I’m Tryna Fuck

Lyrics to ‘I’m Tryna Fuck’ by Ugly God:

Thanks Ugly God! –Hook–
When I’m in the bus, I sit in the back
When I’m tryna fuck she gon’ give me back
Niggas said I fell off well bitch I’m back
Spent a couple racks, bitch I make it back
–Verse 1–
Cause I just got rich on these niggas
I blew up and dipped on these niggas
I’m balling and whipped on these niggas
Cause I’m really sick of these niggas
Shoutout lil boat cause I wanna get on a lil boat and then drift on these niggas
They stealing my wave, with this water shit, I was the first one to drip on these niggas
(?), Ima empty the clip on these niggas