Planit Hank – Finish Him (feat. Styles P, Conway & Lil’ Fame)

Menagin with voodoo bitches, cookin’ coke in the cop crib
It comes home, I’ma kill again
Yes, I’m in it for the thrill again
Which rappers lookin’ to die, facts
[?] leave you flatters and eye pad
You can send them killers to my bed
Next time you speak to they folks, it’ll be the bypass
Cause I shoot fast and I drive fast
Makin’ fast money [?] this how the time pass
Catch ’em in the restaurant sthoot ’em right through the windglass
Couple keys ain’t no coke to me
[?] to get you poked for me
[Verse 2: Conway]
Look, you rap niggas not a threat at all
I don’t feel threatened at all
I’m ten steps ahead of y’all (nice)
In the booth I’m a wrecking ball
Weapon drawn, wig shot close with the pump
And knock your head up off your shoulders
Shooters sniffin’ coca up off a old 50’s
The game scared of me like the old 50
Clap two niggas with my old [?]
Now I got the stick that bitch hold 50
Smell that stinch comin’ from the bando
That’s how they found the pussy nigga and his man though
I had to make a exempel
Niggas thought it was a game, I ain’t playin’ though
Spanish plug, Alejandro
Send a OG from San Fernando
Shit is finna get real
Two back to your head your whole shit spilled

[Verse 3: Lil’ Fame]
Call me Fishroy De Mayo
Mafia style, end niggas careers
Hang ’em upside down, blood spillin’ propell
I been runnin’ these streets, long time [?]
Y’all niggas fucking with a killer straight loca
Flip a nigga house like a real estate broker
Far as the flow go, niggas know I been nice
My flow is crystal meth, you want them [?]
I did shows with Khaled he was screamin’ ‘we the best’
Came back to the hood niggas screamin’ ‘we depressed’
I know I’m still a back block nigga, leave a mess
My shit I’ll make a silverback gorilla beat his chest
Okay, that’s a full alarm blaze
Callin’ 9-1-1 that’s a hoe alarm blaze
Brooklyn, this how a downtown swinger swing
Ain’t nothing changed, y’all know what I bring [Intro: Styles P]
Yeah, Ghost, D-Block
[Verse 1: Styles P]
Grimmin’ in the Reaper, drinking holy water after I smoke
Years to Ghost, cheated death
Met the devil and took a piss on his sneakers
Who these niggas think that they iller than?