegedly motivated by the leaks from Western intelligence services, causes only tears of emotion in a Soviet schoolchild who studied CWP. Why are you, dear ones, sculpt such wretchedness? Where are the overwhelming control infrastructures of pinpoint missile strikes? Disembarkation of the MTR (those very “polite people”)? Where are the electronic warfare planes? Why is the airborne assault only on Kherson? Some tanks all around, but oh well. Other things are of serious concern. Maybe invisible at first glance. But, for example, the Russian Embassy in Washington, commenting on the publications of the Western media about the concentration of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, declares that the deployment of Russian troops on the national territory is the sovereign right of the state. The very fact of deployment, which was actively refuted a dozen days ago, is no longer refuted. Ukraine is already frightening Europe and hitting a sore spot – the Ministry of Defense Nezalezhnaya says bluntly: if Russia invades, expect 5 million refugees. Lukashenka, realizing that it smells fried, already recognized the Crimea and started talking about mines for nuclear missiles – they say, everything is in working order, just bring the missiles.

And our losses are quite military even without a war. Rosstat published data on mortality for October this week. In total, 247,197 people died in Russia in October. The population decline for the month amounted to 127,116 people. In 58,822 cases, the coronavirus was reported as the leading cause of death. The mortality rate compared to October last year increased by 20.3%. Here's another mystery – why is the death rate on the rise? It’s against the logic – if vaccines, medicines appeared, they learned how to cure, it should decrease, as, for example, in China?

We lose more than 100 thousand people a month. This is, very roughly estimating, a million and a half a year. This was the last time in the 90s under Chubais. We are the fifth in the world in the number of deaths from coronavirus. And in 92nd place in terms of the proportion of the fully vaccinated population (just behind Paraguay). Again, a mystery – how does this happen in the country that was the first in the world to release a vaccine against coronavirus?

How easy it would be if Bill Gates was to blame for all this. But, alas, no. We'll have to think for ourselves why everything happens the way it happens. Why, with all the correct words, the output is nothing. I can assume that the answer can be found in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 7, verse 16. Well, and then there is more about the Pharisees …



Belarus is out of suspicion: why it was accused of the migrant crisis

Only through France 23,000 illegal immigrants broke through to England this year

Of course, the school did not prepare us all for electricians, but I remember how they carefully explained Ohm's law, backing up with laboratory works. As, sticking out our tongues, we wound the resistance of the rheostat and, squinting our eyes, watched the arrow of the ammeter.

Photo: AP

This fall, more than a billion interested people (Europe, the Middle East, Africa) who have left school age, against their will, found themselves in a similar “laboratory work”. We watched every flinch of the needle of the “ammeter” installed in Belarus, measured the currents of migrants to Poland and Lithuania.

It began with Lukashenka's unofficial hint: “We will not keep migrants!”, Continued with two quite official calls from Merkel, who de facto recognized the Belarusian president and asked for his assistance in resolving the crisis.

However, the significance of the events of autumn 2021 is much broader. ” problems of migrants ”: the crisis helped to measure the current currents in politics and public opinion in Europe. The first reaction of the Euro-media is reflexive, like the twitching of a frog's leg (again – a current!): “Lukashenka and Putin arranged it.”

Equally reflexive is the avoidance of the simplest question: why did these two or three thousand migrants rush to the Belarus-EU border? “. The reason that attracts migrants to move from point A to point B is the difference in potentials, levels of security, material wealth at these points. It's even embarrassing to repeat this banality.

So, the first elementary logical step, a complete analogy with the cause of an electric current: the potential difference (voltage).

Step # 2. Was there before the destruction of Iraq-2003, the “Arab Spring-2011”, such a current (migrants)? No! The flow was within the limits not only bearable for Europe, it even met the needs of Europe for cheap labor.

Here we will deviate from a too simple analogy. An electron is equal to an electron, but is a migrant, say, 1998 equal to a migrant in 2018? The summaries of the terrorist attacks will be answered. The 2018 migrant is “much more radicalized.” Now the migrant is not a meek seeker of a better life, but a person “tormented by vague suspicions” – because of whom he felt worse.

