Vogue Name Spice The Fashion Queen Of Dancehall

Dancehall has always been a fashionable genre but this year’s Reggae Sumfest saw the stars pulling all the stops to look their best and patrons did the same. Over the years, I’ve always been trying to bring that authentic dancehall fashion to a next level with my colourful wigs and risky dancehall style. “The New #Queenofdancehall who vex,” she wrote. Spice made a grand entrance on stage in the early morning on a bed and went straight into her smash hit single “Sheet.”
“It feels great to be called the Fashion Forward-Queen of Dancehall,” Spice said. Yesterday she wrote a message for her fans on Instagram telling that that she is the new queen of dancehall. Spice has been getting a lot of praises for her performance at Reggae Sumfest last weekend and now she is getting some major props for her outfit. The self-proclaim new queen of the dancehall was named the fashion-forward queen of dancehall”It feels great to be called the Fashion Forward-Queen of Dancehall by fashion outfit Vogue Magazine. “It gives me a title that sets a high standard for me, in my books. Coming from Vogue, it’s really a big deal for me.”
Spice, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, has been the leading female in dancehall for the past couple of years.