Masicka Cancels Reggae Sumfest Performance

Corey Todd also accused organizers of being unprofessional in their handling of the deejay including using an old photo of Masicka on the shows promo flyers. “Masicka fans won’t be there at the time so it’s pointless to perform at this point,” he said. Masicka and his manager Corey Todd have pulled his performance on Friday night at Reggae Sumfest. “It was just one thing after another but we said we were going to perform for the fans so we paid that no attention,” Corey Todd added. According to Todd, it’s just one thing after the other the made him decided to throw in the towel on the highly anticipated performance. He named the running with Aidonia and his crew at a rehearsal among the many reasons for his decision to not perform. Masicka was also previously scheduled to perform between 2 AM and 3 AM Saturday morning, but Todd says he was informed yesterday that the time was moved up to 12:30 AM.