Run that race – Dan Auerbach lyrics

I feel discouraged and I got myself
But you know you can’t blame it on nobody else
Only you know where it is
You belong, sing along. When I lay my head on my pillow at night
I think about what still going right
Thank the stars up above
There’s still things left I know. Cause I wanna run that raceee
I wanna run that race
How do we earn my pace
As long as I get to run that raceee. I wanna run that raceee. Lyrics Dan Auerbach – Run that race
Another day another dollar gone
When I get up in the morning I just can’t go on
I feel the outstretch turns of time
I ain’t lyin’.(run that race)
But somethin’s callin’ from down deep within
Like I finally started livin’ for myself again
I saved the outstretch lands of time
Changed my mind. (x3)
Dan Auerbach lyrics
Lyrics race We gotta run that raceee
We gotta run that raceee
How do we earn my pace
As long as we get to run that race.