Drill 187 – Snakebite Lyrics

-inset- “Take my life, Take my life..”
Words don’t make it right, words don’t make it right, words can never erase the pain….What
You feel inside, what you feel inside, what you feel it can’t compare! Why you tryin’ to break! YOUR TRYING, TO BREAK ME…YOUR TRYING, TO BREAK! Such a shame, who’s to blame for all the sorrow and the pain,
Look in side, from time to time, cause I tell you the mirror it never lies! DRILL 187Snakebite Lyrics
Change your ways, break the lies, and let me see through your disguise
Made to feel, like a fool, cause I don’t play the game by your rules! And now you hear me cry, hear me cry, listen what I say!(heh!)
You want to take my life, take my life, do it my own way!