Sean Kingston Want Retrial Judge Issues Arrest Warrant In Jewelry Case

Back in December, Kingston was ordered by a judge to pay a Florida jeweler $44,000 for which he agreed to pay for some expensive jewelries her took. The “Beautiful Girl” singer filed some new legal documents telling the court that he wasn’t aware of the order and that he thought that the papers that he got was for another jewelry case, so he pretty much ignored it. Sean Kingston says he is far from being broke but his legal troubles just keep piling up, in fact a warrant is now out for his arrest. The reggae pop singer is asking a judge for a retrial after a warrant was issued for his arrest in his jewelry case. He is also proclaiming to be far from broke. Sean Kingston wasn’t forthcoming with the payment, so a judge issued a warrant for his arrest. The reggae pop star said he has since returned some of the jewelries he took from Haimov Jewelers and tried to work out a payment plan but they refused. He also said that he regret his action and is now ready to take responsibility. In stead of going to jail, Sean Kingston wants a retrial, TMZ reported. He is asking the judge to cut him some slack because he is experiencing some financial difficulties and he is representing himself because he can’t afford an attorney. Kingston also said in his legal docs that he recently has some health problems and was assaulted and robbed. This development is particularly interesting given the fact that Sean Kingston just bought a house and some expensive cars in Jamaica.