Kendrick Lamar & Rihanna are Bonnie and Clyde In “Loyalty” Video

The Compton rapper is currently making his way across North America with his DAMN Tour. Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna are gunning for video of the year with their new music video “Loyalty.”
The video for the single off K-Dot’s album DAMN is just what we need this weekend. The 4-minute cut tells a compelling story of crime, romance, loyalty, and trust. So far Kendrick has released videos for “ELEMENT,” “HUMBLE,” and “DNA” both of which are also well put together music videos. The breathtaking video also shows some clips of the Los Angeles skyline with Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna on a rooftop pulling off a daring stunt. Rihanna then chimed in running a scam on a man who ended up in a fight with Kung Fu Kenny, but that proved to be a big mistake. The project has since been certified double platinum by the RIAA. One of the ladies tried to stab him, but before that could happen the video cut to another scene that shows K-Dot and his friends in the street while some of his homies getting sunk into the asphalt and shark wreck havoc under the surface. Cole in Detroit and last night he brought out Chance The Rapper in Chicago. Maybe now we can get that joint album with J. Kendrick Lamar has the biggest opening week so far this year with his album DAMN selling just over 600,000 copies in the first week alone. The video starts out with Kendrick sitting in a chair blindfolded while some scantily clad females dance for him in a club type of atmosphere. Just this week he brought out J. The two modern day Bonnie and Clyde went on a crime spree in the action pack video directed by Dave Meyers. He got knocked out by Kenny much to the amazement of his girl Rihanna. Cole.