Ferras – Something About You Lyrics

FERRASSomething About You Lyrics
She was a snowflake
I was an earthquake
She was a flash flood
We made electricity
I’m Prozac numb
I’m wired all wrong
I’ve been shut down
For so long
Nothing gets through
But there’s
Something bout you
That makes me cry
Watching you
Making the sun shine
Breaking the flatline
Kissing my heart to life
There’s somethin bout you
You kill my suicide
The’re something about you
That makes me cry
She was a bright light
I was a fist fight
If i was a brick wall
She would run
Right into me
The freeway’s stuck
The sky is grey
Another ordinary day
To get through
Hands up
I surrender
I’m ready
To feel again
I want to remember
How it feels
To get back
On my knees again
Open my heart
And bleed again
I’m gonna be alright
On the other side
Of the pain
Watching you
On the subway
In the sunlight
At 4 in the morning
Holding on tight
Makes me cry
And you’re reversing
At 100 miles an hour
Speeding towards me
In a meteor shower
Makes me cry
And you’re
Still laughing
At something i said
That it
Wasn’t even funny
That makes me cry
And i’m ready
To breath
And to hurt
And to love
And to burn
And to crumble
At your will
There’s something
About you
You kill my suicide
That makes me cry
There’s something
About you
That makes me cry