JHENE AIKO – Jukai lyrics

(sea of trees)
No need to bother lookin’ for me
Don’t come, don’t come, don’t come searchin’ for me
You don’t get to die until you get it right, you said
I envy the dead, yeah
I’m way out, I’m way out
I’m way down in the sea of trees
I’m way out
What is that I see? I think you saved me Starin’ back at me
Okay now
I’m okay now
Alive, alive
Made it out alive
Made it out alive
Surprise, surprise, surprise
I’m out alive
Made it out alive
Made it out alive
Away, away, away
What are you doing out here? Penny
Are you okay? I don’t know
What’s your name? Wouldn’t you believe
Hell is not a place
Hell is not a certain evil
Hell is other people
Or the lack thereof
And their lack of love
And their lack of love
I tried, but my feet kept touchin’ the ground (touch the ground)
If I died, would it even make a sound in the sea of trees? Oh I, oh I
Oh I, oh I
Oh I, oh I
If anyone should try and find me
Just know I’m where I wanna be
I left the house all clean and tidy
Don’t come searchin’, please
I’ve made my way down to the forest
Way down to the sea of trees (the sea of trees)
The eagle grows, it gets enormous
And then it has to bleed
All the way out
All the way out
On my way out
I found a way out
Up in a tree
Up in a tree
Could you believe it?