Meyhem Lauren – Aggressive Metal

Yo, that nigga just…
Son, he lit him up, son
He lit the nigga up like a Christmas tree, son
Like it was the Fourth of July, son
I mean, yo…
That shit…
Yo, that nigga was trying to fucking cook the nigga, son
I mean, like, that shit’s fucked up, son
That nigga hit the nigga up like he was just like Shish kebab
Like, he was just meat, nigga
Like, like he was nothing
Yo, that shit’s fucked up, man
[Intro: Meyhem Lauren]
Yeah, yeah
AKA Lauren Avicii
It’s all Queens everything
[Verse 1: Meyhem Lauren]
Swerving like we dodging potholes
My niggas got those
Gifted with the jewels on
That’s how you rock hoes
I don’t even hit them with G
I speak a thousand
Champagne sprinkled in cups while niggas browsing
’84 Guccis on, wrist on chill
Eat steak, move flake while we get this meal
Street corner music for my niggas that dump
Let the Glock shake the block like the box to the trunk
Sway patch up a precise, we looking cleanly
I been fresh, a dirtbag bitch couldn’t be friendly
Pop bottle, pop tags, pop collars
Niggas get popped for acting like they block scholars
Falsely, I’ve been implicated in a scandal
That shit is untrue like me seen rocking a sandal
I’m a Nike head
If not, I rock a Gucci kick
Welcome to Queens where niggas show you how to Uzi spit
[Verse 2: Meyhem Lauren]
Doing good, I’m talking real refinement
Doggy, I’m straight like a wheel alignment
Prescribe work to heal a client
Aggressive metal protects metal that’s precious
My whole team stars, we never settle for benches
My whip big body like Bes’
We reckless
Finesse this fucking lifestyle
I’m thinking right now
I don’t get scared of police like I’m a White child
I speak success fluently
[?] I’m just doing me
Swipe to the left like we using Tinder
Leave your skin cut up there like we [?]
Stacking papes looking like apes that need crates
Peace to niggas fucking with birds and big eights
It’s Laurenovich