K Camp & True Story Gee – Save Me

She fell in love with a nigga, shawty lost her mind
Tryna count a hundred-thousand, like hunnid times
Even though we ain’t together, shawty know she mine
Niggas hating on the gang, it happen all the time
If I can’t trust you, I might bust you
If my nigga say he don’t like you, then it’s fuck you, yeah
Had to leave that hoe alone, I wasn’t for you
All that shit that you was doing, I couldn’t spoil you, yeah
I seen my momma shed a tear, I had to go and get it
If we talking bout that money, then you know I’m with it
Got it tatted on my arm, had to represent it
And if I say it in these verses, then I fucking meant it
Pray to God I ain’t gotta be broke no more
No I ain’t tryna see my folks on t-shirts no more
This rap money coming in, don’t even work no more
And I don’t felt so much pain, it don’t hurt no more
And I can’t fuck with you bitch, you know you bad news
And I done lost a lot of homies, cause I had too
All you gotta do is ask, you know I had you
Try to tear this shit apart, when you ain’t had too
And this for real niggas… only
If you say you love yo nigga, then why you want me
Heard them niggas sending shots, but they don’t harm me
Let em play with me, we come back like the army
Somebody save me, save me, save me
Hoe you know this shit two player, you can’t play me
And this for all the ones who said I wouldn’t make it
And if you want me on your hooks, you gotta pay me
This shit ain’t cheap hoe, freak hoe
If you see me with my bitch, you better not speak tho
And I just did show in Cali, far from Rio
And I ain’t never tooken shit, like fuck Debo
I tried to warn you, warn you
If you ever run up on me, have it on you
I gotta lotta hoes, but girl I want you
And I ain’t got a lotta time, so what you gon do
Somebody save me, save me, save me
Let’s go.. Save me, save me, save me…