DEMRICK – Superficial (Uncensored)

Work hard everyday and get it too)
This that summertime shit
Broken Complex Studios
And we still movin’
Keep that negative shit way over there
We don’t even want it no where close to us
Actually you see that corner back there
Pass that, I don’t even wanna see it
Nigga mad cause he don’t got something, better go out and work twice as hard
Nigga you acting way crazy right now
I don’t even understand your thinking
You gotta get your whole head right then get your bread right
Yeah [Intro]
Woah woah woah, yeah yeah
This that summertime shit
No doubt
[Verse 1]
I’m out here on a goal (I’m still movin’)
Paying bills on the road (The bills keep coming in)
So don’t say I’m superficial when I tell you I’m trying to get that dough (Let’s go get this money, yeah)
Yeah I’m trapping off my phone (I’m trapping off my phone)
Putting cookies in the cone (We got the flavors)
Just put a down payment on a house
Boy I’m tryna get my moms into that home (I got you momma)
So don’t call me superficial (Don’t call me superficial)
Just cause I’m official (Way too official)
Pick some food up off the menu (Go ‘head)
Don’t worry bout the bill, it’s not an issue (I got it)
Superficial, you ain’t seen the shit I went through (You don’t even know)
So all that talk is out the window (It’s way out the window)
All cash, no payments in the dash
It’s amazing baby, this is not a rental (Skrrrr!)
This a Hoppa instrumental (This a Hoppa instrumental)
I let him set the tempo (Go ‘head, set the tempo Hop)
Go into the booth, smoke a blunt
Make a song, man my life is that simple (It’s that easy)

So don’t call me superficial
Don’t call me superficial
(Don’t call me superficial)
Don’t call me superficial
Don’t call me superficial
(Cause I ain’t even trying to hear all that shit right now man, you need to shut the fuck up)
[Verse 2]
Don’t blame me for dreaming and not struggling
Up again hustling just to get it bubbling
[?] haters try to pop your bubble
I stay grounded like a shovel, but my mind is in a shuttle
Trying to figure out a way out
I wanna be at the beach with a beach towel where the bitches lay out
Being broke is played out
Me and my niggas on some new shit
Like taking our family on vacations on cruise ships
And groupies aiming for my pocket like a pool stick
Baby got cakes and like me on top like Cool Whip
Just copped the Rolly, feeling like a young Kobe out in LA
As around the way, they gon’ know me
This been a long time in the making
Now I’m poppin’ like bacon
Get my feet up on the pavement and I turned it into payments
It ain’t no changing nah, been the same since I came around
So let me know if you down
So don’t call me superficial
(Don’t call me superficial)
Don’t call me superficial
(I’m too official)
Don’t call me superficial
(They acting like if they can’t have it, I can’t have it)
Don’t call me superficial
(Shit crazy.