Was Nas Dissing Meek Mill In His Latest Rant With Nicki Minaj

It could also mean that he is singling out a particular set of rappers since Meek Mill and JAY-Z are now tight and the Dreamchaser emcee is even signed to Roc Nation. Of course, it could just be a case where he drank a little too much Hennessy or perhaps he was taking shots at one particular rapper and just played it off saying all rappers. Nicki made a point to live stream her recent time spent with the New York rap legend at his 44th birthday bash in NYC. Both Nas and Nicki Minaj are from queens and he made a point to highlight that last weekend when the took did a photoshoot on their home soil. A post shared by Nasir Jones (@nas) on Sep 17, 2017 at 2:53pm PDT Nas offload during a recent Instagram Live session with Nicki Minaj and now some folks think that he was dissing Meek Mill. Now that we all know that Nas and Nicki Minaj are dating, everyone is now looking for a reaction from Meek Mill and Safaree, but more so the Philly rapper. “Meek is a pu*** for real because he and twelve other ni***as jump Safaree and now you don’t hear a word from him about Nas,” another fan tweeted. Nasir and Hov have long buried their beef but now that Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend is aligned with him it could reignite that old feud. Got my Bday 1988 190E Benz & picked up Shorty from Queens! “All you ni**a is pu****, everybody that rap is pu***,” Nas rant. We Out! You can see in the video below Nas taking shots at all the current rappers in the game, calling them the female genitalia. Some fans are calling out Meek for being silent about Nicki Minaj hooking up with Nas but at the same time, he and his goons jumped her ex-boyfriend Safaree. “Nas should just quit playing and say he is talking about Meek Mill, ni*** its so obvious and now you gonna see all the snowflake Chasers being silent on the Gram,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Whether or not Meek will have something to say about the Illmatic rap legend, only time will tell, he sure did had a lot to say about Safaree.