Locksmith – Helpless (feat. Olamide Faison)

It seems so real
Feels like I’m lost

[Verse 3]
For every breath that is exhaled I excel
Passed the point that they thought I would ever reach
If any person in my life doesn’t mesh well
I separate before trust is ever breached
‘cuz sometimes being smart is being selfish
And self preservation is key
They try to equate modesty with being helpless
But those are very different traits to me
If you speak how you feel then they bill you as crazed
If you stick to your guns that will become praised
If you phase by the thoughts and opinions of other people
You can only get as far as they say, or how they see you
But it’s lethal how they leave you in a lurch
For what it’s worth, no matter what, you’re never considered equal
So deceitful how to speak to the ones that state a mission
You either pay the price or pay attention
Am I falling? Yeah…
[Verse 1]
My grandmother said that my cellphone is demonic
I’d rather respond with a laugh then take a stand
The honesty you found in that statement is ironic
You pray to god then worship our data plans
We kneel at the social media alter
Confessing every sin and condemning those that faltered
Falsify life that we like and receive [?] of likes
In hopes to hype the excitement that we exhausted
And jump at the first chance of distraction
And try to avoid real human interaction
We indulge and divulge all of our passion and
Passing our past thoughts and toss aside our compassion
Imagine if you had to look a person in his eyes
No hand-picked profile picked for your disguise
No false sense of pride or reside of hiding
Just a soul possessed and the skin you arrived in
Did I fall in? Is this a dream? Is it me? Is it calling? Can you see? Can you see? Is this a dream? Where does it leave? Where does it leave? Is it calling? Is it me? What I’m caught in? Can you see? What I’m caught in? It seems so real
Feels like I’m lost

[Verse 2]
My other grandmother raised a family in the war zone
A foreign country that was war prone
The contra scandle had a handle on that region
When my uncles came here to them Richmond was the Four Seasons
After work walking on bissel
Bullets mean less when you used to dealing with missiles
And it’s hard to fall asleep when there’s bombs exploding nightly
And the stress you get to witnessing deaths scars your psyche
And it’s likely been caused by the very country you came to
Rearranged the sight only to find you got the same view
You had a dream still none of it came true
See the land of opportunity only contains you
And it’s futile for you, pal, so you plow, the avenue
Now…and try to do more but every door they shoot down
If you drowned and it was meant to be
Essentially can only try for so long
‘till you break down eventually
Am I stalling? Am I stalling? Can you see? Is it me?