Jay-Z – Many Faced God Lyrics

JAY-ZMany Faced God Lyrics
Taking the pain away
Smoking the pain away
Drinking the pain away
[Verse 1: JAY-Z]
Look at all we been through since last August
Skating through the rumors like, “Aw, shit!”
Still came back, f**ked up the red carpet
Shows how big your heart is
On the run, we took a hundred together
More than the money was the fact that we done it together
Uh, healing in real time
Song Cry to Resentment, that was real crying
Bonnie and Clyde things, we hold it down
Had we surrendered then, that’d be the real crime
Got through it, got blessed times two with them
New Bel-Air estates with four pools in it
I told my bro, “You gotta go home” over vino
Goodfella, don’t gamble with your life, this ain’t Casino
Cost him two mill plus the child support
We’ll get the money back, but not the child support
It’s getting too late, we can’t afford mistakes
Woulda broke me down had you got away
Woulda broke me up had you took my child away
I’m glad we found a way
Sexin’ the pain away
Vacay the pain away
Drinking the pain away
Smoking the pain away
[Verse 2: James Blake (JAY-Z)]
Too perfect to wonder
We created flame that would warm us ’til it’s over
We invented lovers from company for the sound
I was many faces, at least I was willing to cave
I was worried that the way I was would end me up alone (Shit feels so beautiful, don’t you agree!)
I was worried that the way I was would end me up alone