Calvin Harris – Holiday Lyrics

Want to do with you
Smile at you (smile)
I got my eyes on you (eyes)
I wanna climb on you
Can I ride with you? Want to do with you
Let’s make everyday a holiday
What you wanna do? ‘Cause I could be the man for ya
Baby, are your bills paid? What about your nails? LBC, me do, what it do
Question: is your bath water ready for ya? The whistles, the bells
How ’bout your hair? (phew)
Say the place and we go where you wanna go (where?)
She say Rodeo, I say I’m thinking ’bout Tokyo (Tokyo)
With the top gone, won’t turn to Mysterio (Mysterio)
Singing every word of my song that’s on radio (aye)
I’ma roll one, I know that you don’t smoke (I know)
Sit back, let your mind float
Never give up hope
And if ya got a problem, let me know (let me know)
I try my best to keep you close
The life we in, no boss to match ’em on the ropes (ooh)
If I’m top ten, well, when I gotta be the GOAT (GOAT)
I feel like when I step in (what?)
Gotta make an announcement
But y’all know (can I?)
Touch the sky with you? See I could have it done for ya
Looks like I’m the one for ya
I’ll crack the whip and get a little action in here, my dear
But first, relax a bit
The questions and answers are clear
A holiday
What you wanna do? CALVIN HARRISHoliday Lyrics
Look, open your eyes, déjà   vu
In ways I knew my focus remains on you
I’m so true, I love that, ’cause who woulda knew? Were those dinner reservations made?