Lil Shoota love – Kodak Black lyrics

Kodak Black lyrics
Video love Come short on that money I’m on your head like lice. I done propose to the doe will you be my wife
And now I’m married to the h*e, got me throwing riceee. My lic just hit my line and said she want 30 delighters
Nah I ain’t got no problem that’s a sniper gang designer. Lyrics Kodak Black – Lil Shoota love
Low-key and arounda getting high
W low-key shawty living for them snipers. My metroboomin, dynamite
I’m hitting them bricks with a rocket, left right
Everything I bust down I’m tryna double twice. I’m turntin subs he catching them, dead rise.(lil shoota love)
I can’t let go of this money, I fel like Barry White.