Pat Benatar – In My Dreams Lyrics

PAT BENATARIn My Dreams Lyrics
I have been here in this lonely place
Longer than I care to think or say
Hopin with a little luck
Maybe Id find someone like you
I have watched you nearly every morning
Gettin your coffee, stretchin, yawnin
Doin all the little things you do
To start your day
[Chorus 1]
In my dreams I hold your hand
Lay my cheek close to yours
And hold back as long as I can
Feel the sweet sting of your kiss as our lips combine
I know that youve seen me, too
Once you smiled when I looked at you
I wonder if you thought about me
The way I thought of you
Maybe I just make too much of passing glances
Fleeting touches, maybe Im a dreamer
Maybe so are you
[Chorus 2]
In my dreams I hold you close
Love you the way that Id hope
Say what you already know
In my dreams I pretend
That you are mine