Usher Getting Sued By A Man and Two Women For Herpes

So far the “New Flames” singer has been radio silent about the allegations but not for much longer. Well known celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom is representing all three persons and on Monday she will be holding a press conference in New York City with at least one of the women. Usher‘s legal troubles is about to mushroom into a whole new level. The two other persons want to remain anonymous and will be named in the lawsuit as John Doe and Jane Doe. The new lawsuits will be filed in California where it is required for individuals to tell their sexual partners about any STD. TMZ broke the story on Friday that three additional persons have stepped forward claiming that Usher exposed them to STD through sexual contact. The R&B legend is getting sued not just by two more women, but also by a man who claimed that he may have contracted Herpes from Usher through sexual intercourse.