Jojo – Wonder Woman Lyrics

Was the energy between us always making static? And everytime I threw it back boy you’d be there to catch it
Saying nothing else can beat this view
Ooh, don’t you miss the way it feels to lose yourself in me? JOJOWonder Woman Lyrics
Touching all the places that your lips were kissing
From the bedroom to the hallway, in the kitchen
Where our fantasies came true
Well, it’s been a minute
I went in the studio when you were busy
The tabs on my search bar were so explicit
But I only wanna come for you
Remember when
You used to call me Wonder Woman? Drowning in each other’s oceans
Nothing tastes as sweet, it’s true
I only wanna come for you When I gave you good luck
I guess that’s still true
Because I wonder
I wonder, I wonder, I do
I catch myself thinking ’bout you
And I wonder if you think about me too
Because I wonder
(I wonder, I wonder)
Was it magic?