Mark Battles – Goodnight Lyrics

Throw em 3’s up
Throw em 3’s up to miss
Rest in peace, Lil Lizzy, they found her in a ditch
That really hurt me bad
Last time you hit my phone I didn’t text you back (I didn’t)
Shoulda said I’m bout to take a nap
Now sleepless nights seem to haunt me, how I turn that act
What is life like, Barb Barker sell his soul for the right price
Desperate for the bright lights, fighting for the right hype
These lazy rappers out here sleepin’, tell ’em good night
What a million look like? Throw them 3’s up till they ease up
He was the man, I understand but then they seen us
And all that talking and that braggin’ didn’t mean much
You bust this child to deal me dirty, time to clean up
Ya, flows on, deliver it
Y’all seen me nervous? like a family plan
Haaa, got a name so you want me now
But it’s cool, I won’t judge you, I’m go sign the cow(?)
Before you leave the room, be sure to wipe yo mouth
Don’t wanna seem too disrespectful in yo parent’s house
Hahahaha, I’m just jokin’, laugh
Soarin’ through yo cloud, seems like I’m floating fast
All these labels wanna sign me like a broken cast
Any less than seven figures, I’mma have to pass
It’s balance, right? I ain’t neva had much
Bag ’em like a sag lunch, lights camera action! MARK BATTLESGoodnight Lyrics
A young kid full of ignorance
A jerk sag in my pants, I’m so ****erish
Will Jesus still love me? Guess it’s a? Hand shakin’ like a gentleman
I plan to get it poppin’, got some Ridilim
Puttin’ out trash might get flagged for litterin’
Mama, there goes the man again
Confidence and pure skill go hand in hand
Say my name and he run, I’m the candy man
Make ya favorite rapper? Feelin’ so cautious, prior to the name change
Tryna play the blame game, you corny ****as can’t hang
Overload the mainframe, we ain’t in the same lane
She only know my stage name but still wanna bang bang
Bruh, not a thing change, ya know I rep the same game
This fly America, what?