Sweet Noise – Stay Alive Lyrics

SWEET NOISEStay Alive Lyrics
my home is where I sleep put the head on a bed put it on the bricks son down down with the dirt the under dog without a shelter I’m standing out there in the fire I feed my love my hope, desire (oh) still alive after all these years seek the cancer in my head I spit in eyes of the killers and liars political whores I can’t deny it no hate kills and pushes me ahead need a blessing to aim at their heads now

I need your love to keep on fighting to stay alive and breath I need your love to keep on breathing just keep on breathing breath for me

what an angry son tell’em motherf**ker when it all began hard case when we stand against broken flowers with the bullets in their heads now blind millions scream and yell dirty motherf**kers that rule this game look down at this f**king world where people got mad and there is no god

no land no promised land cheap thrills and stinking hands eyes blue, what happened to you who shot you down baby

I need your love to keep on fighting to stay alive and breath I need your love to keep on breathing just keep on breathing breath for me

to keep on fighting breathe to keep on breathing breath
when you leave I’m broken and bleeding heart can’t stop and wounds still bleeding where did you go oh did you know

I accept myself with this chaos burning in my head cherish beauty kiss my anger shelter weakness feed the hunger of my senses inner world traces take me to those childhood places I’m your son on his own feel your wounds and mean no harm don’t ask me when it all began endless painful bloody run givin it all sharin it all with people I love
I’ll fight this fight for you I’ll fight and die for you I’ll cross the line for you Stand on the edge for you I’ll drown in tears for you I’ll fight my fears and stand by you

bleedin burnin explodin demandin

some justice give’em some justice power to the people and give’em some justice


Consciousness musically uno get that yes man trust we a bomboklat dead uno try fe test we
Pon the earth breath brings wealth Death brings birth and birth leads to death So use your breath and maths fe your wealth From north Sweet Noise ina the south x2
There pon the street raise up uno feast We take it from the west and fix ina east Some times life is like a beast So listen to me now consciousness pon me lips Ah we na ease revolution pon least So inhale you coulda have a meal InI fight na hide ina the kist Under the sun there’s love ina the the mist
Oxygen ina yor lungs now ina your lungs Ah we na fraid fe the pounds now fe the pounds Good use pon your funds now pon your pounds Poor youth never be thugs now never be thugs Yes I yes I don’t know yes I yes I yes I don’t you know yes I
It’s consciousness every time seen!