Steve Goodman – Bobby Don’t Stop Lyrics

STEVE GOODMANBobby Don’t Stop Lyrics
Here it is Friday
Drowning my troubles
Knocking down the doubles ’cause it’s happy hour
Over in the corner, an old piano
Bobby knows how great those old songs are
He will play your request for a drink or a dollar
Bop and boogie woogie and they all sound nice
But it doesn’t matter how you holler
Bobby never plays the same thing twice
Bobby Don’t Stop
Cause we’re just getting started on
Something so hot and it feels so right
You give all that you’ve got
For the broken hearted lovers and losers
Who are crying tonight
Saturday night and Bobby’s still cookin’. He plays that piano like there’s no tomorrow
The crowd is shoutin’; everyone of them cookin’
For some song they need to ease their sorrow
All of a sudden it’s Sunday morning
Last call but you can’t say when now
Bobby play us one more song
That will tide us over ’till
The next weekend