Right now – Phresher feat. Cardi B lyrics

I might hit the b***h up right now
Told that stupid b***h to pipe down
Throwing shade and talking that s**t
Please do all of that in my town
Yeah, that 4 train Bronx bound
Please do all of that when I’m around
Yeah, they heard I got a deal
Thinking I’ma chill, b***h, I still could get down
Man, they don’t want me to buy they s**t
But my swag and my lingo, they copied it
Man, they don’t think I don’t see you on some foggy s**t
The Patek on my wrist is some rocking s**t
Now I’m dripping so crazy, some fountain s**t
Man, it’s too much deposits, can’t count the s**t
I was missing some spot so I’m polishing
I still go on the block, yeah, I’m proud of it. Phresher lyrics
Video now Ba-ba-ba, hit her three timeee! I’m the man right nooow
Got the plan right nooow
Up, up, and away
Can’t land right nooow
I’m the man right nooow
Got the plan right nooow
Up, up, and away
Can’t land right nooow. Cruising on you like Crisco
Rolly where the wrist go
Got me dancing like disco
Don’t do lean, don’t sip slow
Shorty get down and get low
What these bitches want from a nigga? No DMX, no Sisqó
P***y sweeter than a .. You were some man yesterday
I’m the man right now
You had a plan yesterday
Got the plan right now
I was just playing yesterday
I ain’t playing right now
S**t you was saying yesterday
You ain’t saying right now. Look, I hit them with the peace sign
I leave them on decline
Catch me on the hive
On that five nine street time
See you with the clean lines
All they do is recline
My niggas wavy and got heart, give u C Lines
If you catch that b***h, you better rewind
Run upon me, access denied
Won’t hesitate to give a b***h bingo! Lyrics Phresher – Right now
Swift on demand
Right now
P-H! S*x sells amazing
I’m about to go ball deep
f*ck around, it’s been amazing
She like “go fast” “go slow”
Jig her out in the penthouse
Sent her back to the basement. Ra-ra-rah, ra-ra-rah, right now (right nooow!) (x4)
You’re the man of the year
I’m the man of the decade
Chains so damn heavy
Can’t even keep my neck straight
f*ck around and did the X-ray
Doc said I need a neck brace
Can’t see me on your best day
Got ’em fronting like it’s test day
Cooking my dinner ..