And again, from individual individuals, let's return to flows, currents. As if some hopeless poor student began to play with two parameters: he increased the voltage, the potential difference (not so much an increase in prosperity in Europe, but its collapse in the Near and Middle East!), And played pranks with resistance. Destruction of Libya: a clear breakthrough in isolation and an increase in the mass of the humiliated and insulted by the size of its population.

Due to some long inertia in the thinking of the euro-country, playing with tension, they subconsciously believed that the periphery had no options to choose from, it would always keep impenetrable boundaries in both directions, simply because of its backwardness and condolence. “It is we, the free world, an open society – we are free to remove/erect fences, borders, and those who are not free by definition must sit on a leash at their border pillars. “To drag and not to let go” – that's all they can do! A breakdown, a “short circuit” is possible only on our initiative, albeit sometimes erroneous (Libya, Iraq, Syria …). ” they suddenly found out: international law does NOT oblige them to keep their “borders shut.” Turkey was the first to realize that those who committed it should pay for the enormous historical naivety, for this mistake. And they pay: 3 billion euros/year, plus a lot of political concessions.

Next Belarus? Far from it! The “backward” Lukashenko remained in the “soviet dope” for years. Better take a look at Morocco for now! The figures of their dielectric breakdown are incomparable with the Belarusian ones (which hints at the bias, dishonesty of the reproaches of Belarus). Over 10 months of 2018, more than 43,000 illegal migrants entered Spain. Morocco has received rents for overall stability, more than € 13 billion since 2007, and after opening its borders, it received the threat of termination of payments.

“Third countries – sources of migration flows or their transit – must understand that for us migration will be central in our partnership relations in the coming years,” said Vice President of the European Commission Margaritis Schinas in connection with the Morocco-Spain crisis.

< p> Then, with the inaction of the Moroccan border guards, 8000 people crossed the border between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on May 17.

The EU budget for 2021-2027 also provides funds for assistance to countries bordering the EU, plus a fund of € 9.5 billion for emergencies. In addition to Morocco, splinters of Libya threaten to knock out aid. The flows of drugs can be added to migrant “shocks”.

In the absence of legal grounds, claims against Lukashenka and Russia are just a set of non-legal exclamations: “lets go, manipulates, controls, uses”.

< p>Here is what The New York Times writes in the article “The West accuses Belarus of staging a migration crisis on the Polish border”: “Lukashenka lets thousands of refugees from the Middle East into his country, and then sends them westward, towards Poland and the EU. Poland is building up a grouping of forces in the area, more than 17,000 people.

Human rights organizations – Amnesty International, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights – accuse Poland of illegally expelling those migrants back to Belarus. who crossed the border. Recently, the Polish authorities passed a law to legalize such actions. The European Commission has started to study it. ”

Let's turn on the logic. What about a multiple of the number of illegal immigrants: 23,000 broke through to England alone this year ?!

Step 1: They are in France – Macron “let them in”? 2nd step. They reached, drove to Calais, also using French transport, road signs that Macron did not cut down, did not knock down – so he directed them?

According to Eurostat, 627,000 migrants arrived in the EU in 2021, according to the OECD – 783,000. EU Border Control Agency Frontex: January – July 2021 – 82,000 illegal border crossings of the European Union.

And even if they find out that Lukashenka not only said: “We will not hold,” but also winked at the same time, it does not matter! The main thing is that somewhere in the attic he found reference books on international law, on the Anglo-Saxon foundation, and read there about the law of precedent. And he realized: even France this year let 23,000 migrants through itself to England! But who after that Boris Johnson, throwing a battalion to help the Poles in order to hold back the “ninth wave” of 2-3 thousand?

Now, if Belarus, like NATO, destroyed Libya, Syria, Iraq, it would be possible to point out its active role in the current crisis. And so, what does it turn out to be – a cunning “non-resistance to evil by violence”? Sanctions for Tolstoyism? Li-tse-me-ry – your “super task” is to tie Russia to this crisis and Russia is visible even from Pluto.

P.S. According to the Halifax/IPSOS Global Snapshot poll, the International Security Forum, of the world's 28 leading countries, Russians are in last place on the list of favorable attitudes towards NATO and the EU – 2%. Why would you?