Big Lenbo – Dimensions (Strange Days Album)

You’re travelling to another dimension
A dimension not only in sight and sound
But in mind
A journey into a wondrous land
Whose boundaries are that of imagination
Workin’ through a process
Focus on the content
Defined by the rawness
Designed for the offense
Callus where the heart’s kept
Mallace where the thoughts went
Warfare the meanest
40-cal the cleanest
Doesn’t take a genius
To figure that he mean it
Not for the squeamish
Flow so seamless
Industry where his peers dunces he the dean’s list
Satchel page of the game, living out my dream shit
Fuck the fame
Keep the gains cumming like a freak bitch
Nothing changed
Still the same nigga that PG shit
All these lames sound the same
Corny spitting cheese grits
I be throwing game
Till she need L like a seamstress

[You unlock this door with the key of imagination
Beyond it is another dimension
A dimension of sound
A dimension of mind
[Lenbo, the slick talkin’ ratchet fat rapper
Rippin’ up the net bully bitin’ dog catcher’
300 blackout AAC Honey Badger
40’s we contenders it’s the end final chapter
Done with all the mumbles go and straighten up your banter
Freddy Kruger face-chette choppin’ up [?]