Sage The Gemini – Handle Lyrics ft. Lil Yase

Lil Yase

[Verse 1: Sage the Gemini] I just knocked a bitch up at Sundays Hit my whip, make yo nigga be like, “One day” You turn me down, now it’s too late All these diamonds got my exes saying, “Touché” Yeah, I don’t fuck with you, you the opposite You was hating when a nigga became opulent On the freeway flying I’m fresh to death, but I don’t plan on dying Touchdown, lil nigga, we don’t do punts Extendo out the window, no, not two blunts Young nigga front a flex me and all my flaws I used to live in [?], me and all my dogs It wasn’t one, so I made a way Hopped up out the Bentley dressing like I’m TJ Fadeaway Got these hoes jocking me, yeah, me and [?] Pull up on the block, pumping bass, hella 808
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[Verse 2: Lil Yase] Whoa, whoa, I, I, I, I, goddamn Young nigga, pull up in a red Lamb Two tone trunk and I shoulda made my ram Nigga in LA like the motherfuckin’ Rams I don’t want your weed, nigga, you be smoking [?] [?] Next week, nigga, catch me at the Summer Jam [?] Kick her in her ass, [?] [?] Getting my respect like I’m the motherfucking grands [?] sorry ’bout the pause I’ma do a nigga like [?] [?] saying fuck the law I be doing me so I hope you doing y’all [?] or please don’t even call [?] see me, then they fall Niggas in my DM, [?] They be in my shows, I don’t see ’em like I’m Charles I’ma run it up, let that nigga [?] [?] I don’t know her name, but that bitch, she in my drawers
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Sage The Gemini – Handle Lyrics ft. Lil Yase

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